Eighth International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicine
September 9-13, 2013 Sancheong, Gyeongsangnamdo, South, Korea

Conference Theme:
Beyond Integration: Reflections on Asian Medicines in the 21st Century

Heather’s report


The 44th TCM Kongress 2013

Rothenburg odT, Germany

What I learnt

There is a resurgence of classical acupuncture, that TCM is recognised as just a brand, that there are amazing research findings in all countries and that the European experience of medically trained health workers is allowing acupuncture to be integrated within hospitals – especially for cancer and in many other gaps of care.

I will return yearly as I had a full 5 days – two seminar.workshops first) of discovering new things, and of finding peers.

Read more of what I learnt at Rothenburg


Brisbane: Healing the Wounded Healer

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Payment page will be here tomorrow

Heather’s Mentoring Programme

This is an introduction to life and body aligning

VIP programme
Taking your place.
Adelaide was September. NZ mid January – then I take it to the world. .
Only other time in Australia is now

Only 6 places offered

Friday 2nd  – Sunday 4th December

Day of private sessions – Thursday 1st (or sometime before should you be local).
After recently returned from the Mercier training, and having been a Self Care teacher for the Arvigo/ Maya work (and being an advanced spiritual healer under this system) I am also adept at playing with energy: what comes up and using all kinds of vibrational healing helpers you can undo yourself and renew . .
Reset, Declutter and restore yourself in sacred space
Learn ways to clear energy – yours’ and theirs’ to revitalise clinic and life.

How much will it cost you if you do not sign up to change everything about you and your practice? How much is feeling stuck costing your life force and what you came here to do?

cover-imageThere are no testimonials – we all know as acupuncturists we can’t – although this is NOT acupuncture. I am training a small party of more conscious energy/body workers.

We will be taking back the ‘left had side of the page’ – the vibrational/energy/Light Working. By using all we can – hands and hearts to transcend the physical.

Participants may not be acupuncturists only – some other healing women/midwives may wish to arrive.

Catering and manuals provided
This will include the information that was given on eLotus Moving Blockages 1 and MB 2 so the following weekends’ fertility/pregnancy special from me will flow easier – PLUS you will have had the actual work done on you to know where you now want to focus – reconnecting Bao to Dai Mai and free up all life flows . .

Includes your own transformative session with me (at least 3 hours and life aligning)

Can be before this workshop

(I will hold Thursday open if you are traveling from interstate for this).

We will be doing more all through the weekend – to demonstrate – BUT you will want your own personal aligning.

Hours – 9 – 5

Extensive eating/resting breaks .
Experiential – we could get up to all sorts of mischief.

Loosely – we are covering

Day 1 (Friday)  – What created the ‘you’ you are.

(Totally experiential)
We will also be covering what blocks us – plus a new a paradigm

Day 2 (Saturday) – Tools that I have found work best in clinic

(Sessions and working on others)

How to become a practical life aligner yourself.
(Next seminar will be Living Ligaments.

Day 3 – Sunday (Ethics of what we do .. )

Moving into the next phase of life on Earth – are you ready?
plus more steaming/massage and undoing life wounds/scars  as we delve into what we have all been storing away that can be shifted as we travel through this intensive.

There is more . . .

This moves into the mentoring programme that will be offered after the eLotus weekend
JIng Optimation and Supporting and Enhancing Easy Pregnancy (10/11th December – their timing – followed by my teaching and traveling the northern summer through USA/Europe. Handing over – the wise women’s mystery tour begins ..

AACMA gave 20 CPD for the 3 day event in Adelaide

I am gradually getting the credit points for ATMS

Include a 4 hour segment that will allow the ‘ethics’ needs to be ‘ticked off’.

In addition:

There are another 13 credit points for the pre course – mutil media package.
(Can be taken at any time as is online – and will be only granted as points when the extensive testing Q and A’s are completed after online).

However – why not see how easy it is to transform your own life and that of others – the perineal steaming alone is wonderful – as is the moxa thread on insomnia heel point for anxiety . . The considerable content found on these multi media presentations is assumed knowledge for all of my work is contained in this – the 8 Extras work from Dr van Buren alone is gold. … It forms the basis of all my obstetric and general work.

The extra package can be taken without attending. You will experience a massive shift from only putting needles in, and only using TCM herbalised theory – go back to meridians . .This package is the foundation course for all of my work . . .home remedies and folk medicine was where all Asian medicine started from.
Attainment certificates sent out when evaluation of your learning (extra Q and A’s  to ensure that you have grown from self paced learning  has been submitted.

