I can run this course wherever you would wish me to.

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Maternity and being a woman is a felt experience – not a ‘studies say’ or a biomedical reality.
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Love and not let the world intrude, til the tender, gentle vulnerable wee beings are ready


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This was presented . .

May 2016, Atarau, West Coast, NZ

I can rerun it if you host me – do contact me here so we can settle on dates . . .
(And a lot more that could also be delivered in the Wise Woman’s World Wide Wisdoms)

This is a one-day course run prior to the Arvigo® Self Care course 
Which is itself the pre-requisite to the Professional Care and Pregnancy/Fertility training

How you can make astonishing differences in a pregnancy that then set a very different life for all concerned. Especially for the person being made: the new baby.

  • Learn how to recognise an optimal pregnancy
    (there are no ‘pregnancy’ symptoms as they are all warnings).
  • How to set a pregnancy onto perfect settings
  • Know when to worry
  • What to do to return a ‘high risk’ pregnancy to one where all is blossoming as designed

What we will cover

  • Jing  – how the seed is planted into a perfect garden, then grows into perfection
  • Conditions to make ‘easy’ happen
  • The natural process of life unfolding
  • How to return a tricky pregnancy back to perfect

What we will specifically look to then:

  • Causes of disease and malfunction
  • Ingredients – what makes a perfect pregnancy possible?
  • Ideal conditions – supportive life and culture
  • Past cold exposure – how this shows up in subsequent life and pregnancies
  • Nourishing babies – mum needs to be in a perfect state of digestion and circulation so all is well.
  • Pregnancy nausea and vomiting, (PNV), Hyperemesis, gut weaknesses and eating disorders leading into mineral and other depletions.
  • Reframing past traumatic birth/baby outcomes . .

How this all impacted upon all of us was we were being made and how we can see this playing out through our family line,s and in our own children

What we will use as course material 

Heather’s book (in eformat) ‘The Pregnancy Map‘ (aka ‘The Human Matrix’)
What Dads Can Do(hard copy with a DVD – massage what dads can do
A poster – Jing Unfolding – the blueprint we all work by.

On full payment you will receive

  • the ‘Undoing Inner Libraries’ chart to work on for yourself and any children that you have had – so they get a record of the factors that influenced their being made.
  • eBook ‘Cold is Not Your Friend’ will also be sent to you.

My suggestion is that you download the free eBooks here – so you have some idea of the breadth of this work.

This is an intensive look at what you had no idea about – how you are in charge if all that happens to you and your children – by simply living more consciously.
(Alone valued over $140)


Location will be advised on registration

Upper Grey River Valley inland from Greymouth
I pick you up from Chch international airport – so please come over for  along weekend of bliss and learning) and take you via beautiful spirit quest locations to where you can stay ($100 extra). My healing sanctuary . .

Please wear comfy clothes, as we will be working in each other to demonstrate how you can make magic happen for all!! We have a shared meal, and then dive into the restorative, inspiring and peaceful Arvigo® /Maya Self Care transformative weekend,

Once registered, all the extensive notes for prior reading (and if an acupuncturist all the course work to complete tor the understand of a well pregnancy and how to achieve this) will be sent to you – as we are working with this material on the day – as it impacted our own lives – not seeing it all for the first time. This may take several weeks and will be well worth your time investment as it will shed light on all your practice – regardless of whatever people come in for you to attend to. Plus it will allow the past shackles from your family to easily be shed.

From here we then go into the Arvigo® /Maya Self Care transformative weekend, seamlessly transitioning into your own self loving care for the weekend exploring how, and what has made you, and what you can do to unleash all of who you are . .

Can you host this at your centre?
Let me know . .

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