Women Aging – Smooth Transitions

Heather Bruce presents – Greymouth, NZ Friday 8th January, 9 – 4.30 pm

Having worked as an acupuncturist for all of my working life, as a mother, and now as an older woman, I am seeing shifts that need to be noted – not ignored. Little seems written about how to age well in the orthodox medical tradition and in East Asian medicine there is an abundance of Yang Sheng information – seemingly ignored by all.

There is so little done about ensuring the our foundation for our older years aging is solid. As with all of life it seems just assumed to work. We all know that here is so many options for Jing disruptions that this may not be on time, or easy.

What can we do in clinic to make a difference – often profoundly – on a person’s life, by normalising all as they progress through their lives? For women – the monthly report card shows abundantly what is required and so very often this is glossed over in the busyness of life – to surface as a dire warning for the future in the ways of the menopause – a transition not often all that smooth for many.

This is an experirential day – as we explore our mothers, their lives and the impact this has had on us and our aging,and the potential changes we can make all through the eyes of Dr John Shen’s wisdom.

  1. Explore the process of life, and how it can unfold with grace. (Jing Unfolding)
  2. Learn how the endocrine system can be influenced through social, dietary and environmental toxic influences. (Hormonal Disruptions)
  3. Look to the factors that may influence the general aging process.
  4. Discover how can we influence this through sensible life adjustments.
    (Management as our forebears knew to – learning elder wisdom).
  5. How to reset the Jing – is it possible?
  6. How to undo what has happened to us so that we may gracefully settle into our older years

Find out  . . . .

How to ensure the body that you reside in can actually work well. Simply, naturally. How to move any Jing disruptions sooner, rather than have to live with the consequences. How to avoid becoming your mother (or father) – is it genes or is it something else?

In this work I will lean heavily on the clinical experience of myself and of Dr John Shen.

We will cover

  • Normal unfolding of Jing as we travel through the phases of life
  • Factors that can have influenced our lives and how to undo these
  • Enhancing sexuality, as we are freed of the reproductive strains,
  • Undoing all Spleen Qi/Yang imbalances that lead to less than perfect lives
  • Abdominal sagging and repairs needed (often after obstetric incidents)
  • Moodiness, sleep disturbances and
  • ‘Aging metabolic and auto immune diseases, all leading into
  • Premature aging

(all in the light of the current contamination of the biosphere and vaccination campaigns).

‘Women Aging– Smooth Transitions’ leads into the Arvigo® Self Care class, which is at the same location, and starts after a shared tea at 6pm.


What you get . . will assist in all your ‘hard’ cases – instantly in clinic

(It all works)

  • 8 Extras handbook with a massive hormonal section,
  • ‘Transformative Healing’ – photographic essay of what is possible in one session with hands and moxa and undoing scars on all levels.
  • The ‘Undoing Your Own Inner Library’ process for you to complete prior to the class – and potentially for all your own children and
  • ‘Jing Markers’ for you to fill in to see where and how you have been altered from your own potential blueprint

This is the beginning of the ‘Moving Blockages’ seminar with Heather to be recorded in LA in March and will be part of a text being written.

There is a $50 reduction (extensive notes to be sent through before the course starts) if you have already attended one of Heather’s recent seminars and have the background introductory notes to her “Moving Blockages” work.

  • If you are also signing up for the Self Care experiential weekend – $200
  • If as a stand alone course $250


Go on to the experiential Self Care course

which is the entry into the practitioners’ training.
Why would you?
It will revolutionise how you see life and your practice.

Here is how it did mine.

Not just the fertility, the gyne, the gut issues and the emotional woes that come in for the ride – but the structural. Long standing no one can ‘fix’??

All patients at the very least could have the first two Maya moves as a pre sleep exercise – all helps to move the stagnancy in the gut – and thus the life. . . Firstly – self care – what you can move in yourself with these simple techniques – and thus how we can empower all others with the oral traditions of world wide wise women’s ways.

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