David and Quang observing

A special occasion – two extras in clinic!

Here we use a different culture to explain common human troubles

Quang’s background and how he got be in Brisbane


Quang and how he felt in his own sessions

Freeing up the stuck Qi that was since his accident.
Clearing out shock/ cold/ and then the scars.

How moxa sacral fan felt then the work on his various scars.

David asking how it happened and what Quang felt – including his own pulse observations as the treatments unfolded.

After the finger scar needles,

I ensure that the blood is let out – squeezing hard.

The ting points including the top of the finger – and then the web points are left in situ for a while. Then bled also.


After care

Ideally moxa waved over the scar for about 10 seconds. Once is enough

Comfrey ointment on x2 day massaged vigorously in for two weeks.









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