The 44th TCM Kongress 2013 What I learnt There is a resurgence of classical acupuncture, that TCM is recognised as just a brand, that there are amazing research findings in all countries and that the European experience of medically trained … Continue reading

AUTISM Immediately prior to the WAFS was a workshop on autism and acupuncture. I was so outraged at the outdated and patently wrong information presented, (one presenter postulating that the child was autistic as his mother was 35 when she … Continue reading

WFAS 2012 Bandung

Heather presented papers at the 2012 WFAS International Congress and Workshop on Acupuncture 16th – 18th November 2012 in Bandung, Indonesia. The information here and what I presented sometimes may rattle your beliefs as ‘everyone’ knows .. . and the problem … Continue reading

AACMAC 2010 SUPPORTING PERFECT PREGNANCY GENERAL GOOD PLACENTAL FLOW HEALING A DAMAGED FINGER /NERVE Eventually this site will also hold: articles – some previously published and others written just for this venture, transcripts of past post graduate workshops and the opportunity … Continue reading