This price includes:

  • Extensive pondering opportunities as self reflective pre and post course activities are included
  • A very different model of care – you first,
  • Catch-up information from my past research, and
  • Workshops to bring you up to speed with terminology and theory.

This package of information will be sent to you when you sign up.

It includes the following:

The entire programme is experiential


Early Bird open if immediate payment
You will then get the information package to get started . .

$2000 if paying half deposit now and remainder by 25th November.
There are extensive notes and homework to do on yourself . .
The notes will be sent as soon as deposit/payment is accepted.
If you are interested, please contact me – email  or phone  – 3899 2274

Participants had massive personal shifts in Adelaide.

Clinic will transform – this work is instantly accessible.


Your body, your life (and your clinical results) deserve a shift up




‘Easy Pregnancy – Easy Birth – Easy Maternity’

I can run this course wherever you would wish me to.

There is a problem
Maternity and being a woman is a felt experience – not a ‘studies say’ or a biomedical reality.
We love
Let us

Mammals .

Then we would happily nurse them to our bosom.
Love and not let the world intrude, til the tender, gentle vulnerable wee beings are ready


deluxe midwives pack 2

This was presented . .

May 2016, Atarau, West Coast, NZ

I can rerun it if you host me – do contact me here so we can settle on dates . . .
(And a lot more that could also be delivered in the Wise Woman’s World Wide Wisdoms)

This is a one-day course run prior to the Arvigo® Self Care course 
Which is itself the pre-requisite to the Professional Care and Pregnancy/Fertility training

How you can make astonishing differences in a pregnancy that then set a very different life for all concerned. Especially for the person being made: the new baby.

  • Learn how to recognise an optimal pregnancy
    (there are no ‘pregnancy’ symptoms as they are all warnings).
  • How to set a pregnancy onto perfect settings
  • Know when to worry
  • What to do to return a ‘high risk’ pregnancy to one where all is blossoming as designed

What we will cover

  • Jing  – how the seed is planted into a perfect garden, then grows into perfection
  • Conditions to make ‘easy’ happen
  • The natural process of life unfolding
  • How to return a tricky pregnancy back to perfect

What we will specifically look to then:

  • Causes of disease and malfunction
  • Ingredients – what makes a perfect pregnancy possible?
  • Ideal conditions – supportive life and culture
  • Past cold exposure – how this shows up in subsequent life and pregnancies
  • Nourishing babies – mum needs to be in a perfect state of digestion and circulation so all is well.
  • Pregnancy nausea and vomiting, (PNV), Hyperemesis, gut weaknesses and eating disorders leading into mineral and other depletions.
  • Reframing past traumatic birth/baby outcomes . .

How this all impacted upon all of us was we were being made and how we can see this playing out through our family line,s and in our own children

What we will use as course material 

Heather’s book (in eformat) ‘The Pregnancy Map‘ (aka ‘The Human Matrix’)
What Dads Can Do(hard copy with a DVD – massage what dads can do
A poster – Jing Unfolding – the blueprint we all work by.

On full payment you will receive

  • the ‘Undoing Inner Libraries’ chart to work on for yourself and any children that you have had – so they get a record of the factors that influenced their being made.
  • eBook ‘Cold is Not Your Friend’ will also be sent to you.

My suggestion is that you download the free eBooks here – so you have some idea of the breadth of this work.

This is an intensive look at what you had no idea about – how you are in charge if all that happens to you and your children – by simply living more consciously.
(Alone valued over $140)


Location will be advised on registration

Upper Grey River Valley inland from Greymouth
I pick you up from Chch international airport – so please come over for  along weekend of bliss and learning) and take you via beautiful spirit quest locations to where you can stay ($100 extra). My healing sanctuary . .

Please wear comfy clothes, as we will be working in each other to demonstrate how you can make magic happen for all!! We have a shared meal, and then dive into the restorative, inspiring and peaceful Arvigo® /Maya Self Care transformative weekend,

Once registered, all the extensive notes for prior reading (and if an acupuncturist all the course work to complete tor the understand of a well pregnancy and how to achieve this) will be sent to you – as we are working with this material on the day – as it impacted our own lives – not seeing it all for the first time. This may take several weeks and will be well worth your time investment as it will shed light on all your practice – regardless of whatever people come in for you to attend to. Plus it will allow the past shackles from your family to easily be shed.

