This old people’s home remedy – cupping out the cold – is presented in this course –
so that you SAFELY/not in a ‘gung ho’ fashion take the stored cold out – and leave the essential Qi where it belongs . .


This is a profound changer in the lives of those you touch.
Such amazing and instant results – in the tongue, all body problems and of course the pulse if you check it.

Along the way I added in my own practical additions  – the moxa, the topical iodine use and the perineal steaming – all from elders’ wisdoms now lost in the presently dominant world of ‘science’.
Life experience shows – as we all research quietly in clinic – that what works is going back to basics . .
over the past decades what Dr Shen had shared in a stray minute in 1981 in a Sydney seminar – I went back into clinic and played with it – now it is what I start all sessions with

Recently I visited my dentist.
He thanked me for fixing his shoulder – when nothing else including his physio son had been ever able to.

What did I do differently?
Set him-up-to-win first
Cupped out the cold – and then got the Yang up with the navel moxa.

Have to get the Qi to be there to tell it what to do basically . .

We can’t ice a cake not yet baked – the Qi needs to circulate and to do this – we need more of it out there working to stuck somewhere keeping the cold that is lodged from attacking .

Cupping in pregnancy

Please do not practice this as a first time on anyone pregnant

Start with this course that allows you to consolidate a lot of what I have been doing over the past 40 years.


It was a home remedy.
Still it is profound – anything that you think is Ki or Sp Yang Xu – cupping the cold out of the entire system will only help.

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Who forgot?
All of us seem to have – as the elders at home would have seen to it that this was first attended to – so it is almost  lost in time. Now restored and restructured for NOW. See more in the course I have designed for you to take  – full of eBooks of stories from clinic – and multi media presentations . .

Using navel cupping and

the allied moxa work) will


ALL of your clinical results – see this short course

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Or – you could start with a taster – the Self Care bundle incorporating all my secrets in clinic
The Foundational Moves section is me working in one man through all the advanced channel applications – touch therapy/Gua Sha/cupping navel and moxa plus all lymph draining moves – and of course undoing all his structural pain along the way