Looking at the Obvious Part 1: Jing Markers

Jing Markers And Fertility Prognosis


A Case of PCOS
(What Really Needs to MOVE)


NOTE – this was written in 2007 when males were less infertile than now – BUT he had to go on sperm cleanse/ then my herbal tonic and take some supplements so when she was ‘OK’ ish to start ‘trying; she did get pregnant the first month she had visible fertile mucous.

Most women who show up for ‘infertility’ share a few basic and distressingly overlooked commonalities. They may not have them all, but over the years working specifically in fertility, I have noticed there have been over one third of patients arriving with at least three of the four initial symptoms, and at least half of all experiencing significant numbers of the rest.

These common symptoms, aside from the obvious menstrual and basal temperature models, could lead us assisting in saving the couple and the country vast amounts of misspent fertility treatments –

Heather’s Infertility Markers


  1. Hair falling (often prematurely graying) – sometimes in clumps
  2. Warm/hot feet that need to be put out of the covers at night – maybe for years
  3. Teeth grinding/talking in sleep (all that pent up stuck liver qi creating further heat)
  4. Fingernails soft/growing poorly.
  5. Little/diminished sexual lubrication and interest/feeling in sex
  6. Little/no ovulation mucous
  7. Poor circulation in hands and feet
  8. Brown start to period (not red)

On quiet inspection, it is usually easy to spot also reduced calcification in the teeth – a translucency /less opacity, possible reduction in the visual whiteness.  What more obvious display do we need of the likely egg quality decline (Jing in manifest in its densest form)? Look to Easy Babies series in eLotus.

Just as it is easy to spot these Jing /Blood changes, it is also easy to alter them back to ‘normal’ thus they will naturally become more fertile. We can also use these as markers for the patient to verify that treatment is actually going towards where they will have better Jing/babies.  A very cheap alternative to blood hormonal results.

Why choose these?

Going over cases for a book in progress after ceasing practice,  three years ago (NOTE – written 2007) , I found the same few phrases appearing on the patient records – on those trying to get pregnant, I had unconsciously honed down what to do – through the use of the simple 8 questions above.

I never had someone trying to conceive with NONE of these, and most had at least half, and often all of them..

Direct BLOOD DEFICIENCY (all do overlap a lot):
1 – Hair,
4 -fingernails,
8 – brown period beginning

1 – Hair is the flower of Ki,
2 – yin Deficiency/false heat  (think 5 hearts hot),
5,6 (direct reproductive) and teeth.

3 – Tooth grinding and dreams disturbing as a result of the heat rising,
7 – poor peripheral circulation.


Heather’s Fertility Jing Markers



Before we think to listen to the story the doctors have discovered for them, we could simply look at the roots of our medicine to find out why nature is not allowing offspring from this woman.  The man’s story appears later.

CASE – J (34)

December 2006

19.12 First consultation – (only had eight altogether prior to pregnancy.)

Last 6 months not getting pregnant whilst having unprotected sex.
Husband has OK sperm, and an 8 year old (different partner).

Pill usage – off it 3 months prior to trying, after 2 years on it.
Had 3 periods then none for 2 ½ months.
Prior to pill, had a 30 day cycle.

Brown start to it – 5/6 days flow.

Menstrual History

  • Flooded badly when younger.
  • VVV heavy when started at 11 and vv painful also.
  • Bit of back discomfort when heavy flow.
  • Moody, tired and irritable leading up to it.
  • F/n not good – thumb nails OK.
  • Vvv fine hair, vv thin, bald patches.
  • Pale red/fading colour.
  • Low libido and little natural lubrication

Mother had 1 Aspergers son, then twin girls 1 ½ years later.  Was in hosp. with pre eclampsia (given ½ pint Guinness every night in hospital) for last month of their pregnancy . Was terrorized by brother all life.  Still very upset about her mother and her inability to parent them safely.

Was a ballerina when younger and had in-growing toenails. Always hassled about weight although she realizes looking at childhood photos that she was NOT fat.  She purposely put on a lot of weight as soon as she left home.


  • Awakens and feels ‘knackered’.
  • Grinds teeth.
  • Disturbed dreams.
  • Always talked in sleep and had vivid drams.
  • Very emotional, personalizes everything, gets upset very easily, tends to be obsessive and easily irked.


J with dyed hair – thin and falling out

Heather’s ‘diagnosis

– clear out the Liver heat and build up the Liver Blood and Kidney Jing/Yin. Need to calm her down but mainly – for her to take responsibility for change herself .  To get out of denial and into living in her life.