From here we then go into the Arvigo® /Maya Self Care transformative weekend, seamlessly transitioning into your own self loving care for the weekend exploring how, and what has made you, and what you can do to unleash all of who you are . .

Can you host this at your centre?
Let me know . .

Contact Heather here


Self Care Course info

Self Care

What we are not taught, what is assumed knowledge, is of greater use to us than all the paid for visits to others. The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® is remarkable in its simplicity and its results.

What I gained from my first Self Care course

When I heard this course was on, as there were so few courses offered – this was the last for six months – I knew that there was no time to lose – and instantly booked myself into it. Not knowing what to expect, I flew down to Melbourne, and sat in total awe of all that I had not known. The course put together so much of what I had been exposed to in a way that was so easy yet so profound.

As a women’s specialist all these years I wondered how it was that all of this practical traditional wisdom had not filtered into any of the courses/texts that were on offer. So many obvious things that have been missed/assumed in all I had done to date – and all presented here so simply.

The entire content cemented all that I had covered in my professional and personal life. I gained an understanding of how everything fit together.

In the past I had studied. . .

  • Classical acupuncture
  • Western herbs and Bach, then other vibrational flower, gem and shell essences
  • Aura Soma and its usage
  • My love of gardening and nature
  • Anatakarana meditation
  • All my own development of Moving Blockage style acupuncture
  • My Pelvic Opening work developed as a result of my maternal health initiatives
  • All my exposure to women’s work in sexuality and transformation
  • And of course all I had seen play out in students’, patients’ and my own lives.

I came away with a much broader understanding of what I had been teaching all these decades – the missing piece was now mine! I saw that my own self-care as be second to this. Little did I know that doing the work on myself, I would see my own massive health shifts!!

What I learned in becoming a professional care provider of this work

Within a month I was at the first professional training. Revolutionary. What was a surprise was the change of pace – the amount of anatomy we were exposed to as the foundation of what is lost in academic trainings.
This work actually heals and allows the body to reboot back to optimal functioning, No need for anything other than sensible living and self care daily/weekly. Magic!!

Constantly practicing on each other, we gradually worked out how to make massive shifts on the table for all. And we did. Totally reorganized body as a result. We saw massive shifts in all. Adding this into my usual practice – there was no longer the need to keep visiting the physical therapists all do. Fixed! Especially the twisted pelvises and the broken sacrums resulting in monthly problems all just take as being normal women’s business. – the chiro/physio – all a thing of the past – as long as all look after themselves.

This transformed my practice

All who see me I now see as needing this as it changes al that all come in with. The lack of self maintenance, the lack of any other therapy to address the often many times damaged structure – is the beginning of the body healing itself. Often it has not been looked after and this is the key – the self care after outing what is not in position back where it is designed to go.

What I discovered from assisting at my first Self Care course

The transformation of the participants – I was not prepared for. The whole focus of this workshop is experiential. It is about self-cleansing. It is a very safe sacred circle and the assistants are there to encourage the inner processes. All went deeply inside over the weekend. Often gently releasing. Participants were taken through a journey that seemed to be easier than anything else I have witnessed in all these years of helping people who uncover what was hiding within. The techniques used – as in – they may think that they are learning procedures to do – the course seems to be a front for the weekend’s adventure into self, coming out the other side more open, vulnerable and ready to be more of who they are.

What I gained from assisting at my second Self Care course

Being an assistant again a month later, I got to see a very different group: same teacher. The content shifts depending on the audience. The second experience was more intimate again – possibly as it was also a retreat – in that no one went off site over the whole days. This meant all were ‘in the energy’ and seemed to go even deeper.

What I gained from being prepared to teach Self Care courses

The process of finding innovative ways to present my topic – male anatomy and physiology – meant the aspects of adult education – making all interesting and likely to add onto what all already know – had me come up with a very different ‘take’ on the subject. As a fertility specialist, I see the entire process is falling down as all seem to have a Henry VIIIth attitude – making quality babies is all about her age (not about the quality of his contribution – which itself is dependent on his health).

My presentation made it very clear that this is all our medicine – not just a women’s therapy. We essentially are all the same – just have bits in different places doing different things. I am sure all will remember. We all did a startlingly brilliant job. Watching others do ‘their’ thing was wonderful.
This teaching event was totally supported by the impressive little manual that is part of the course materials that all take home. I had no idea just how useful it was til I was teaching the subjects. I saw just how much is now supported by the years of honing this material for westerners.

