Good Placental Flow Treatment

2018 Update . .

As the invited presenter of a 2 day workshop at the 40th Rothenburg Kongress, I have a huge section of work in enhancing placental flows and nourishing better babies.


My experience spans 40 years of working in maternity – and in the last decade with a group of women who ‘live in common’ in a community hidden away from the world – and whose ‘multiparous’ lives are often interfacing with problems easily solved when we go back to nature.


To be well in pregnancy, ideally mum would have had optimal flows of Shen, Qi and Jing to afford her perfect menstruation – her monthly health ‘report card’.  Qi and Blood production and circulation totally normal.

Her own 7 year cycles allowing flourishing hair, glowing skin, strong nails, teeth and essentially in the best state that she has ever been in. The flourishing of her yin allows the new person’s foundations to be set into a strong template for an easy, resilient life.

I see our role in assisting her to make life choices that support this.


Nutrients/ingredients and Flows/circulation


A word on  .  ..


1 – Pull out what should not be there – all levels

(esp the ideological clutter that follows the word ‘maternity’ – it is a retail business.

2 – Reset back to template

To do this following nature is advised

3 – Restore normal

(Must know what that is)

Pelvic Opening

(Please see more in the eBooks that are in the Easy Birthing Preparation package)

This is totally different to what else is about. This is Advanced Channel Application. We are using multi modalities to allow the Qi to flow freely. Working with clearing the debris – all stored in the 8 Extraordinary Vessels. We remove shock/trauma/cold, and allow the scars to release the adhesions/lymph congestion.  Enhancing Yang Qi (pulling out stored cold that wastes this – as it is a huge body distraction) – clearing any scars so the actual points and meridians may have a chance to work as designed.
Pelvic opening is part of the Self Care = Foundational Moves package – seen here.

Here are the results of my holistic pregnancy care.
Using Advanced Channel Applications – and before I started the pelvic magic and uterine repositioning from the Arvigo work.

Twins One Mum

The reason for her arriving was to get presenting twin out of beech as she was convinced vaginal birthing as her first baby was what she wanted.  NOTE – I find usually supporting normal allows baby to turn around without needing to specifically deal with any breech protocols.

Mum arrived at 33 weeks – as her presenting baby had just turned breech. This happened after she had gotten very agitated about something in her life.  She realised she still was, and when she worked through the issue – with the help of vibrational flower and Aura Soma remedies, baby turned, without having to resort to the Bl 67 moxa routine. (Almost never – we correct why bub is ‘malpositioned’ instead).

If you want to know more – please consider starting with the Transformative Healing package

Besides restoring the focus of acupuncture to Qi flows and meridians, this is full of weekend workshops that have been recorded since 1994 of my work and how it has progressed. Scars (especially post C section),p lus the interesting cases histories and how I have resolved them.

Twins – one lateral – right across the front of the belly, the second head down – and when born at 41 weeks – were normal size for  a singleton birth.

This is a very comfy position to needle in, and also to moxa the sacrum first and then to massage and deeply demonstrate the opening pelvis homework.

Mum continued coming after baby turned (she did some processing and took vibrational flower essences to antidote her emotional state) as the back and general relief she felt after treatment amazed her.

She enjoyed the time to just ‘chill’ and also to read the various home birth/normal birthing and breastfeeding literature that I have on site to help get everyone back into the swing of normalisation of birthing and women’s lives.

Same mum at 39 weeks (babies induced at 41 weeks – both born over 8 pound).

She refused to let me do anything to gently induce these babies as she got ill at the 40 week mark.  It may well have been a sinus infection – she was taking homeopathics, and was convinced this would do the trick.  She would take nothing else from me to try to help it.

This meant that she got more and more ill. The green nasal mucous and high fever she had when seeing her obstetrician at 41 weeks kept her hospitalised for observation, and when it was found that her high fever had hastened the babies’ heart rates, a C section was performed.

Even though she did not get the birth she felt she wanted, she had big healthy babies to have a great start to life.

Twins Two Mum

I had previously treated her for ‘infertility’.  Two embryos were implanted and once she knew she was carrying twins, she had weekly visits at about 16 weeks, as she was feeling insecure. This can often happen in women with blood deficiency, as she had.

