Dr van Buren

A huge presence . .   My first acupuncture master. The course I learned at (A.C.A (Sydney) sent teachers up monthly to Brisbane) was styled on his work. Geri and Mita van Puten were some of his students – my teachers – 1977. I moved heaven and earth to see him both times he was …

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2019 Trainings

2019 – Teaching schedule See what is happening https://heatherbrucehealing.com/heathers-2019-teaching-schedule/ Why? https://heatherbrucehealing.com/womb-work-centering-a-womansbody/

Listen to this

Whilst writing up more notes for the eLotus downloads after the Easy Babies 5 (‘Men Matter’) and 6 (‘Resolving High Risk Pregnancies’) presentations I have spent an hour listening to this interview. Ponder this . . . (https://blog.bulletproof.com/stephen-porges-the-polyvagal-theory-the-vagal-nerve-264/) It explains almost all my horror of the modern obstetric interventions – and non baby centric mess …

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After pregnancy loss

In my decades of supporting women and couples in their quest to make better babies (thus families)  naturally, I am continually horrified that this is seen as a short term fee for service not a life long project. As the longest standing pregnancy/fertility worker in this field at least in Brisbane and NZ I beg …

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Easy neck resolution

How is this different?   After an early introduction in pain – as in the late 70’s doctor shook people’s hands and told them to ‘get their affairs in order’ – I was initiated into what worked. Firstly by the chiropractic acupuncture teacher we had for most of the three year training. Then by the …

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