Heather’s Moving Blockages style

Heather’s Moving Blockages stye has evolved over the past 35 years.

So named as this is what needs to happen – what is blocking the Qi and Blood flow?

The body would heal itself, IF . . . Clear whatever first and often the rest flows automatically.

We may not need to micromanage, unlike a car mechanic.

We may not need to even ‘diagnose’ and be clever – just correct what is stopping the body from working naturally.

Can the Qi flow?

What may get in the way?

Stored perverse Qi in the Eight Extras

Are the reservoirs of perverse Qi. Need to move it through as it is stuck their stored as the body could not when it arrived.  It may be coming out in little bits. Its existence is interfering with normal.  Using this theory we can to influence the 12 directly – as they supervise, regulate and maintain the flow of Qi and blood in the 12  .


Often decades old. Need to reconnect so the meridians can even access the points that texts say to use.

Here please go to the eBook ‘Transformative Healing
– see this sample to get you thinking somewhat differently: scars-practical-moving-blockages/ 

Transformative Healing‘ is a seminar in one.

All this work is contained within:

  • lymphatic drainage,
  • prostatic massage (above the pubic symphysis)
  • moxa and scar work with needling as unblocking the 8 Extras to allow the 12 mains to flow

Interest piqued?

Well worth investing in the photographic record of one session with a recalcitrant back due to multiple injuries (trees falling in a tree feller ) and ‘war’ wounds from being a drunken hot-head.

Cold stored, often a very long time

– stopping normal Qi flow.

The first priority – get the cold out. Restore the Yang. Then the Yang moves through the blockages. Instant relief plus instant tongue changes- including tongue fur appearing as the Yang restored now gets the middle heater running better.

Heather presented a series of papers on these topics:


How to remove cold by cupping the belly


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