4 th session David and Heather – 6th October

A little fuzzy sorry – filming issues this week . .

Advanced Channel Applications

Is about taking out what is blocking healing  ..
Scars – not always in any order – what pops up . .

This day we had one of emotions (and their programmes) running the show  – mostly exurberance

Today we are putting it all together – if you want cut and dried, if you feel the bottom line is needed
maybe skip this. It is real life folks – warts and all.

We pull together people’s lives & how in this one day today we made very different sense of this for people.

A lot about the different day we had – where I was totally emotionally present and triggering so many . .

This is a great example of the Gentling Way – a merge of many modalities.
If you have not tuned into the fact that we are using my Advanced Channel Applications – this is where we deviate into using acupuncture theory and making massive shifts for people on our tables.

We meander through the first case of the day and the issues/questions arising.

David came into the room – after I had NOT done the ‘correction’ of the suspensory ligament.
I only did the Stuck Liver Qi Release.
This shows how powerful this is – we are speaking of other difference in a pelvis – and the whole body – in taking tension OFF the entire being. Through correcting the extreme/congestion pulling the suspensory ligament that holds the uterus in place onto the 2/3 lumbar vertebra. In the Arivgo work – and all structural work it seems – the actual ‘problem’ is not actually what is happening – but why – and why the body has not self corrected.
And also – why when it is ‘put back’ like a naughty kid – it does it all all over again.

Almost NO ONE seems to know that if the uterus is not in her correct position – nothing else can work.

Reminder – causes of ‘dis – ease’?

Our first patients’ previous Thursday’s session  – cupping cold out (no TCM S&S for this – look to the ‘Reset Your Metabolism‘ from the Transformative Healing package or as a one off course here.

Shock session – St 24 Kiiko’s way and bil Liv 2 and liver yang in ear x2.
From there – she had the best day ever – and could not believe how much had shifted. .

In her last session with me – HATE discovered – this needed to be transformed. ..
Today we found FURY/RAGE . . all with a lovely smile..

This case shows why I developed the work ‘Living Ligaments’ . .
We use the acupuncture theory to massively shift outcomes.
With our hands

I cover the explanations as to why we did what we did . . (S.L. work).

3.57 – the key thing she was concerned about – she was going mad.

(Moxa heel thread was her intended session – my agenda).

Horse fall 5.75 Explanations used may make no sense to those who have not done the Arvigo /naprapathic moves – also found in Living Ligaments . . and profoundly easy/gentle and transformative – as you can hear tell).

Stuck Liver Qi Release and the use on undoing the tension on the suspensory ligament.

8.18 – Watching Melissa in her ‘newly liberated’ body reminded him of his wife above.

David also explaining how a past session on Sylwia – and how amazed she was ..
Both she and Melissa in the clinic today – found that they could breathe so much better . .
(Maybe the Liver Qi is no longer blocking the diaphragm? See more here

Sylwia explaining how she felt after the entire session to restore the suspensory ligament – a Gentling Way move.

15 – His expectation of having a child in there – but was Melissa.

(We getting to why this is all set up – this is not a concise – but as it happened account of what goes on in a session).

David asked a question –  What set you up being able to do this?
My daughter Kathryn – being non verbal

19 – using moxa thread on heel . . more on this in usual moxa uses eBook and pages in ‘Transformative Healing’ package – and ‘Reset Your Metabolism’ . .

His discoveries and mine – not adding in what is needed to make the difference.
(Me spreading the moxa off).

21 – Taking points out – or going for what shows up next?
(Not being set in what we think to do in a session).

Explanation of the shock Stomach point)

Heartful . . Soulful

And results? Next day she emails . .

  • Extraordinary Heather
  • The ease and peace my body feels…
  • The deep ness of my breathing…
  • The joy in my laughter…
  • Feels sooooooooo divine!
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you’

We continue

We spend some time talking over all sorts of things that came up for David including cancer . .


On another level ‘we’ created our now reality.

We as clinicians can/may be able to choose to work on many levels at once

Dis- ease is state of being NOT a body needing drugs . .

When thinking of ‘life residue . .’

Scar pictures – graphic .
The wonders of modern medicine

The scar needling will be continued after the nipple’ is made from more fat . .!!!

As it is so big, and I had also done her navel and the drain holes – down where pubes are – I decided to do in 2 halves. Plus we still have the entire stomach flattening where C section scar would be – to do.











There were more needles in – the Stomach 30’s and R Liver 5 (only tender point)

(A lot more on scars and why and how I undo Stuck Belly Blood – in thw TH package).


At the end of this session

We thought that nothing had been filmed

We repeated – and this is a different take – so if keen – please watch also .

We are now a bit ‘out of order’ due to the filming mess ups.

(Most has been recovered)

We did it differently PLUS you get what was lost – though in a different format.

We had an interesting day all around.

I hope this has helped others feel validated in what they are doing – working with people is so dynamic . .



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