WFAS 2014 Houston TX

A collation of areas that I could see the texts were not covering At a glance: Taking out that which is hidden in plain view Avoiding and Treating Precocious Puberty PCOS and Endometriosis Preventing Post Partum Pyschosis Here I am offering as tasters – what else we could do. Always from my decades of watching …

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Amsterdam (Midwive’s day)

Being present (part 1) Being present from Heather Bruce (Part 2) Connected Midwifery Want to learn more?   See Rescue the Root,  Jing Optimation’ and ‘Supporting and Ensuring Wellness in Pregnancy‘ then the 2017 offerings, as we will then go into depth – ‘Making Better Babies’ (Easy Babies 3) and ‘Mammalian Maternity’. (Easy Babies 4). …

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Eighth International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicine (ICTAM)

Sancheong, Korea 9-13 September 2013 I chose to go to ICTAM to learn more about Korean and Tibetan medicine, and to experience a gathering concentrating on the context, not the content, of Asian medicine. I found an astonishing array of panels. This meant participants could choose to concentrate on Korean medicine, Indian medicine, anthropologists’ studies, …

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TCM Kongress Rothenburg odT

The 44th TCM Kongress 2013 What I learnt There is a resurgence of classical acupuncture, that TCM is recognised as just a brand, that there are amazing research findings in all countries and that the European experience of medically trained health workers is allowing acupuncture to be integrated within hospitals – especially for cancer and …

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AUTISM Immediately prior to the WAFS was a workshop on autism and acupuncture. I was so outraged at the outdated and patently wrong information presented, (one presenter postulating that the child was autistic as his mother was 35 when she had him!! Against all research that shows it is PATERNAL age that increases its prevalence)  …

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WFAS 2012 Bandung

Heather presented papers at the 2012 WFAS International Congress and Workshop on Acupuncture 16th – 18th November 2012 in Bandung, Indonesia. The information here and what I presented sometimes may rattle your beliefs as ‘everyone’ knows .. . and the problem is often that the Emperor has no clothes on. We are looking in the wrong …

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AACMAC 2010 SUPPORTING PERFECT PREGNANCY GENERAL GOOD PLACENTAL FLOW HEALING A DAMAGED FINGER /NERVE Eventually this site will also hold: articles – some previously published and others written just for this venture, transcripts of past post graduate workshops and the opportunity to be online with a senior acupuncturist who specializes in difficult cases.

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