How I use The Gentling Way in everyday practice

A sample case . . .


Most people come to see me once all other avenues are exhausted.
Over the decades I have worked out a system that always gets results.
I do NOT diagnosis – I listen and act.

The Gentling Way has evolved from my 40 years of being a hands-on energy acupuncturist.
The initial training (see more here) was with Dr van Buren’s notes and given to my class initially by George Kniepp who moved back to the Atherton Tablelands in mid 1977, and Dr John Velthiem (a chiropractor who became a very colourful character (larger than life) in Brisbane in the early 1980’s.

This all meant that I started life with hands on – and never stopped. The use of a Rolfing move came in handy – originally did all of the back and now only the area around the bra strap – this seems to be my signature release for anything.

Ingredients (nutrients) and flows (circulation)

Role of magnesium depletion and Stuck Liver Qi/Blood

A one to one correlation – but can’t take orally and expect to be well . .
Why not??

These moves are all in my Foundational Signature Systems. Mostly available online either free from my many sites, or through the eLotus Wisdom tube, or by taking one or many of my courses

  • (Stuck Liver Qi Release)
  • Opening the chest  
  • The lymphatic /prostatic drainage moves,
  • The sacral moxa fan
  • The pelvic opening
  • The flank gouging
  • The belly ’round and round’ works to assist the lymph to move – thus allowing space for the Qi to flow.

    Adding these all into the vibrational, respectful Reichian armour band melting and the use of breath and gentling techniques, along with all that I used in my 40 years of working in many capacities (via a naturopathic , soulfilled, heart aligned acupuncture model) with ‘hopeless’ cases – neurologically incapacitated, terminal cancer, AIDS prior to the medications becoming available, and all fertility/obstetric issues that got too hard . for mainstream.

How do we do it?
Go back to nature.
Help the body to heal itself.

Below is an example to demonstrate how an acupuncture consultant can easily combine all there is in my courses into their practice with ease, grace and passion – as it is so simple, so effective and so profoundly moving.
We work case by case. Day by day.
My continuing clinical research (lief experience) shows ..
We can always go deeper to where the person is really hurting – and once this is resolved. .
Magic may happen.

This is an example of using more than a telescope to experience a circus

Cristina was brought in by her partner of 1 year who had had his own amazing story arriving to see me.

  • She had not slept at all the night before.
  • Severe migraine – as usual
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Very very nervous.
  • History of life long (since she can remember ) terrible migraines

(I have in brackets which course this is found in)

P.O. (Pelvic Opening) LLI/LLII  (Living Ligaments I and II are hands-on taught.

NOTE – a lot of transdermal magnesium is placed on patients – as they are undergoing change AND they are offered water – pure – constantly – we need to flush away what we are loosening.

The initial session:. .

What I did . .                                                        Course where this is to be found

First session:
1 Feeling at home with me – vast explanations – via translator (partner) Self Discovery (SD)
2 Thread moxa on insomnia point on heel Reset and TH
3 Cupped navel Reset and TH
4 Round and round the belly Self Care (SC)
5 A few choice needles Transformative Healing (TH)
6 Her sitting up – undoing some of the structural tension using touch therapy Self Care – (FM) – Foundational Moves

Second session:

Second session:
1 Round and round Self Care (SC)
2 Cupping cold from navel Reset and TH
3 Needling hysterectomy scar plus bilateral St 30. (TH) – Transformative Healing
4 Gentle lymph drainage and more round and rounds. Self Care (FM) Foundational Moves)
5 Adhesion breaking after Living Ligaments I
6 Repeat – gentle lymph drainage and more round and rounds. Self Care: (FM ) Foundational Moves)


Backing up some . .

Third session

Had a headache when she came in – half strength – the first one.
No fibromyalgia at all – but left shoulder is just a bit sore.

Is sleeping a lot better.

Straight into headache-to-go mode – ls very tense again.

Third session

1 Round and round Self Care (SC)
2 Liver 2 bilateral and R Liv 14 TH 5 TH –Transformative Healing
(No headache/no arm pain)
3 All Arvigo belly then some of the Mercier belly moves. LLI Living Ligaments I
4 Suspensory Ligament findings/Stuck Liver Qi release then sacral work onto S.L. correction and allied.
No pelvic torsion. Felt so much lighter
Living Ligaments I
5 Perineal steam Reset Your Metabolism
6 More belly work including Mercier inguinal stretches./lymphatic and round and round. LLI Living Ligaments I & II
7 Some of the Arvigo sacral/rest of the Mercier moves LLI Living Ligaments I & II
8 Sitting up for back/flank/sides release Self Care – FM – Foundational Moves
9 Conversation around the ‘forgiveness’ she wants to feel to release her rage about mother/early life/unfairness Self Discovery (SD)


Feeling and looking wonderful

What would acupuncture have achieved?


I cannot think of a more rewarding way to use our training – in real service.

It does take self mastery and deep connection – not an academic look at life.


If you want to know more – or perhaps contact me







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