NOTE TO HERBALISTS EVERYWHERE – I am not a herbalist, but an acupuncturist who uses herbs.
The logic behind what I do may not be in keeping with what is written or being taught, but works – as I intend a formulae to be doing what my treatment starts – and giving herbs I feel allows more space without the acupuncture.  It augments and hurries up what the needles and moxa are doing.

TREATMENT – always Shen calming protocol – as per other articles.

Always Sedating Liver 2 plus whatever Shen calming and general tonics I think at the time.  Always lymphatic drainage and Stuck Liver Qi massage – as per other articles.  Always moxa needles on at least ST 36 and Cv 4,6 and Gv 4, Bil Bl 23. (Back done first then front then sitting up).

Always also as per my usual protocol, have her sitting at the end with legs over the edge of the couch, and working on any spinal misalignment plus massage and pelvic opening to encourage flow to the region.

19.12        Herbs – 189/315/169/153/325
189 = Buplerum and Dragonbone
315 – Polygomum and Albizzia
169 – Buplerum and Citrus
153 – Dang Gui Four
325 – Anemone and Polygala

9.1        Herbs – 190/169/325/315/153/314

190 – Dragon Bone and Two Shells
314 – Dragon Bone and Oyster Shell


Started taking temps and they are surprisingly consistent in the second part of the cycle – although averaging what I would have liked to see in the first half. She should be 36.6/7 in the first half rising to 37/37.2 in the second . . . .

21.1    J speaks – “Regarding my period, it lasted 5 days (pretty normal for me).  It started red with low flow, went into a medium flow and ended on low flow.  I overall felt OK, no mood swings, a fuzzy head with headache and couldn’t feel comfortable on the 6th Jan only.  I did feel back pain that was like a usual pre-period back pain on the 28th January however it was quite a few days after that before it came.

Otherwise, I feel very good on the gluten free.  Same regarding my nails/hair /circulation … all still are improved.  I’m also losing weight which is great.  Little change in mood noted by myself or husband.  Overall I feel my head clearer and a bit more focused.  The only thing I have noticed a bit lately is dry eyes later at night … but this is the time that I likely should be asleep! I am able to stay up a lot later without falling asleep at the TV.   I’ve been sleeping not too badly (feeling rested) but am aware that I’ve definitely been dreaming a lot’.

25.1        Herbs 198/315/154/356++
198 – Cyperus and Cnidium
14 – Dang Gui and Peonea
356 – Buplerum and Peaony
Progesterone started here (as PCOS is a deficiency of it – felt that needed a lot of help as was not seeing her for regular treatment) All the while she has said that she is fine emotionally, and that there are no problems.  I kept pointing out that something was bugging her Liver Qi to have the S & S she had – and that they are consistent with Stuck Liver Qi and Liver Heat – especially the cysts and milk production.  She eventually allowed me to quiz her about her early life – she thought her current life was very wonderful and perfect .. . . Each time she came I hit the same wall and had the same conversation and I kept going – and even felt as though she was very brave to keep coming back for me to do it all over again . . .

31.1    Totally freaked out after Liv 2 was needled.  Was sent – home by colleagues – was a mess – and still now very vulnerable.  But then what did we cover in the session?  Spoke of her mum . .and relationship (Acup 101 – causes of disease??) All of her early life, how she felt and the fact that NOT once on her wedding day did her mother even tell her she looked nice.  Spent all her life on a diet as her mother though that she was fat!!!  And she was not.  So as soon as she could get away from her, she has been very plump.

F/n harder. Talking and grinding in sleep still.
Poohing 2x daily.
Overall very happy.
Arm skin smoother. (hypo thyroid symptom)
Brain working better.
Only 2 h/a.
Libido better.
Very little PMT.
Some spots on chest pre period.
Post treatment = increased emotions (about the past) and was teary, plus the outside of my right ankle is sore.  Decided that had milk in breasts after a very friend (lactating) asked her if she did.  Went off for prolactin tests eventually.

I told her that all I had treated with this were remarkably pissed off – furious in fact, and that she was to start getting very regular bum massages – even if it was dreadful, to persist, as she had no anger and was at sea over the possibility of rage stored somewhere. . . . she still thought that there was no stored rage . . .

Herbs – 198/356/313/325/154 (a moderation of lot 3 – see Heather’s “Practical Fertility Solutions” DVD – found in the ‘Pregnancy Through the Energy Lens’ online package – see here.)

