Immediately prior to the WAFS was a workshop on autism and acupuncture.

I was so outraged at the outdated and patently wrong information presented, (one presenter postulating that the child was autistic as his mother was 35 when she had him!! Against all research that shows it is PATERNAL age that increases its prevalence)  I have this site up for those who do want to assist those who find themselves so challenged with a family member.

Both (medical specialists) presenters suggested poisons/chemicals were to blame.  We need to discuss how to get these out – Magnesium is a start – look to the S & S of autism – all that rigidity is a straight give away – and the hair analysis of an autistic person shows far more mercury being released if there is sufficient magnesium on board.  PLEASE look to the role of micro and macro nutrients in all patients – it is not the role of a naturopath – Food is Medicine . .

Yes, avoid all gluten and dairy ( As a parent, I knew to do this 26 years ago – it is not new news) Also avoid all sugar /fruit and fruit juice (don’t need any more inflammatory processes than are already on line – especially as most of the autistic behaviours are toxin and gut related. Ensure mum’s gut works as well as designed with a plethora of gut enhancers before pregnancy so her body makes the best baby possible. Avoid all vaccination and maternal dental work anywhere near pregnancy and lactation.

Where was the information on resolving DAMP and HEAT and the therapeutic use of magnesium?

Of maternal minerals stores being abundant in pregnancy and before hand – and NO exposure to modern neuro toxins anywhere near her body pre and post baby. . (breast milk a great way to poison baby)

How to avoid autism

One family’s list of attentions that helped.


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