Bell’s Palsy – Treating the ‘Why’, not the ‘What’

WFAS 2013 – Sydney

This PDF is  a copy of the power point – the images (3) will need to be clicked in the separate Vimeo underneath this text . . . Hope you enjoy . . .

MUST use a glass (warm it up) cup and a large coin – to hold in the body’s essential Qi

Cold invasion is so often overlooked

Next step. . .

Always a good place to start

Rev up the Qi flowing in the body – Governor Vessel . . GV!

What next?
Look to what cold does in a body – it is Acup 101
Really – we must all look to the food factory – the Middle Heater supports life.
Think of the now world wide – (not respective of life flows) ways of freezing the gut with iced water, and eating a salad before the warming meal. Plus all those smoothies and fruit and yohurt for breakfast – and food taken straight out of the fridge. . bad move if you want to live well . .’
PLEASE . . .
Listen to all the older people – they did what you may think – and ignored their elders also – and here we have WHY NOTHING SEEMS TO BE WORKING  .So many people as refugees not only from allopathic medicine but also the naturopaths (I am also one) – but I learned all the energy ways -respectful of the body – at the same time. .

Maybe investigate the course that allows you to get stunningly simple and profound changes in yourself – as it answers the burning question – why is this not working? Why is the supposed to changes not changing?
Cold – holds the Yang Qi in prison – as the cold is NOT to get into circulation. We can feel it – see it and it is not a theory – not in a book – not needed herbs – just take cold out. Systemically – and stop adding more in . .
All hard cases . . go back to the beginning – can the Qi even move?
This lead me to discover – odd moxa usage. Then the older women’s ways – perineal steaming and topical iodine usage. All are crucial if we want healing to hold. We seem to have lost what everyone new – what to do to help ourselves and not keep breaking ourselves.

What can also be done?

It is all too simple – and all in the pack – done – so if you have missed a bit in training – it is not over your head . .
Gua Sha . . listen to this amazing tale.  . and all this work – Gua Sha, and chest gouging and other lymph draining thus pain removing techniques – are in the online practical course.
‘Reset the Metabolism’/‘Rescuing the Root’ forms the foundation of all I do.
Regardless of whether it is a diagnosed metabolism – thyroid or adrenal – or pain as in fibromyalgia and/or a lack of energy – this is a relief to all – get the flows flowing – and pain dissolves. . !
The iodine master presentation  – and what to do to fix this modern scourge.
Acupuncturists know this as ‘Spleen Damp’ And lack of Qi – and of course ‘all fall down’ – prolapses and incontinence – and even varicose veins and hemorrhoids..


The ‘Rescue the Root’ and the ‘Micro-bleeding’ as both of these will alter permanently how you see the possibilities in clinic. These online course walks you through a taster of my decades of Rescuing Yang and creating inner Feng Shui – so the body CAN take over and repair and run itself. For acupuncturists – the ‘Rescue the Root’ and the ‘Microbleeding’ as both of these will alter permanently how you see the possibilities in clinic. For acupuncturists – or anyone who wish to know more about energy shifting.

Declutter, reset and restore


The basics always work.

The body heals itself.


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