David’s learnings 22nd September

6 patients:

All women with moxa thread work on their heel insomnia poimt

3 men – all with interesting issues:
1 – Brett (40’s) had done his second GB flush. Seeking to be a dad . . (Testicles temp 34.5C down to 32 so far . . )
David was out in the moxa shed with sacral moxa fan – and heard all about it.

BBT (rectal) up from 36 C to 36.5C – had finger nail sized pieces – last time a lot smaller.
About 30+ of them – feels a lot lighter generally after this.

(This protocol – GB cleanse – is in my Detoxing-Simple Solutions end 2017).
A whole lot more came out when they did a castor oil pack on his liver/belly after the last lot of Epsom salts.

He is on Chinese herbs to help soften/loosen and will do another cleanse after the next month of taking these still.


2- Sean (50’s) older man with neck problems – spoken of here.

Neck tension – resolved through the palpation and needling of sorest points on pubic bone


3 – ian (mid 70’s) build up of fluid in left eye – concerned eventually also about his prostate – are there herbs I should be taking?

Scar from 60+ years ago

Needled the sorest points n the opposite hand first  the same side hand was not excruisciating  or even slightly sore.


Needling the scar can take a while

Tongue before   Tongue after


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