She recently birthed them – 9 1/4 and a 6/2 pound – at 37 weeks – she was ‘fed up’ with being pregnant and asked doctor to induce.  The twins would obviously have been bigger if left in place/ peace.  I had been working on her quietly, to prepare for birthing from 34 weeks as I expected this doctor to have her go early – as he did.  She was 4 cms dilated when she visited him, and was experiencing no contractions- possibly due to the Magnesium /Calcium supplement I get all very pregnant women to take, plus the other vitamins and minerals – to boost their own supplies both for breastfeeding and also to not have their own bodies plundered especially when carrying twins.

She had a vaginal delivery – an epidural/stirrups /Ventouse doctor driven event.  She was still very fortunate as the presenting twin turned breech, and he would only ‘allow’ vaginal delivery if first baby was head down.

Out of Breech

This meant all we did was talk over what C section meant to her and how to manage a bonded C section. After she had settled down about being cut, and still having happy babies, the issue was not then carrying energy for her, presenting baby turned, without recourse to moxa and all went well after that small hiccup.

She took all herbs and supplements, rested and got a nanny for her 4 year old.  This meant that when I saw her after birth when her twins were 9 months old, she was calmer, happier and in far better condition than I had seen her ever.  (This couple still have 10 perfect embryos awaiting transfer or donation). They accidentally (“we were being very careful”) naturally conceived when the twins were 8 months old.  Her state of Blood quality is so much better than when she started original fertility treatment 7 years ago . . .).

Triplets Mum

She had started coming for fertility treatment months before she conceived.

Unfortunately, her two embryos had other ideas, so here she is at a week before the C section – all triplets the same size as they would be if there alone!!!

In the midst of a brutal Brisbane late summer, (hot and steamy) she had NO fluid retention, no heartburn or backache.  Her body responded really well to the herbs (Dang Gui and Peonia), vitamins and weekly acupuncture.

Her husband was well versed in the sacral moxa and massage and she had no trouble structurally once he started doing this homework at around 28 weeks. The doctor was continually amazed at how well she and the babies all were.

Treatment never varied – sitting forwards on an orgonomic chair, into pillows, with her belly forwards and pillows on the couch were she rested her upper body.

Twin Three Mum

Arrived at 33 weeks pregnant with twins who were to be removed the next week because of her high blood pressure and extreme agitation over the carpal tunnel/fluid issues she had.

She had been seeing a musculo skeletal acupuncturist three times weekly, and was getting some relief – but was very concerned about having her babies so early, especially also as one was breech and she had wanted a natural birth.

She was not actually prepared to birth – and all her focus was on coping with her late pregnancy rather than what would help her should baby one change position – no birth preparation had been done, and she was not happy about any massage/pelvic opening I tried to steer her towards.

What gave the most relief was actually very heavy massage/gouging in the upper front rib area. I always start with the “Stuck Liver Qi’ release followed by upper back work. The pelvic opening massage is always the starting pint – as the buttocks seem to store all the angst/bitterness/’not nice’ stuff that has been held onto in all women’s lives.

After the bum release, the upper body is easier to address.  In her case, due to the arm circulation impingement, a lot of upper body work was done – I usually ignore this part as the bottom release is usually enough.

Acupuncture relieved the symptoms, but the massage and teaching husband what to do plus Chinese herbs allowed babies to stay on board till 37 weeks extended treatment.  They were then both born at 6 ••• pounds each.  She was very grateful of their maturity.  This also meant that they were not only developmentally further along, but she had noticed that with the herbs/massage and the different focus in treatment had them growing faster and felt stronger within her.

What Did I Do Differently?

Supported normal rather than concentrate on her symptoms.  She also needed to hear about diet – as she was eating a lot of takeaway and fatty foods/fruit.  She was drinking soft (sugary) drinks and was counseled about drinking only water and a lot of it to help the body wash away whatever the toxins/heat that were accumulating.

This is often a mistake we can fail into – assuming those with apparent resources are actually living well. In her case, banning her from all fatty foods/sweet taste and anything cold (she was addicted to ice cream) was part of dealing with the fluid issues (dampness) that she was struggling with.  She got the high blood pressure once she stopped working full time and had all her day before her whilst awaiting birth.

