Heather Bruce Credentials

Heather Bruce Credentials

Heather Bruce has been an acupuncturist, naturopath, herbalist and lifestyle counselor since 1979, when she opened her first practice in Brisbane, Australia.

Her key interests are in all levels of health and well-being, especially in exploring the nature of disease, and its contribution to our life tapestry. She is most known for her work in sub-fertility, birthing and general women’s health issues.

Heather Bruce was admitted as a Member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd (AACMA) on 11 April 1979 and was promoted to Fellow in 1996. She has been a Board member and lecturer and developed the original four year course at what is now the Australian College of Natural Medicine.

Heather has been involved, as organizer and presenter, in a large number of continuing education seminars and workshops in acupuncture in general and in her areas of special interest.

She is also author of a number of publications in healthcare, based on her knowledge and experience in acupuncture clinical practice.

What is so different about Heather Bruce?

People often wonder what the differences between published authors and myself.

We all tend to have different career paths – some do the China route (I had too many babies to raise and others are much more external career-focussed), and some also embrace the academic and often the orthodox medical way. I have chosen the being a practical woman who is a natural healer and the natural medicine way. This means that we are all seeing things very differently – and are appearing at different ends of the spectrum.

As I see birthing and pregnancy as a transition and initiation into a new phase in coupledom/being a woman and inner growth, it is also where my focus is. I have seen so much in life that demonstrates that if we move the emotional blockages we instantly alter everything that seemed so imminent – energy shifts affect all aspects of being.

Working with women for all of this time and because I listened so well to the late Dr John Shen, (what he did resonated so much with my own professional and personal experiences) I have always asked very different questions of my patients, and have gotten a very different slant on what creates our life problems, and how to untangle them.

Almost always there has been a drama around pregnancy /birthing/early mothering which really snaps something inside/for her – for the rest of her life. Or in the life of the infant . . . bending the sapling too much so that it does not grow straight.