(Remember that this is me after 37 years of being a worker with other’s health challenges.) I feel that all wanting to become any form of healing capacity, not only to look after themselves first – and thus have a full ‘cup; to assist others – should go through this before they start in their field of choice’s training.

It gives the context – we all started with oral traditions and self care ass pre written words and modern drugs/surgery – what worked chad kept all alive. Naturally.

The actual basic message – the organs can get out of place, wander about, and then affect the rest of the body function forever – is just not covered in anything else.

If you are thinking if doing this course – jump in.
You will not be disappointed. A weekend of being invited and encouraged to go deeper to what set you and your life in motion – lovingly looked after, and coming away with a new appreciation of your body and your life.


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Arvigo®Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy A weekend of Self Care and Nurturing Self Care 1 Presented by Heather Bruce Download Brochure This weekend course is designed to empower you to use your own two hands to help yourself. You will … Continue reading

Fingertip Rescues

Traditional Women’s Healing Wisdoms

I am passionate about all having the experience nature expected us to.
Prior to the few short 150 odd years where science has taken over – people just did what had always worked. . . why not do the same?? Return to our blueprint and stop forcing, but allow the blossoming of the mother from the maiden?

Course Details: Traditional Women’s Healing Wisdoms

Healing the Mother/ Fingertip Rescues

Midwives day – from Heather Bruce on Vimeo.

Yvonne said of the NZ course . .

“Just wanting to say thanks for the time and effort you put into preparing the fingertips rescue course we did recently.

Not only has it given me things to do in emergencies, also ways to improve women’s health with nutrition. In the past using your help, I found that there were a number of women who have been able to reverse such symptoms with serious illnesses as Pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, polyhydramnious etc.

Women were extremely grateful for the reduction in symptoms considered normal for pregnancy, ie: backache, nausea, oedema, heartburn etc. This then leaves women in optimal health for pregnancy and birth and postnatal period.

This knowledge has led to me having much lower incidence of medical intervention during birth and postnatal period. Most women when given the choice about this knowledge are only happy to improve their health.

Thanks again Heather”

Brisbane on 22nd March – see separate page for signups there.

A day for midwives/doulas/all interested in an easy pregnancy with great maternal and baby outcomes.

Midwives day – from Heather Bruce on Vimeo.


46 Hecklemann St, Carina Hts Qld 4152



Healing the Mother Weekend

A practical, fun filled growth weekend away
Ancillary techniques – remembering women’s traditions and lives, and placing our work in our context/culture.

This is an experiential Retreat

Staying at one of Heather’s 2 houses on the West Coast, South Island


  • Accommodation and meals are included
    – or not, if you wish to explore the area separately. .
  • Based in Greymouth and at Atarau. (map)
  • Includes all day time food, a faja to take home, and notes, and many sessions and self explorations – as this is experiential)
  • Arrive on Friday night so we can make an early start – and stay on if you need to – till Monday . .

Limit -10 people

Experience how to provide navel cupping work, sacral opening and all moxa and bleeding that I have developed all as part of my Moving Blockages work over the decades for pregnancy and general conditions, PLUS the steaming and the faja.

A collaborative effort – we will also have Yvonne, a senior home birth midwife and Kaliana Rose, a channel who has developed many inspirational tools to assist all of us to lift ourselves up – both will be part of the  women’s circles..

Healing the Mother

In whatever order it happens to flow . . . over two days . . we may do 1 or 2 or 3 first – or in any particular order – but by the end of the workshop we will have covered:

1) – Pain Free Pregnancy

triplets at 34 weeks– pre during and post – women’s structures and how to allow ease and grace

As I was taught acupuncture by a chiropractor, and pre TCM, we learned how to influence the entire body as structure determines function – (think Phil MacQueen – he was in the class under me) – hence back then in the pre anti inflammatory/pre HRT/pre ulcer drugs/ pre scans and laporoscopies we all knew how to make stunning differences in our daily practice – learn how. . .

Not organ path /herbally focused, but about undoing the past life of trauma/injury – and onto this we have all my vibrational and spiritual healing practices as made necessary being a women’s specialist over the past 36 years.

This is mostly practical (so we will be on and off couches all weekend) using our hands . .. with ancillary use of all tools – not only needles.

