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Here is something new in acupuncture education

Online free access to some of the work of a senior practical clinician and problem solver – Heather Bruce. Active in writing course curriculum, and content and delivering teachings – educating all levels of acupuncturists since 1981.

Initially set up to carry the presentations I had done for those who missed them live – now it is a way that you (a seeker) may find some clarity  at least a very different way for starting off your life as a practitioner – or maybe changing direction if you are already there.
I have posted many clips and now having an apprentice (mid 2nd year TCM in Brisbane) to walk through his iearnings – from speaking to me – one of the co-designers/co writers and original lecturers of the original (1981). We are now 2018.

Here is what he has said of this experience.

” Over the last three years I have spent my weekends and evenings learning through reading, attending workshops, listening to lectures and webinars. I am currently half way through an acupuncture degree and am amazed that this content is not covered by this course either. After all this time I not come across anything that is so simply outlined, logical, and understandable. Listening to the content I find myself nodding along and thinking, wow, that is great, I have never seen it that quite that way before and it so nicely links in, like connecting puzzle pieces. At other times I am amazed that I have never seen, or heard the concepts discuss in that manner, and it just makes sense. Best of all, I feel that I can immediately start to practically apply the learnings.”

After clinic – we have sat and chatted for him to understand what he is seeing and for observers to have the experience also. Enjoy.

The Transformative Healing information is in the course online here.

Here is an introduction for the site. .

This is not only a chance to pick up some of the P/P my past presentations, but also a chance to touch some of my now gone masters. Their wisdom, humanity, sharpness of observation skills and practical decades of experience have sparked my own quest for excellence.


Or you might be intrigued at the master/apprentice relationship/interface

Is Jing limited?

(What is ‘a fact?’)

Jing Optimation for eLotus

Jing Markers – Men and Women

Why is what I was watching happening in clinic and doing so well now not?

You may like to investigate the Transformative Healing package ad start playing joyfully with stunning results (no limitations)

Kiiko and Stuck Belly Blood – me explaining clearing it out – how and why

Ingredients may be needed – Iodine (and selenium to utilise it) and magnesium

There is a unit now in the Transformative Healing work that explains the two patients I have videoed and walked the watcher through the entire session and why I do what I do.

Stories – interesting cases described. – In relation to ‘root and ‘branch’ treatments.

Reset Your Metabolism – how to undo the cup – by following my 35+ years of experimenting with extras to ensure sessions actually ‘stick’ – permanent solutions.

How to not get affected by ‘cross transference’?

(‘Pick up stuff’)

No diagnosis needed . . Imagine that – listen instead.

Feel . .

Be present,
Radical stuff?
Or what we all end up doing

Want to know more?
Look at the tools that await.
See at what level you would like to start.

We always are energy workers FIRST

I asked Maja – ‘what is happening when you work?’ – she is so IN the work – she had a time to ponder . .

Are we likely (you and I ) to be a good fit?
If still in doubt – here is some of the model I use in all my work

Leading us into question .  . .

What about changing into the natural health care – not medical – scope of practice??

Why you would choose to take on this work . .
Common sense – with mentoring and a band of sensible practical heartful hands energy acupunctutrists as your tribe.

(See more here . .)

How did I get into acupuncture?

I began my acupuncture learning in 1977 in Australia – when the classical/5 element and meridian styles were all there was – before ‘TCM’ and ‘Japanese’ were part of the acupuncture tapestry. As I had a newborn son and he was my reason for studying – so he was healthier than his dad – I also trained as a naturopath and western herbalist, taking in all vibrational, energy and massage skills I could find along the way.

Since then I have added in a life time of learning. The Maya Massage/Arvigo work then Mercier work came my way.
I have amalgamated all that is useful and as usual bent it to what now is The Gentling Way . .


Having pulled together many the threads over the decades – the Western herbs and essences, Aura Soma, body work, many spiritual and meditative practices and moxa/cupping to improve sacral flow – it all comes together as a 40 year on practice . ..

