COLD – How It Prevents Healing

There are links to other articles I have written on this. As it is a central theme in all I do, (rescue yang), I suggest you also use the search area.

Inside you will find notes, videos and slides from these workshops:

The earlier ones have been left in as they started my P/P career.

The information here = especially the Jing Markers is still not in common use  why do we not use OUR medicine? We do not need numbers on a page  – but how aging (Jing depletion resulting in fertility issues) feels and how it is showing up on a person’s life and body.

See also Moving Blockages 1 for information and videos on navel cupping to remove cold. It has been a feature of all the presentations as it is not mentioned in most other works on helping patients and I find it profound and needed in almost all cases.

Often that we can be so caught up in therapeutic possibilities that we can miss the obvious. With our medico and pseudo Chinese hats on, academic lenses inserted and evidence based boxed-in thoughts, we can be blind to simple causation and hence rectification.

In all aspects of health and women’s lives, sometimes the Stuck Liver Qi that festers and eventually ends up in named medical conditions may be as simple to resolve as having a few orgasms. With or without Mr Right.

She may well be having sex – BUT:

  • does she want it,
  • is she actually feeling it,
  • and releasing during?

If not – why not?
What is this doing to the state of her Liver Qi, the meridians that course through the areas, and what is ‘excess’ sex anyway?

To investigate what we have been too polite to ask about may give the answers to her particular puzzle.

It may well be why breast lumps and cancers are still remaking themselves, why periods are still problematic and why babies are just not happening and why she still gets all the symptoms that those herbs she took really SHOULD have cleared up.

We will wander through the pelvic structure and the meridians that flow through the erogenous zones – what can block flow through them – on all levels – what may be underneath and what we can do about it.

I give this to patients as a physical copy to read whilst I am cupping their navel, as they can easily understand why it is so important to overhaul their habits as they are causing their own dramas through how they go about their life. The best session in the world with us is not going to overcome their recreating the same issues on leaving our rooms.
It covers what Yang Qi does, how to improve it or mess it up further through the case stories of other people – especially the birth injuries that are accumulated through the therapeutic use of ice after birthing and the general small increments that are added to over  a life of drinking cold fluids, sleeping under air conditioning and being in and out of artificial climates all through our lives.
A boon to any whose patients are battling low thyroid function as it resets what they need to do besides take medication . . I strongly suggest that you invest in the entire package at the special price – $57 – for all I have for patients here as the entire package is  a wealth of links and stories as well as an easy to read expose on how we are made, and travel through the various stages of life.
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