Easy neck resolution

How is this different?


After an early introduction in pain – as in the late 70’s doctor shook people’s hands and told them to ‘get their affairs in order’ – I was initiated into what worked.

Firstly by the chiropractic acupuncture teacher we had for most of the three year training.
Then by the patients – who were almost ALL in pain – and easily fixed with a few sessions.
Life was easier – they lived far better than now.
Fewer distractions.
Also – I was dual trained and so knew about Western herbs, the role of diet and of course – all the extras I picked up – lymphatic and prostatic drainage, and touch therapy and all to mobilise joints, release adhesions and so on – plus vast amounts of moxa and ensuring what I did left them in a better state.

All meridian based as TCM was not yet in action.


Time moved on . .
We got in short order . .computers and people then in deep trouble as they had repetitive strain injuries.
Air conditioning in offices was instant and the temperatures worked in – were literally freezing.

The machines mattered more than the workers.
Around the same time – chronic fatigue arrived.
On top of the ‘all in your head’ issues fro anyone whose X rays did not show damage – the structural pains from hard early lives and poor makeup – I was seeing those born of wars and depressions and lack – translated into bad outcomes at the end of life – so trigeminal neurelgia and shingles were elderly horrors as well as the arthritis and the younger people – sports injuries/work accidents and of course – necks . .

What to do?
Get the Qi flowing
What is blocking the body fixing itself?
That is answered in the self Care (an interesting name you think)?
Yes – the Foundational Moves component is me working in a guy who is a collection of life aches and pains – plus was knocked out in his role as a prison guard = losing his sense of self forever after and of course – wrecking his body.

We see people who are essentially medical refugees.
Not quick fixes – but we can .
The issue of whiplash – is a waist torsion one.

Again easily fixed when you work out that ‘where’ is not the ‘why’ of it.

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