David interviews Heather after assisting in clinic.


4 th session David and Heather – 6th October

A little fuzzy sorry - filming issues this week . . Advanced Channel Applications Is about taking out what is blocking healing  .. Shock Cold Scars - not always in any order - what pops up . . This day we had one of emotions (and their programmes) running the show  -...

David’s first session

This is found on the home page of this site. . Maybe start here and go through sequentially? David is a second year acupuncture /TCM student who found me. He is gratefully learning many sides of life concurrently.

Sept 22 – 2018 – David & Heather after clinic

6 patients: 3 women - all treated with moxa thread work on their heel insomnia point (see below) 3 men - all with interesting issues: 1 - Brett (40's) had done his second GB flush Seeking to be a dad . . (Testicles temp 34.5C down to 32 so far . . ) (See more in my...

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