313 – Blue Citrus and Cyperus

10.2        156/321/349/345/348    Kidney Jing/Yin tonic plus Blood tonic and something to assist Stomach Yin deficiency and PCOS

156 – Rehmannia Six
321 – Deer Horn and Turtle Shell
349 – Ophiopogon and Asparagus
348 – Licorice and Peony

PLUS TYPE 2 (Daniel Weber’s formula for Type 2 diabetes)

Husband started to take herbs here – my usual damp heat clearance ones first
(Gentiana, Blue Atractylodes and Phellodendron) plus and anti viral package)

TEMP – too low still, bit the focus is NOT fertility but restoring some semblance of normal to her life – and to rid her of all the stuck qi that is creating the inner heat.

22.2  Changes
•    “Everything is pretty much as it was before when I last saw you, husband thought I was a bit more snappy/ irritable last week – quite right I suppose … he was irritating me!, hair and nails are growing, bowel patterns are usually twice daily and if anything, this week have felt softer, urinating more with the Type 2, plenty of lubricant etc.
•    I have noticed is that my eyes can feel dry later at night. (2019 – Iodine topical would have hurried all this along)
•    My right ankle was quite sore around my lateral malleolus the past two days … sharp pain especially on uneven ground and when rotating the ankle … and I had no acute reason for it (didn’t do anything to hurt it) … but it is starting to feel a wee bit better.
•    This past week I have been having a terrible trouble with chocolate and not felt the control that I’d had previously (since starting with you) … I had been VERY good about chocolate but have gone a bit mad this past week which I am not pleased with myself about … perhaps impacting on my mood?!?!  This morning I kicked my butt and so far so good for today … not a drop.  I am determined to get back on the no chocolate horse.  Therefore, my middle has not changed for the better this past week (not surprisingly)”.

27.2        Herbs 348/355/199/313

355 – Lycium and Chrysanthemum
199 – Peony and Citrus Formula


Temps still too low and still I am not interested in fertility – but in normalizing her body and its functions.


At this stage I had only just started working with the Gloriavale women (See my other pregnancy presentations in conferences here )  – this became a mission in which I discovered the need for iodine toical – and daily and Vit D3 levels to be over 150 instead of 80 as is on blood test – preferably a lot higher.

13.3        Herbs 205/263/313/348/344 –
to clear out cysts and Liver Heat and stagnation.

205 – Gleditsia Formula to Dispel the Poison
263 – Blue Actractylodes, Gleditisia amd Angelica
344 – Gardenia and Peony Bark
Hair is no longer being colored and is no longer with bald spots.
She has never felt it feel this good.

Overall happier – except that the squirting in eye of left breast – prolactin levels (Blood tests) are supposedly OK but breasts still discharging.

She lost much weight and is gaining a women’s figure with a waist.

“My ultrasound (pelvis) performed on 30th March report comments say = “ovarian appearances are suggestive of PCO”

29.3        Herbs 190/169/325/315  For Liver
????        Herbs 315/198/189/169/153/325
Liver again though starting to tonify now.

Usual fertility ‘lot 1’ and 2 and 3 (see Heather’s video Practical Fertility Solutions” DVD)

Look to the ‘Pregnancy Through the Energy Lens’ online course


Please note that J was doing extensive moxa and massage at home in addition to completely altering her diet, her daily routine to incorporate exercise, thinking about the past and accepting her lot and the very painful – for her – sacral massage from hubby . . . .

Why?   Because it opens out and clears the gall bladder meridians and all the stuck stuff that women tend to store in the pelvic regions – for more go to what I have written about birth preparation.

Similarly in treatment most women get at least 6 GB 30s in their butt cheeks . . .it does a wonderful job of releasing and relaxing – and is vastly less painful than massaging them..


Starting to see the beginnings of a normal temperature chart attempting to happen – fertile mucous and although the temp dropped –she was on progesterone – and stayed pregnant with no hint of attempted miscarriage.

28/4  – “I got egg white stretchy stuff for the first time in memory on day 14 within this cycle!  It was strongest on day 14 and then slight on the next day, with negligible amounts on day 16.
I have to say I did find this encouraging.
Still lactating though.

You also had asked me in the past for my experience with the massage of my buttocks:  (THE ‘WHAT DADS CAN DO” manual and massage DVD is used here)

I initially found this to be a very painful experience and had to learn to breathe appropriately to help deal with it … I couldn’t talk!  I did have to convince husband that this would ‘do something good’.  I initially felt quite emotional during the massage and felt a ‘release’ of emotions, mostly about my past which I found that I wanted to talk about during the massage.

As a result of regular massages, particularly targeting the GB30 point (ouch!), the level of pain has decreased and it is much more tolerable.  The release of emotions is not as strong as in the beginning but I still feel the benefit.  I overall feel like the ‘wee monster’ or ‘pent up monster’ in me has released – made up of years of compounding emotion, frustration, anger and negative energy that in my mind I had dealt with.