The weather was not that hot – early October in Brisbane is nothing on the late summer that the woman above with triplets was very pregnant within.


So what is the difference between the triplets’ mother and the twins’ above?

Possibly preparation – on all levels.  The triplets’ mother was seeing me for months prior to conception, and was doing everything obsessively as asked to.  I only saw the last twins’ mother at the very end.  She had had twins die earlier in a pregnancy again from IVF.  She had come to see me specifically to try to turn her presenting breech baby and did not want to deal with anything other than her high BP, massive fluid and carpel tunnel issues.

I suspect the emotional overload was the problem – and she never wanted to speak of anything other than her physical symptoms. These I felt were masking what was really going on.  They were also a great smokescreen to stopping really preparing for birthing.

With her first session with me, she floated out the door, not believing it was the same body. I did a lot of massage, as I knew acupuncture alone (at three times a week with her previous practitioner) was not going to be enough.

Her husband was exceptional (as most are), at doing the work at home.  She thus had the moxa and sacral massage that seem to work wonders in making mum more comfortable, and allowing increased blood flow to the uterine area, growing bigger and happier babies.

This mother after birth was still very distressed and although her babies were perfect, slept and ate well and were model children, she felt as though she was not coping.  She also started going down the road of Blood deficiency emotional distress, leading into post natal depression.  This could have been avoided had herbs been given for nourishing mum way before the ‘fix’ it problems over loaded the case.

We can often pretend to be as the biomedical model would lead us to be (and also the ‘safe’ TCM approach) and as the patients would prefer us to be – stay on the surface and just speak of the physical.  BUT – often the emotional distress that they do not want to face is leading the energy and the pain/dysfunctions when not ‘fixed’ by the usual physical focus then still need addressing.

Never more so than in birthing – and all areas woman – there are watery depths to be plumbed.  Often going back to early sexual trauma/childhood distress of whatever origin – including their own birth trauma (see Dr Shen’s heart conditions to tie this into what we are currently focusing upon ).

Her past dead twins were not ever spoken of, I feel leading her into where the eating ice cream, and sitting about getting upset once she was no longer at work was hidden by the physical signs of this – the fluid, high blood pressure and then physical bodily pain. It is very possible that head she grieved and gone to counseling – however upsetting – she would have had dream run when babies were her actual physical reality.


Residue . .
We all need to Declutter and reframe – making different sense of . .

Then the body and its energy is free – to heal itself


Want to learn more?


See Rescue the RootJing Optimation’ and ‘Supporting and Ensuring Wellness in Pregnancy‘ then the 2017 offerings, as we will then go into depth – ‘Making Better Babies’ (Easy Babies 3) and ‘Mammalian Maternity’. (Easy Babies 4). Check out their site here  eLotus site for more. .
Perhaps even take the Pro D course – “A Bun in the Oven – Chinese Medicine’s Approach Treating Infertility and Miscarriage”.

At least the ‘Rescue the Root’ and the ‘Micro-bleeding’ as both of these will alter permanently how you see the possibilities in clinic. The ‘Taking out the Cold’ online course walks you through a taster of Heather’s decades of Rescuing Yang and creating inner Feng Shui – so the body CAN take over and repair and run itself.
You may wish to know more on pregnancy – ‘high risk’ resolution and normal – return to nature what is nature’s.  Instantly downloadable massive online package
The ‘Transformative Healing’ package is also on this scheme.
Or go for the total internship included being up to and including Living Ligaments I – so you can reposition a womb safely The Gentling Way – utilising the Maya and the Mercier style techniques in the best order via Heather’s Moving Blockages and releasing Reichian armour bands and perverse Qi of other persuasions.

Here is the maternity special package – containing a lot of the early weekend seminars, notes and all the resources in the package mentioned above.   Take a look at Heather’s new site that supports and empowers easy birthing

Declutter, reset and restore


If you are intrigued, and wish to learn more – I have an entire course of private study – with mentoring options for you. It all starts with the Foundational work that provides a base – we all need to undo our own selves also ..







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