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You may wonder . . .

Originally I trained as an acupuncturist, prior to TCM’s arrival (1977 – 79).
We learned classical via the Chamfrault, van Nigh, Dr van Buren lineage.

I was admitted as a Member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd (AACMA) April 1979 and was promoted to Fellow in 1996. I was also a Board member 1982 – 84 and 1992 – 94. My next accidental pregnancy put another hold on various commitments – including finishing the Bachelor of Adult Education and Vocational training – eventually completed in 2007.

I was working in clinic as a naturopath, herbalist and a lifestyle counselor from 1979, having opened the first women’s practice in Brisbane city. I spent a year commuting from Eumundi, working also in a rural medical centre as an acupuncturist. This allowed me to work with REALLY unwell people – and see how incredible this work is. It also got me fired as the patients got better.  A problem in a small community – his bottom line was suffering. Relieve that – no business!

Clive and Tina Minton arrived in Australia and took it upon themselves to bring world class teachers – to Kangaroo Valley then to Sydney uni and eventually to Brisbane. We had the opportunity to be in retreat, then in  cities and be taught by Dr John Shen, Ted Kapchuk and Giovoanni. Heady times as there were few English texts – and we learned as others did.

As TCM arrived, this was gradually added into my work. This was accentuated by my co-designing and co-writing them presenting the initial few years of what was A.C.A. (Brisbane) that then became the Australian College of Natural Medicine that is now Endeavour College. We also wrote the content as our lecture notes from Dr van Buren via various people in Australia needed reorganising – which Judy James and I did.

Over the last four decades I have been involved as organizer and presenter, in a large number of continuing education seminars and workshops. Presenting in Australia and NZ – often as an invited speaker, or keynote as in the case in 1996 for NZASA – (Dr Shen’s  pulse model), I have many of these here (from 2006) – see the header.

Now these are increasingly experiential. Content is as always practical/instantly usable.


Upon finishing teaching the first 2 intakes to third year, I chose not to write the naturopathic college content.  Maternity called again. I became a full time mum, writing my texts and supporting lecture notes; delivering the post graduate weekend workshops based around 8 Extras (Dr van Buren) and Moving Blockages (my own style of undoing what prevents healing ) and obstetrics (there was nothing written on pregnancy) my specialty.

As life progressed, I wrote AIDS and how to help – and went onto teaching acupuncturists in various Brisbane colleges in final year and practical workshops as I saw their need.

My key interests are now in aligning with source and with soul script – what we intended on arriving here at this time. levels of health and well-being, especially in exploring the nature of disease, and its contribution to our life tapestry. Known for my work in sub-fertility, birthing and general women’s health issues.

The arrival of Kathryn (3rd child) meant my time was taken into neurological rescue . This was reflected in my discovering many allied modalities that added to what and been my passion – acupuncture.

Time moving forwards into where I was working with a closed Christian community in NZ I needed more skills to deal with problems few see. This took me onto a deviation into the abdominal work found in Arvigo/Maya healing and the Mercier techniques. Both of these being gyno-visceral manipulation based, hugely added to the original training (and my extension of these). Body work via my major acupuncture lecturer being a maverick chiropractor.

He also was an infertility worker at a the time prior to IVF – and thus set me on the path that allowed me to work with those whose baby making was apparently irreparable as soon as I graduated. There are many with grandchildren who would not have been parents without my intervention decades ago.

In addition to the vibrational essences, and Western herbal training I took with Nancy Evelyn privately, my naturopathic studies allowed me to cover many bases, making my work stand out always – when nothing else worked – people would send their hard cases to me. The combination of the body and energy work has always let me deeply transform what has previously been ‘hopeless’.

My not accepting limitations helps. I do prefer working with challenging and tricky cases.

Whilst Dr Jennifer Mercier uses her work for female infertility and repair after C section, I find these incredible allies to shift ALL problems – and have fused all of these into Heather’s Gentling Way.

This is a change from where I taught from 30 years ago – in that we now find ourselves in the context of toxic accumulations as a body burden, inactivity and stress as the body is NOT being used nourished, rested or even respected as it needs to be for anyone to Live Well.

Although based around my passion – acupuncture

I have branched out into spiritual clearing. Becoming less cluttered in the way we live in/as energy. Initially (1999) bringing through the meditation work that is highlighted here.

The free meditation tracks are here.

This work is essential to go on into any of my master classes.
We MUST become masters of ourselves if we are to stand to assist others along their path to realigning.


I am also author of a number of publications in healthcare, based on my extensive multi modality research, life experience in many awkward corners of being a mum and my decades of experience in acupuncture clinical practice. All now adding up to the sharing of the wise women’s traditions from many cultures, and settings.

What is so different about what I do?

People often wonder what the differences between published authors and myself. We all tend to have different career paths – some do the China route (I had too many babies to raise and others are much more external career-focused), and some also embrace the academic and often the orthodox medical way. I have chosen the being a practical woman who is a natural healer and the natural medicine way. This means that we are all seeing things very differently – and are appearing at different ends of the spectrum.

As I see birthing and pregnancy as a transition and initiation into a new phase in couple-dom/being a woman and inner growth, it is also where my focus is. I have seen so much in life that demonstrates that if we move the emotional blockages we instantly alter everything that seemed so imminent – energy shifts affect all aspects of being.

Working with women for all of this time and because I listened so well to the late Dr John Shen, (what he did resonated so much with my own professional and personal experiences) I have always asked very different questions of my patients, and have gotten a very different slant on what creates our life problems, and how to untangle them.

Almost always there has been a drama around pregnancy /birthing/early mothering which really snaps something inside/for her – for the rest of her life. Or in the life of the infant . . . bending the sapling too much so that it does not grow straight.


Call to Action


My expectation is that YOU rise above YOUR story. Whatever the family of origin’s one was and your personal is still. We do NOT have the time for the preciousness that we seem to be indulging in.
Medical refugees are growing and we via AHPRA and other control agencies are being silenced as YOU are not rising up – Light Your Own Light and tend it PLEASE.

Slavery is not why you signed up for the is work surely?


You may be interested after pursing this free site of alternative ways of seeing Qi and its stagnations and liberations to go further . .

Online – Transformational Healing is a way out of TCM organ pathology and back to meridian based that allows you to easily merge. Clearing what is stopping healing is always my focus.

Confronting . . . our own wounds/gifts

We must master ourselves. The Self Care and Self Discovery courses tend to weed out those who are stuck in being rescuers – as they quickly get into their own issues.


This is necessary. If you have the courage to sign up – it WILL also transform you.

Not just your results and accelerate personal growth.


The beginning of what may assist you out of were YOU are stuck

see if we are a good fit . . .


Here is the trajectory.

Reach out if you wish to learn more. .





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