‘Easy Pregnancy – Easy Birth – Easy Maternity’

One follows the other.
As Nature intended  as women are designed for

Maternity and being a woman is a felt experience.

Love is the key – mammalian – primal and instinctive.

You can make astonishing differences in a pregnancy that then set a very different life for all concerned.

We focus on health and life and on the bonding possible to allow perfect beginnings of the new person, new mum and the new family.

What we will cover

  • The natural process of life unfolding
  • Normal pregnancy and how to achieve this.
    Nourishing Better Babies – as an outcome.
  • Jing  – focus of life and how well we can live it.
  • (how the seed is planted into a perfect garden, then grows into perfection)
  • Conditions to make ‘easy’ happen
  • How life enhances the likelihood of the perfect outcome (survival of the fittest ) and how to make this more likely.

What we will specifically look to then:

  • Causes of disease and malfunction
  • Ingredients – what makes a perfect pregnancy possible?
  • Ideal conditions – supportive life and culture
  • Past cold exposure – how this shows up in subsequent life and pregnancies
  • Nourishing babies – mum needs to be in a perfect state of digestion and circulation so all is well.
  • Pregnancy nausea and vomiting, (PNV), Hyperemesis, previous gut weakness and past eating disorders leading into potential problem pregnancies – and what to do about the mineral and other depletions.
  • Reframing past traumatic birth/baby outcomes . . allowing ‘normal’ to then shine through

How this all impacted upon all of us was we were being made and how we can see this playing out through our family lines and in our own children

What we will use as course material 

deluxe midwives pack 2Heather’s book (in eformat) ‘The Pregnancy Map‘ (aka ‘The Human Matrix’).

Initially – the eFomat of ‘What Dads Can Do’
What Dads Can Do” (hard copy with a DVD – massage what dads can do
A poster – Jing Unfolding – the blueprint we all work by.

On full payment you will receive

  • the ‘Undoing Inner Libraries’ chart to work on for yourself and any children that you have had – so they get a record of the factors that influenced their being made.
  • eBook ‘Cold is Not Your Friend’ will also be sent to you.

My suggestion is that you download the free eBooks here – so you have some idea of the breadth of this work.

Once registered, the extensive notes /audio visual aids that support your delving into this hands on work are unlocked for you .

Start today – instant changes in your and your partners’/childrens’ lives as you discover how simple self Care and making friends with your gut/belly and body are. Be ready to take this then into clinic and for all who seek help – whatever modality you use – the Gentling Ways are able to undo the most distressed person.

This may take several weeks and will be well worth your time investment as it will shed light on all your practice – regardless of whatever people come in for you to attend to. Plus it will allow the past shackles from your family to easily be shed.

What is different about this course?

In developing this style of pregnancy care over the decades, (helped enormously by me actually being pregnant three times whilst honing the work further), I have been able to feel myself, the vast difference in APPLYING acupuncture theory. Having bled and birthed and breastfed has lived experience guaranteed. The focus is on enhancing life force – Yang Sheng: nourishing.

  • Learn how to ensure an optimal pregnancy
  • Know when to be concerned and what to do when you are
  • How to set a pregnancy back into its perfect settings
  • What to do to return a ‘high risk’ pregnancy to one where all is blossoming as designed

Why it is needed . . .

There are no ‘pregnancy’ symptoms as they are all warnings.

YOU – likely working with your hands and your heart  and wanting more than what is in books.
Maybe you started energy healing with Shiatsu? Reiki? Pranic healing?Maybe you know that the channels/meridians are blocked in ways that mere needling is not always needed?

US As natural therapists who are supporting normal/perfect, we can also aim a lot higher than just a ’quick and easy’ birth. What mum really needs is an awareness of the requirements of mothering. After birth plenty of stamina and great Blood quality for nourishing herself and the baby(ies) through to where everyone is more independent.  Although we often are not consulted until there is a problem to ‘fix’, we can still make a lot of headway into her constitution and the babies’ growth, by paying attention to Blood quality (herbs) and enhancing placental flow.

THOSE WHO SEEK YOUR HELP – Need the gentle touch – and to trust their bodies again.

Sustainable humanity!!
We are influencing so much more than the one who seeks care.

What others have said about this work:

‘Heather Bruce is an extraordinary teacher and healer, and I am honored to learn from her. Her approach to treatment is simple, powerful and transformative. It reminded me why I got into this medicine and re-enforced my purpose of being a healer to help others heal. The eLotus courses are jam packed with so much information and practical application. They are vital to understanding the basis of Heather’s work. They lay the foundation. Once you have completed those courses you can begin to integrate her methods into your practice. As well as add the courses available on Heather Bruce’s Healing Academy site.

