Breech resolution

Apparently this is a problem that needs fixing   . . .
much like induction and other forms of interfering


What I have written here may come as a surprise to you .

I have always been the high risk ‘ consultant.
This may be a bit challenging for you to read – especially if you have been busy following what is usually published

We could ask – WHY turn baby?


Some mums and babies are best off being left alone to do their own thing.
Baby may well know best

Mum may need to ‘grow up’.
Stand up for herself
I ask  her – ‘what sort of mother do you want to be?’

(As a woman lives – so shall she birth – Gaye Petterson – ‘Birthing Naturally’)

I wish to see a triumphant mother from being a maiden, birthing baby victoriously into her own arms.

One of my masters, the late Dr John F Shen, said – “always always always follow life.” This is as Nature intends.

I am a staunch (even fierce) natural birth advocate – I am PRO life – not anti mother and PRO bonding . . the mammalian imperative. I know that when we get in between what mum and baby need – we break – often forever – what would have been.


To talk of danger – and yet not understand the dance they must play, to disrespect and to dis-empower women who need to go through the transition maiden to mother . .


Some midwives make that a possibility. Maybe see what
one midwife who can (note – she is ‘qualified’ through her life experience – unlike those who are tasked to ‘help’ in hospitals).

I ask . ..

‘What is supposed to happen?’

‘How can we replicate this?’
Clinically proven and easily transferable results based research – what works is what matters

This is your opportunity to return to what allows mums and babies to be bonded – not fearful and live love.

If you have not come upon my work before, it is totally NOT what you may have been exposed to.

This is biology based – not social pressures, not ‘doctors know best’ . .

Results – not ‘research’

Real life not ‘someone said’

Nature (and all traditional cultures – survival needed) has already perfected this birth business.

Research shows that normal birthing is a safe option if criteria met (including having a competent helper)


I leave well alone

I do not use moxa on Bl 67 – as I almost never have to

What we are avoiding: baby coming as s/he wants to (safely)


Why do I not moxa Bl 67?

I do not believe that it is our place of us to tell baby where to be ..
Initially baby is where s/he is as it is more comfy there.
I set out to make normal however that looks – happen.
Let the pregnancy and the mum and baby birth as only they know how to.
Forcing is not needed in almost all cases of fetal ‘malposition’ 
This is not sensible. Baby is there (wherever) for a reason . .

Respect life .
Trust birth and her body to do what is needed.
It is a dance – mum and baby and the world as she perceives it to be.
Get a copy of “What Dads Can Do” and keep it in your waiting room for all to look through.
This is a TCM manual of life.

The ‘glove box’ manual for pregnancy – consult when a body warning happens.
Also the owner’s manual – as it covers all that is natural . .

Let us do our job – Yang Sheng

Nourishing Life – focus on enhancing normal


Let us go back to working with biology .. .
Undo why bub is in this position – and do bear in mind that s/he is there by choice and there may be a perfectly safe birth or an intact life? There is no biological need for a C section. Or any of the fuss.

Maybe the orientation of baby is a matter of mum needing to become more conscious and be in communication with her baby. Maybe she needs to stop external distractions – get present and this is the best way to get her attention? . . Or maybe baby is trying to get away from the cold that the physio has unhelpfully suggested that the painful public symphysis needs’?

Easily undone – see all the work in ‘What Dads Can Do – instantly downloadable here.

Better still – get the entire pack of online resources here

Or look through my opening the baby gate site here.



There is no problem with a breech presentation – except knowing about it in advance . .

Baby may have a valid reason for being there: and us changing this unknowingly may be literally the death of bub.
(One of my very pregnant patients choose to go online and attempt to correct the just turned baby problem herself (instead of working through why baby did this) with a moxa stick she had been given for her husband to help her back pain – and then had a compromised baby whose emergency C section showed the cord tightly around his neck and now brain injury – the bub was fine before she interfered).
Do we really want a ‘perfect ‘ birth presentation – or nature to do what she does best herself?


Can we help?

Heather’s  breech ‘protocol’

Do we need to?
Does not Nature know best?

The ‘safety’ is concern is ideological – not biological – Nature does not set a pregnancy up to fail.
If you are triggered by this – possibly ask yourself – why?
Who benefits from all this fear around such a natural process?

What else may need to be let go for you to accept that birth and life is safe?

Breech is a variation of normal and is only a problem as those tasked with ‘helping’ now see it as such . .

In all cases . .

Declutter – that means undo the panic – so what bub is presently seen as being in a ‘non standard’ presentation? This can change – even in labour and often does – try Rebozo in the birthing arena . .
Reset – go back to blueprint – get her Shen calm and the gut working in optimal condition
Restore – normal follows reproduction is not a crisis in waiting – and is not a disease.

