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Mid August 2021


Nomadic . .

I will be back . .

Presently I am a traveling teacher

If you are interested in learning – advanced work

I will be back online with face to face, including the experimential/practicals
Do email me so we can further your pursuit of the gentling ways

In the early 2000’s,  this site was set up to carry the presentations I had done for those who missed them live. It is a way that you (a seeker) may find some clarity  at least a very different way of either in starting off your life as a practitioner – or maybe changing direction if you are already there.


Mid Feb 2021 . .


I offer my musings as a senior practical and innovative multi modality holistic body worker who has always followed her acupuncture beginnings – Qi must flow!

As a beginning practitioner we all need to know how to turn what was

in our heads (content) into to how to help.

That person (they have chosen you).

Here (not in another place and culture)

Now. (Not when books were written – but in this vastly different and ever more chaotic time).

I had these quandries also. . . Feel free to wander about to explore what is a lot of what I have find to work in clinic. I share as you may have run into similar troubles .

Maybe also look at what I have on this site. .

Are we likely to ‘get on’??

(Likely as you are still here!) Are we a good fit?(CLICK)
The late Dr John F Shen – one of my masters – said “first get the patients’ love”.
Important as we work best in relationship –  Shen to Shen.

I am person to person person – thus initially the Master class will be only for the first in and paid-ups.
I have myriad other projects concurrently.

A decade on from setting up this site – and in another life altogether  . .

Wanting to know what my international pelvic investigations have meant for the work I do now – discovering the pelvic stuckness being missed affects all of us – see more here (CLICK) how is this integrated into acupuncture?

How come I took this deviation?

Where did  I recently apprentice myself?
A cult. (Think Amish . .)
After 14 years actively assisting them (expected to have at least 12 children each)

They were so much more tricky – a telescoping of all ‘what’ can go wrong’

A whole community of broken and hard cases.

When obstetricians were stymied – they looked to me.

I looked further . .
Not in books – in life.

What are we going to do?
Structure Determines Function
Ligaments . .
Expand the tool box . .
I did . . .
And then I gathered interested acupuncturists.

2017- 2018 international and local trainings. . – done that. 4 world trips in 10 months. ..

In Gloriavale I had the opportunity to teach their midwives and health workers what to do to help themselves – so I took my graduating class of Living Ligaments practitioners into this – and we did Triage . .
Especially in all those past broken tailbones and accident residue – to immense relief for all.

Having an apprentice (starting mid 2nd year TCM in Brisbane) we walk through his learnings.
Master to apprentice chats. This is not professionally filmed. My first language is not tech production. Funds are stretched enough. Please be patient when sound quality and lighting are not perfect – here you have a burning question – and many you may not have thought to ask may be answered.

Here is what he has said of this experience. (One year on).

We were in fading light and the sound was not stunning.
His reminders that this is important work – and I always taught my understanding of meridian hierarchy. from the 8 extras.
I have outlined the topics below.

As always .. . he had a question

Including how can we ensure that we do not recklessly open the person up to what was stored – and unleash more – as they may not have been ready?
As always – a great question.


I start all trainings with – clearing ourselves . .
Heal ourselves – put your own mask on FIRST is the message on boarding a plane – in case of deplaning unintentionally .
Same here – we all started this journey with burning questions.

After completing acupuncture school – you may well have another set . .

If you are interested. .
OR – keep trawling this site – so many ideas that have been placed for your FREE consideration – head over to microbleeding.
or see what I learned in acupotomy (my own hands were on the tools whilst the Korean specialist was ripping out the spinal adhesions in the hospital  theatre). And then there is my signature – cupping the cold out ..
Who would have thought I would have to bring back traditional wisdoms??

Pregnancy – my passion
It may be yours. . as it was – and is April’s.

What April has found . ..

Sacral massage – use on 99% of patients. All love it . . .And they can use it at home.

1 – Everything relaxes . . so simple. It all works . .

2 – Can’t apply protocols on people Have to go through the layers.

3 – Can’t just jump in. Maybe NOT needles straight away – they have to feel safe first


FREE YOUR QI Challenge is step one ..

I will be releasing this soon – limited numbers as I mentor if you choose to take on the gift of a senior multi modality energy body mechanic – let us FIX the broken!!!

Solutions to the problem – “how can I be more practically effective in clinic?”

This hands-on appreciation of channel applications undoes the perverse Qi that is holding the body and QI hostage . Stuck in the body and its patterns (often as Reichian armour bands/rings). It has been developed over the past 40+ years in tandem to my apparently being an acupuncturist.

It is very easy to have an appallingly challenged person arrive in clinic and leave with a sparkle in their eyes (that was not therefore) a smile in their heart and a spring in their step.

  • If this is what you would wish for those who come in to see you . .
  • If you feel that here are some steps missing
  • If you are intrigued, please let me know as the 2021 teaching schedule (hands on) out soon

REAL healing – out of labels and into being vastly helpful

We start with . . .

The extensive online complement – designed to assist you stepping through from the static TCM model to the hands on instantly effective advanced channel appreciation – is available immediately.

We can be more effective – reclaim our own Qi flow – first

Examples of what you will learn and how you may fit the new way of seeing the world into sessions found here

My Signature System basics needed is first – Triage – take out all Shock/Trauma/Cold and undo the substantial blockages to flows. .


Online only . . .

If you are serious – and want to get started RIGHT NOW – you can as we HAVE to go down the self awareness/mastery path as well – and first . . and that is online prior to the actual Zoom classes and interactive learning.

Do send me your email, friend me on that problematic social platform so we could chat on messenger.  .


Theory and substantial video and multi media including past many weekend seminars – as part of this self paced online course





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