My practice has completed changed in a beautiful way. I spend more time with clients. I apply more massage and energy work. It is not just about putting in the needles and hoping that they do there work. I am much more engaged with my whole treatment process. And my clients love it. I feel more connected with myself and my clients. I have a new found confidence about my work, that I didn’t have before I started studying with Heather. My clients and I both can see results right away.

Clients walk out of my clinic different from when they walked in. There are no words to explain how AWESOME Heather’s work is. I am so grateful I found it. This year one my goals was to deepen my understanding of the medicine, and I was even looking into PHD programs. I am so happy I found this instead – since it is much cheaper than going back into the academic world. It SO much better, wiser, deeper, as well as creative, interesting, connected, traditional, feminine and more than any other program out there. It is practical and it WORKS’.Carine, LA


I posed on Facebook a few months back looking for advice about a difficult Hyperemesis Gravidarium case when Heather reached out. As we chatted about the case, I realized that she had a perspective on health and healing that went far beyond my TCM training. I have been a practicing for over 10 years with varying degrees of success and have felt for some time that the results are not as good as I would hope them to be despite all the continuing educations I have done. After Heather and I finished our conversation I immediately started taking the Elotus courses available and have recently signed up for her teacher training graduate mentorship program. With each day that passes my perspective of myself as a healer is shifting as is my understanding of how to help my patients achieve their health goals. Pregnancy is a big part of my practice I frequently get calls from woman who have breech and malpositioned babies. I used the standard protocols that we all know with a limited degree of success. For this reason, I asked Heather about how she approaches breech babies. She taught me a new approach and since I started using it with my patients every baby has turned into a head down position! It is remarkable. As far as that initial patient with hyperemesis gravidarum, Heather’s recommendations were on point and my patient was able to feel relief from the nonstop morning sickness.

Having read Heather’s eBook on breech it all makes so much sense! So much deeper than BL 67 which is just empirical.  I had been waiting to hear this for 15 years!!  I’m glad I heard it all now. It completely confirms what I know in my heart is true. (So far 18 of 18 babies have turned – without moxa on the little toe!Who knew it could be this simple? Stephanie Propper, NY


“Working with Heather and taking her courses has greatly changed the way I work in my clinical practice.  I’m much more aware of cold invasion in the body and how it weakens the whole system and that what the elders taught had great truth and relevance in it for modern times. I’m much more proactive at keeping the cold out of my own body and educating my clients on safeguarding their bodes from the cold as well.  I also now use real moxa, and only real moxa, in my clinic, as a direct result of working with her ideas.

Most importantly, I’ve gained greater trust, confidence and self worth in my own skill sets as a clinician, and am allowing myself to find my own rhythm and unique style, as she has role modeled this thoroughly for all that come to her.  I’m deeply grateful for Heather’s courage to be who she is and to have created such a unique and safe space for learning, growth, and healing. My participation in Heather’s courses has shown up in my own practice as my work is lasting longer more consistently with my clients and working with iodine has changed everything in my life in many positive ways.

Heather also puts the sexy and juicy back into being female and woman, which got stripped away by the patriarchy. Taking classes or getting treatments with Heather is like surround sound feminine (which traditionally women did do most of the community and family healing roles around the world).

Her workshops are a good environment for the wise woman (those present and rising), the mystic, the healer or the seeker to convene and for those wanting to deepen and strengthen their connection to the world and healing arts. She creates a safe, open and heart centered workshop space allowing our personal unfolding into all that we can be“. Elisabeth, NZ


Transformative Healing

1 – Self Care and

2 – Self Discovery courses included –

3 – Transition from TCM organ pathology back into QI flow. A more hands on and channel based approach – for our context now. Completely usable immediately as you go through in your own work – regardless of what style you have been using – this is all with diagnosis and onto the body – in front of you.

4 – Access then to personal mentoring as you have completed the base step.

Affiliate Practitioner

1 – Online weekly FB mentoring in a group of like minded souls.

2 – Access to the membership programmes of the Natural Fertility Detective, the Natural Pregnancy Coach.
These allow total access to all I say and do in pregnancy (and getting there – this is health and normal orientated.
THEN we can look to the deviations that we are expected to ‘fix’.
This gives you a model that you can send clients to – without your having to talk again about what they can do. .

3 – Opportunity to present your own hard cases for the class to follow how to use the Transformative Healing ways on.

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