Please enjoy.
We will add in as the weeks go by.

In sharing this, I hope that more will see the context we live in and the modern challenges need us to be thinkers not dogmatically looking back to what was . . I started my first acupuncture course with a 6 week old baby – as I did not want him damaged through medical misadventure as his father had been before him (very asthmatic and allergic from birth). In my quest to have a healthy child blossom into a stable sturdy man, I learned a lot.

Enhanced through the progression of myself as a mother – adding 3 more babies over the next 18 years. Initially professionally interested in ‘hopeless’ cases – (as almost all were, who tried acupuncture in desperation back then) – I learned to push boundaries ignoring limitations and going for perfect – regardless of consequences. This meant that I was always a free thinker and after the truth – and often considered to be too blunt or out spoken. Whilst pregnant the third time, in 1986, I took time out of undergraduate teaching to develop my post graduate teachings –  an Eight Extras weekend workshop and the fertility/obstetric one. I had been very active in being a ‘doula’ plus needles and Bach flower essences (best help ever in birthing – change mum’s emotional state) – and had recorded my learnings there – as there was nothing written from a practical woman’s perspective and definitely nothing that reflected my own maternal discoveries When my third baby arrived, as massively brain injured then profoundly autistic, I spent the next 8 years in a constant very personal battle with all that came up to allow Kathryn her own destiny – not death.  So the text I had intended for acupuncturists to write whilst that baby was little was put on hold’ . . and my ‘Moving Blockages’ style just got a lot more depth – as I had my own blockages and karmic journeying to undertake. What to do with your own brain injured/autistic baby/child? (See what I did) . . . you may well have patient or friend who needs to know that there is a world of hope out there – and growth – and possibly the fastest way to come home to your own heart – through tending your own maternal wound . .. This all puts me well placed to ponder the sense in all trying to make babies – with no apparent thought for quality; no apparent thought for sustainability of the human experience; and no apparent thought for preservation  of any ones’ health and well being. Where is the science showing us that the brave new world of messing with Nature is even safe? What with the vaccination and scanning and chemicals all being seemingly condoned by all in ‘healing’ professions – where will it all end? Who is standing up for the children – as yet unconceived – and those babies born into medical misery? As part of an answer, I hope that the old traditions, often home remedies – like the cupping out of navel showcased here – will bring back the humanity and heart back into our medicine.

Why am I doing this?

Over the few decades I have wanted to give back to the profession, and especially to those coming through who have had no exposure to the masters who inspired me. Their work is mostly lost as they were considered outside what was being published at the time. Thus the teachers of Giovanni Maciocia and Dr Leon Hammer, to name a few, are dead and their own voices are silent.

      • What they had to offer was not of this evidence based world.
      • They worked on the level of spirit and of human – now considered to be that almost ‘bad word’ – anecdotal.
      • They were holistic practitioners in a way that we relying on print and data seem to have misplaced.
      • They listened. Respectfully – not to the words so much – but the body. 
      • Both were stunning pulse masters. 
      • Both had their own ways of knowing.

Both were the product of their own quest for answers – that had taken both throughout Asia to gather bits here and there.

      • Dr John Shen had a family lineage to start him off.
      • Dr van Buren, a questing mind – and an anchoring in osteopathy.

I started an adult teaching degree in order to offer an alternative to the by then medicalised and increasingly spiritless teaching establishments over 20 years ago. It had been my intention to write the text Moving Blockages for graduates back then, but my seemingly constant forays into personal maternity and single motherhood meant that my life tended to get in the way. Coming back now into more mainstream mentoring by way of the acupuncture forum, I found that what I took to be obvious and to be assumed did not exist. What was in common sense’s place was, and is, dogma. Thinking within a framework is not where the strength of our roots in this medicine lie. Q – How to disengage from the formulaic approach?
 How to really see what is in front of you?