1 – Take out what is blocking normal . . .
2 – Undo cold as how can anyone’s body support life with it there – feel it and move it – see Reset Your Metabolism – can’t grow a baby well in a fridge. The Spleen Yang Qi will be too compromised.
3 – or maybe – if in terrible back pain – the mum has to be sitting forwards and sacral moxa fan (SMF)
(See more here)
4 – Stuck Liver Qi Release (SLQR) – how can we get tendons etc to let go?
5 – Undo her angst – and this in some is first .CALM HER SHEN
NOTE – This is not GV 20 and/or Ht 7 – this work is NOT TCM  but acupuncture – there is a chasm between these.
That may be sedate bilateral Liver 2 (at least) while she is sitting up before the SMF – whilst I may be giving her food – at least more water and a protein snack to start with . .
I do not use Liver 3 unless with Ht 7 to assist in labour and in cervical ripening – that is another story . .
6 – More likely also – whilst sitting forwards or lying on her belly – all the second run Bl emotional points. . hardly in at all. Also Bl 46 – out from 17 – Dr van Buren’s happy point of pregnancy. I always pop in Bl11 and Bl 17 as well – and if there are other issues – that falls outside what we are currently working with – calming and clearing.
7 – Scars? Old wounds – need releasing . See the Transformational Healing package for more .. (Esp any laproscopy or belly button rings scars) and of course – past C sections – see also the TH package above .
A taster – the eLotus work Heather has done: wisdom tube presentation leading you into the Easy Babies series
8 – Back issues?
9 – Gut issues?
10 – Sleeping OK or not? (Fix it)
REMINDER – none of this is TCM.
Always feel the Liv 13 and GB 25 and ensure they are fine/not reactive on her leaving . .
11 – From the Self Care package – as part of the Transformational Healing package
Have you done all the lymph drainage and the round and rounds from the Healing Power of Touch?

12 – From 36 weeks she leaves only after lying in LHS with GV 1 in 1 1/2 inches and likely either L Liv 8 or some others – to build up yin – at the end of this session pop in Ki 25, 6.

That is all in my 1986 printed teaching manual . .


Accessible as at the transition from TCM to meridian and clinically useful acupuncture see more here.

13 – After 36 weeks first she has been sitting forwards with

14 – ALL the back sacrals needles in and Bl 35.

15 – End of session – all the work above esp GV 1 and lying on left side.

16  Ideally – you have done the handy work and can deeply gouge in to show her what needs to be done as home play/work . .to open that pelvis to the loving entry of her precious bundle.

Now loosened – maybe we look to see where bub is . .

Have  a long conversation about optimal fetal positioning.
Head down is only half the issue.
Also may have had a lot going on as I show people animals safely birthing, and Ina May on Ted X
There are various resources to keep thinking – esp on what they intend to do about lactation – and all the info on this and post birth – to Nourish Life we nourish mum.

I get all dads to come in and learn how to do all the hand moves and moxa (SF) in the session – I also may have done the Arvigo work – and I always teach the WDCD “What Dads Can Do” pelvic opening /bum/sacral work . .

IF baby is still breech

We would have before now likely had a conversation about her feelings around being a mum – birthing etc – as it is a great excuse to miss the initiation into maternity – slip into princess mode and there we are . . instant baby /major abdominal surgery and then how to repair this?

 No one mentions all the attendant issues decade later) Especially structural.

Conversation needed

So what baby is breech?

What is so scary?
Self sovereignty? Not accepting the medical ideas?
Following biology – and the love hormones that cascade through?
Please watch what all are missing – this is a perfect home water breech birth

One I can think of, whose 1st was C section and the other 9 so far  – are all home water births . .
Does the birth attendant not trust their training?
Birthing breech is just a variant of normal . .
Women have been forever. Safely without intervention – get the hands off that breech!!
Maybe take these classes that have been designed to bridge the colossal gap that you have discovered in practice.

A short course so you feel enlightened and find pregnancy now easy  .

Results – not research are needed . . .

My 4 decades of natural health pregnancy and maternal care is started here – as a taster:

Maternity is part of one module.
Usually in the Transformative Healing package – you get to watch the entire weekend 2007 workshop – plus notes and allied eBooks – a pregnancy starter kit. The Role of 8 Extras in Women’s Lives and Maternity’.

Warning  this is from life – messy and full of drama – as women’s lives are.

NOT for those who believe that pregnancy needs micromanaging, or that birth is a crisis waiting to happen

NOT for anyone who wants to ‘be good’ and to follow the medical lines . .

This is also NOT for those who like points neatly given as data.
It is NOT for those who need to know that ‘medicine’ and science’ are being followed.

This is 40 years of my life’s work.
Reality and with women . .

I have put together a beginning pack that explores for you

(If you are only are only interested in pregnancy)

Take the class – ‘Pregnancy – through the Energy Lens



Let us make easy babies!

Easy lives

Sustainable humanity


Naturally – in love ..

Heather’s short maternity course:

Pregnancy Through the Energy Lens


If doubtful . . .
Maybe read through this account of a jubilant 3rd pregnancy – with all 4 babies starting off breech . .
1st pregnancy – did not turn with ECV C section
2nd pregnancy – twins C ection

3rd pregnancy – 2 hour easy birth.


How?  Dad helped with all he did from ‘What Dads Can Do’ available here . .


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