General intro and practicals done on all attending (bring your own aches and pains in)

Discover what works:

  • Cupping out the cold revision and moxa uses
  • Sacra moxa fan
  • Faja
  • Belly binding
  • Castor oil packs
  • Vagi steaming
  • Pelvic opening (sexual bliss)
  • Various calming techniques as they are needed as we undo each other

Suggested pre-work: this is not a’ chalk and talk’  but healing women’s circles so before arriving – under your belt is to be

  • the Transformative Healing series
    usually $100 on site – FREE as pre-reading/work
    (Free code sent when deposit paid)
  • “What Dads Can Do” book and DVDs  from me before or at workshop if you do not -have your own copy – please bring if you do)
  • Heather’s Apps
  • Again – easily downloaded – so especially the ‘raw ingredients’ – what is needed for life is looked at so it is all not new information to you – found here
  • eBooks – Heather’s ‘Everything’ package
  • There are the case histories and 100’s of hours of research in these books – not TCM but it is in there to help give all a flavour to view life from that works for them – again – as with the manual/DVDs and Apps – designed for the patients to support what you do in clinic – at home.

2) – Healing After Birth

j2“Healing the Mother” – including your inner one – (family codes)

Be it becoming a mother yourself (or again), or as you look towards a transitional time.

Maybe even as your uterus is gone, or cancer has invaded your space.

Or how to help those in any of this in others

3) – Wounds – the damaged healer

  • Scars on all levels
  • Shock, and all aspects of birth trauma

What you can walk off with:

  • a clearer body and mind.
  • Healing is possible – and you have experienced it yourself on many levels as we will spend a weekend not talking but sharing, doing and feeling.
  • Garden. Walks, warm hearth and happy company!!!


  • 89 Slaty Creek Rd, Atarau, West Coast, NZ
  • 16 Mount St Greymouth – depends on the weather .  . .

Too far for you?
Flights to Hokitika are ridiculously expensive BUT, if you can get to Christchurch Heather will organise travel to the Coast – Friday afternoon.


Easter weekend – 4th/5th April 2015

– arrive at my houses in Greymouth – or Atarau to settle in on the Friday night so we start bright and early – after great breakfast and a walk – at 9am . . .

Interesting extras in the evenings
So you can stay on till Monday – I will be off to catch a plane back to Brisbane that afternoon so transport also back to Chch airport. .


Accommodation and meals included:  NZ$400
During daytime meals only: NZ$300

Huge offering – a weekend with colleagues and opportunities to share!
Plus learn how to make profound differences using acupuncture theories plus all the ancillaries to assist all in their inner journeys.

On receipt of fees a token will be sent to start you on the pre reading/learning so we can plunge into the belly of what to do in clinic!!!

Download pdf:  Women’s Healing Weekend


Payment Options

  • Direct deposit: Kiwibank     38-9003-0576006-01 – HJ Bruce
  • PayPal:
Pay Course Fee

BNE Women’s Retreat 5384b from Heather Bruce on Vimeo.

Posted in NZ

Fingertip Rescues – Brisbane

Traditional Women’s Healing Wisdoms

          (Sustainable Mothering and Maternal Futures)

    Reversing out of being seen as ‘high risk’ in pregnancy

Pain free pregnancies and easy birthing

Happy mums and bubs!!

Note – date change

Sunday 17th May . . 9 ish – 5ish

Same place, same amazing info, different day

Sunday 17th May . . 9 ish- 5ish

(Do bring a bit of lunch to share, so you get also what you feel is healthy to eat – not just my version). Vegetarian day . .

A practical day with Heather – a senior acupuncturist and natural heath problem solver specialising in obstetric care. Author of ‘What Dads Can Do’

Buy here in advance or get on the day – add to it the ‘Birthing – What Dads Can Do’ DVD and have the whole pack (Massage DVD is part of the manual). (Ring me for postage or pick up on the day). Invaluable for couples as it allows them to work on all that may happen and work out why and how to correct – an entire practical ‘glove box’ manual for pregnancy.IMG_5313

Download pdf flyer:
Fingertip Rescues-brisbane

Register Here

Do you wonder –

Is there something more we could do?

  • Why are so many pregnancies ending in high risk pregnancy complications and difficult birthing choices?
  • Babies not settling or being happy or latching?
    why some end up as C sections?
  • Why is there so much pain in pregnancy?
    So many digestive troubles for mum, and then baby?
  • Is there something we are missing?
  • See how birth is just a tiny snapshot in their lives – but shapes the child and the bonding forever – discover what you can do to change what impacts on so many ways – undo what has lead  them into tight pelvis, upset energy . .
  • You may be able to prevent most of what is now seen as being ‘normal’ in birthing and in pregnancy and afterwards.