‘Hopeless’ / Very Difficult

Often people come to us as the last resort – after everything – especially doing nothing and hoping for the best first – has been trialed. Possibly what also spurs me on is that one of my children became my full time live-in patient – a massively brain injured and highly autistic baby (now 32+ years old). Nothing like seeing it all from the other side. There is nothing academic, politically correct or ‘evidence based’ about watching all professions in their mediocrity in all forms of medical delivery, duck for cover and hide behind platitudes to get a mother going. When the problem is so complex as her case – and now so often seen in so many people who seek our help in desperation. As the issue of maternity and heartfelt living is dear to us all – we were after all all born and loved . . . I have a fertility/obstetric bent – but not as a medical look alike. I initially started in infertility (esp male) over 30 years years ago – as I liked having something ‘impossible’ to play with. Other ‘hopeless’ cases that took a lot of my interest was HIV/AIDS (until the medications took away a lot of the self responsibility required in living with AIDS), cancer and all complications of pregnancy, and of living in emotional upheavals. The heatherbruce.com.au  website was started in 1999 as meditation. focused – for times when it was just hard to live in the body. It is now where all the cancer info is for patients as well.

Suggestions for any ‘too hard ‘case –

  • Look to what is in front of you – cut back all the ‘info/data’.
  • Start where you live – as a human with your own feelings.
  • Perhaps ask yourself – how would whatever coming in be for you?

If you don’t think you ‘know’ the answer – perhaps feel it through – we all are our own masters if we chose to open to this – not through ego, but through effort on all levels (not primarily logical).

Some of them our own journeying will show us. We bring far more into a treatment than what they told us in college. We start hopefully with a caring concern. Become ever more human – live and work from your spirit.

Maybe forget what the books say and which style says what. . . maybe be present also as a being with an open heart




I start all trainings with – clearing ourselves . .
Heal ourselves – put your own mask on FIRST is the message on boarding a plane.
Same here – we all started this journey with burning questions.

After completing acupuncture school – you may well have another set . .
Answers found within.

Solutions to the problem – “how can I be more practically effective in clinic?”

This hands-on appreciation of channel applications undoes the perverse Qi that is holding the body and QI hostage . Stuck in the body and its patterns (often as Reichian armour bands/rings). It has been developed over the past 40 years in tandem to my apparently being an acupuncturist.

It is very easy to have an appallingly challenged person arrive in clinic and leave with a sparkle in their eyes (that was not therefore) a smile in their heart and a spring in their step.

  • If this is what you would wish for those who come in to see you . .
  • If you feel that here are some steps missing
  • If you are intrigued, please let me know as the 2019 teaching schedule (hands on) out soon

Move from TCM dogma, book learning, the mental process into

REAL healing – out of labels and into being vastly helpful

Become also a holistic multi modality (dimensional) transformational energy body worker.

We start with . . .

The extensive online complement – designed to assist you stepping through from the static TCM model to the hands on instantly effective advanced channel appreciation – is available immediately.

We can be more effective – reclaim our own Qi flow – first


Examples of what you will learn and how you may fit the new way of seeing the world into sessions found here

You could easily be home schooling yourself . . anywhere in the world – and catch up on the hands-on when we come next near you.

We are essentially (past) acupuncturists who want so much more.
Are you one also?

Wondering what to do next?

Can you maybe host me? (USA/Europe)

I will be in Albi France for the third visit teaching advanced skills in April 2012 ahead of a potential retreat in Canada May 2020. . .


My Signature System basics needed is first – Triage – take out all Shock/Trauma/Cold and undo the substantial blockages to flows. .


Theory and substantial video and multi media including many weekend seminars – as part of this self paced online course

Reach out if  . . . .

Payment Plan option required


August 2019 – my tech support husband is on a cycling tour of France and camping in a tent – no Wi fi.

He cannot assist me with problems should they arise. Please contact me directly (heatherATheatherbruce.com,au should you have any downloading issues. We can solve these and any others the old way  person to person – manually. This entire course is automated. It forms the beginning into the secrets of a very successful life’s work.

Internship offer here

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