Heather Bruce Accreditation Program

Heather Bruce Accreditation Program

Having been a writer and course designer over 30 years ago, I know the process needed to become a healer.

It is not a simple matter of chalk-n-talk.

Not just a matter of just wading through info, not even just trialling whilst is within out. What is needed is to uncover why you were called.

Changes to the very essence of a person are often needed to become a worker with the Light as a change agent. Often it may feel to become an acupuncturist that all that was is stripped away. So much the better.

To help with this process, to become all you are underneath the socialisation process that is called being a uni student, I do suggest that time is set aside for inner work, however you feel to do this.

Is all about the line with Yang on the left and Yin on the right . . As we live as multi-dimensional creatures, and as many come to seek assistance form deep past or because of connection before, or later as there is a need to be open.

What you will get from signing up.

A new look at maybe what called you to action you to become a healer.
A whole new way to deal with all those ˜hard” cases.
A different way to see energy grids and what a person even is, let lone what a life is and the
role of disease in a life . .

As a naturopathically-minded mum, what is also brought into this mix is a recent history of all the seminars and masters I have watched and imbued into my work. What does not seem to work for me, I may revisit later – when possibly I am in a different space . .

  • We all change
  • Life is about change
  • I do not know everything, or have all the answers.
  • No one does . .

What we do here is try to get back to the intention of the patient and the practitioner – a Shen to Shen experience – however you make it, with a shift in what you may see as ˜acupuncture” and what it may do.

Who Should Attend

The Heather Bruce Accreditation Program is suited to any practitioner who is wanting to take their healing skills to the next level, to develop as a healer, and hone their skills with a refined approach to diagnosis and treatment of all patients.

4th year Chinese medicine and acupuncture students are also welcome to attend.

Note that a familiarity and working knowledge of non-zang fu acupuncture and channel theory is imperative.

Course Content

These first 3 workshops below form part one of a series that will be built on during the year.

Programme 1: The Human Matrix

Workshop 1: Moving Blockages

Monday 20th January, from 5-9pm

First – discover the grids and what blocks them.

Covering all cupping / massage / moxa / scars and various soft tissue work (including prostatic or prostate drainage) to activate damp clearance, as an adjunct to needling etc.

This workshop will build on knowledge previously presented by Heather Bruce in her Eight Extras seminars (available on DVD) as well as all knowledge currently available on this Sharpen Up website. Access to previous workshops filmed of Heather Bruce working is available.

Workshop 2: Being a woman in today’s world: Abnormal Gyne

Monday 17th February, from 5-9pm

Second – How to be a person, and how to nourish yourself

Covering Heather’s three circles approach to being human, a huge amount of thyroid/adrenal/modern life trauma on all levels inflicting a new normal on all.

Metabolism and life stages are governed by Jing – and Jing is expressed through:

  • the 8 Extras Lifestyle,
  • environment,
  • social engineering (non thinking) and
  • undoing what it has done to the human beings.

Workshop 3: Normal Pregnancy – Stages of Life

Monday 17th March, from 5-9pm

Thirdly – What is messing with you and all others – the broken heart – an entry qualification to be here in this time and space at all (Earth).

How we all got to be here: through our mum and her perceptions of life. And birth. Likely to be experiential. Dr John Shen’s birth/early life trauma info in depth.

life line1

From there we will take the next step.

(Starting late June 2014, Programme 1 The Human Matrix is a pre-requisite

Programme 2 – The Gift of Life

Dates to be advised (late June/July/August)

A month apart on a Monday again likely.

Workshop 1

  • What makes us?
  • Normal pregnancy
  • Stages of life
  • Being a woman in today’s world: Abnormal gyne

Workshop 2

  • How we can enrich Jing to enhance the youngsters yet conceived.
  • Male and female work as a couple to become a family – including sexuality

Workshop 3

  • Healing after modern birth
  • Working with all who appear within the context of a modern obstetric flavoured practice (including transforming the “high risk” pregnancy into a safe and easy vaginal full term ecstatic birth experience.)
  • Plus seminars to be provided to be watched leading up to this – including the Dr Shen pulse one.

Course Structure and Framework

For those interested in pursuing this accreditation program, it is recommended that you purchase Heather’s published material currently available on her sharpen up website.

The Transformational Healing Package has 150 pages of information, theory and case histories, condensing many aspects of Heather’s 35 years of clinical practice into how you in your own clinic can easily transform your own results.

It will serve as part of the foundation for the pre-reading material to Workshop I of the accreditation program, in conjunction with the Eight Extras audio files.

All face-to-face workshops will be entirely practical, forming the glue that ties together all the pre-reading material and previous knowledge.

Each workshop builds on the one before, and the series is designed to be taken in its entirety as it is a carefully constructed journey for each practitioner to develop themselves as a healer.

To get to where treating “infertility”(Program II) is possible, there has to be a deep understanding of:

  • what our mammalian bodies are set up to do well – reproduce, and
  • why it may be not happening

rather than just go straight in like the mainstream medical profession to fix what is often not really broken, just blocked up.

This course covers:

  • the normal progression through life stages, and
  • what has impacted upon them, and
  • what is stopping your patients, and indeed you as a practitioner from being fully present in your own stories first.

What is unique about this course?

As Heather Bruce starts to wind down her clinical work, she is looking to establish a network of practitioners who can continue her legacy, and form a cohort of “Heather-trained” practitioners.

This is an amazing opportunity to have the wisdom of her clinical experience distilled for you, to enhance your practice and to grow as a healer.

The structure of the course also means that there is a considerable mentoring component, this is included in the pricing of the course.

The purpose of including the mentoring is to assist you in extending your understanding, applying your knowledge and consolidating your learning of the material.


Discover Chinese Medicine clinic,
3/193a Lennox St,
Richmond, VIC.

Why So Little Notice?

Heather will be in Europe in April and May. The course is broken up into two sections (pre-Easter and post-Easter), leaving you with time to settle into the different style and then start again with the gyne work/pregnancy/fertility after June.


Programme 1 – $1200/ early bird $1000

Programme 2 – $1000/ early bird $800


This exclusive opportunity is available to the first 10 applicants only – those who are committed to completing the entire series in Programme 1.

Programme 2 (The Gift of Life) requires The Human Matrix as a pre-requisite.

You can reserve your place by making a payment, please email heather@heatherbruce.com.au or phone 0409 893 978.

Credit card payments can be accepted by phone, bank deposit details can be provided upon request.

Payment plans can be negotiated.

Early bird discount applies where payment in full is received prior to the start of workshop 1.

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