Take action – Wonder no more –
Heather has been working in improving pregnancy outcomes in Brisbane and surrounds for over 35 years and is constantly reshaping her skill set.

(Now also a Mayan/Arvigo certified pregnancy specialist)

Traditional Women’s wisdoms

Using traditional and natural ways to heal and to have easy pregnancies, births and lives.
What you will gain:

Useful things to do for all stages of life – not just birthing or pregnancy – but making life easier for you in your own life too!! As all birthing and pregnancy issues are not instant – they – like babies – grow with us, all through our lives.

Morning session

What sets all on better maternal foundations . .(thus all baby is to be – and this was us once – undo your own Inner Library – when you pay, you will receive a kit  be going on with prior to the day).
Ingredients on all levels, and

What you (as a mother’s assistant) can do about turning trouble back to optimal maternal expression

Massage, use of faja, moxa and other helpers to allay all pains/problems in pregnancy

Afternoon session

  • Fingertip rescues – easy and effective ways to undo the energy that sets up the troubles in birthing and the post partum times.
  • Confidence to assist in all cases – there is always something your busy fingers could be doing – stop hemorrhaging , allow Qi to flow downwards, calm her down, turn the contractions up .. .
  • How/why these simple additions work
  • Practical hands on – what will instantly assist your own comfort in your own body.
  • Pain free pregnancy – and reducing risk leading to the return to natural safe vaginal birthing.
  • All will go away with a faja and how to wear it – amazingly supportive for all – pregnant, make or young – everyone . .


  • Session I  : 9ish am – 1:00pm

  • Session II : 2:00pm – 5:00pm


 Limited to 12 participants. .

When payment is received, notes will be distributed so you have

  • a life evaluation (Inner Libraries) and

  • a workbook to go through prior to the event . .

    (As there is a lot more to cover).


$200 and $150 for students.
(one or both sessions)

Register Here

All charts, books and DVD, and oils are extra but on  reduced price for the participants

Most food included – please bring a plate to help, as all of us call different things ‘food’

Please bring a plate to share


46 Hecklemann St, Carina Hts Qld 4152


(07) 3899 2274

Download pdf flyer: Fingertip Rescues-brisbane

WFAS 2014 Houston TX

WFAS 2014 Houston TX

    • Cold and hidden pathogens

What next? Look to what cold does in a body – Acup 1010
Take the course that allows you to get stunningly simple and profound changes in all of your patients . . Taking the Cold Out
Also comes with the iodine master presentation – why all that is on this page is happening – and what to do to fix this modern scourge.

No girl child should be going through puberty before 12 (14 for boys) – and ideally not till the Jing is set to at 2×7 (girls) and 2 x 8 (boys).
Yet we live in changing times. The blueprint is being corrupted.
Please look to the ‘Moving Blockages’ 1 and ‘Moving Blockages 2’ to understand just how we can help and what has happened to what was working well – up until recent times.


Yes – it really IS that simple . .
Look here – a whole process that your patients can take – it is just a matter of taking out what is not supposed to be there and adding back what is.
Take ‘Moving Blockages’ 1 and ‘Moving Blockages 2’ to understand more..
Perhaps starting with investigating what women bleed onto (not a sexy title but part of all women’s lives) Safe intimate care – or what is CREATING their woes?

No woman should have to undergo what is NOT mammalian maternity.
Learn more of the blueprint through attending the eLotus presentation on 11th December this year – better still – what sets us up to win?
Having perfect Jing – so watch the ‘Jing Optimation’ on the 10th and follow up with ‘Supporting and Enhancing Well Pregnancy’ 11th December.
Take ‘Moving Blockages’ 1 and ‘Moving Blockages 2’ to be primed as these follow on.

What next?
Learn from the master of inquisitiveness and excellence in modern practice

Please look to all that is on the eLotus site for more.
At least the ‘Rescue the Root’ and the ‘Microbleeding’ as both of these will alter permanently how you see the possibilities in clinic.
The ‘Taking out the Cold’ online presentation is available for AACMA CPE points.
The ATMS process is underway.
The ‘Transformative Healing’ package is also on this scheme.
More importantly you will become aware of how easy it is to totally transform through using meridian based essentially  ‘dumbed down’ basics that  have found always works and is instantly transferable – my results are likely to also be yours. Just follow the basics I set out.

Declutter, reset and restore