I also feel physically more released in the area of my buttocks with an improved sensation during intercourse.  I also would like to add that this is great time to spend together … like a quiet time.  The spin off is protected time to talk (and massage) without the need to answer the phone etc.

PLUS My last period started red, slowly, built up to a medium flow and slowed down but at the end there were some odd browny bits and then after that some waterier red before ending at day 5.  I am also having some weird and wonderful dreams and still doing the odd talking”.

8th May – pregnant.
And more rapt at her hair!!!!

(Used to be the wrap around the top of the head with three hairs’ thing, like a bald man).

Friends who have not seen her for a few months – Say – “Crikey the colour of your hair is lovely”.

WHAT SHE WAS ON in addition to herbs

  • Multi – Tresos B Plus (activated) ½ x 3
  • Endura (Magnesium rehydration drink) at least 2 daily with Zinc liquid, ½ ml x 2 – not now.
    I use minerals in different form depending on the person – PLUS
  • NOW (2019) I use 10 at least topical applications of magnesum daily and maybe an oral capsule of Mag).
  • E500 1 daily (E and Selenium) (Now 2 x  2)
  • CoQ 10 1 daily  (2019 – I get all on Glutathione accelerator as NO ONE is in a safe spot with their uptake of nutrients due to the body burden and mercury/aluminium contamination
  • Sea minerals – Stinging Nettle for hormonal balance – everyone is also on the Supaboost to clear out WHATEVER else is there.
  • Type 2. (2019 – Now Panaxea Glycontrol which has the herb that Metformin is made from ).
  • Progesterone cream (topical) – and vastly more than usual – as in from day 6 – when they are in this mess. .

Heather’s healthy diet –
2 and a half cups of veggies daily,’
(NOW – I say 9 cups of coloured veggies) – no corn/sweet potato
No gluten
Lots of nuts/seeds/oils and fish and avocadoes, and eggs

Eating a small amount of protein every three hours.
No alcohol, caffeine, carbonated or sugary drinks, sugar and chocolate banned.

Plenty of unchilled water all through the day (3 litres and when hungry – drink another glass – always tepid)

10,000 steps as measured by pedometer
Plus extra exercise – male – 5 x weekly half hour intense cardio in addition.

Massage at least three times weekly – pelvic opening and sacral gouging.

She had still a discharging nipple – that eventually was frankly leaking milk most nights in the latter stages of pregnancy. What I was not aware of was that she was obsessive – and followed EXACTLY TO THE LETTER what I had said to do. BEST PATIENTS EVER .  .

It gave results – although she utterly hated the massage – she made her husband do it as I had said that it would work.  She would email me to check that she had everything as I intended.  She got pregnant the first time she ever saw ovulation mucous.  This was the first month I gave her ‘fertility’ herbs.

LIFE CONTINUED – she stayed on the diet the supplements and herbs to support her blood.  Baby was born, and when I met her six months after birth, she was still happily breastfeeding, although some hair dropped had still loads more hair than I had ever seen her with and best of all – had lost all her moodiness!!  Baby fine – and now her main worry is not getting pregnant again before he gets the snip!!

She stayed on the supplements – especially increased the Zinc when she had baby start to teethe – she continued on herbs as she noticed a big drop in milk quality and baby happiness when off the blood tonic I kept here on throughout the early months.  The intention is to stay on blood tonics all through till after weaning to ensure that mum ends up in a vastly more well and sane state than when she first sought help for frank PCOS and infertility.

Mum and baby first day together – note the hair is thick, lustrous, with colour . .

She said that any other time she has tried to grow her hair it has just looked like thin rats tails . ..

She put the effort in – and this is totally a success for perseverance – even when she didn’t want to have anything to do with needles – she still showed up – as what else was she going to do?

There is an advantage in being away from the apparent ‘easy’ option of IVF.

Looking at the Obvious Part 2

If you wish to know more of my work – maybe ‘like’ Acupuncture Plus on FB.

Online practitioner pack to begin with – what I was teaching in 1986 on all things maternal is still totally appropriate – especially all Dr van Buren’s work. You go through Self Care then Self Discovery as unpacking your own ‘stuff’.  You need to feel the changes. They are massive when we start on the body – it holds everything that ever happened to us.

Undoing the character armoring is the key to assisting the body to return its systems of flows.

You are gifted in this process the gems from my 40+ years will serve you well – in your own life, family and of course practice – also you get 12 eBooks that are easily shared and the wealth of wise womanly/maternal historical take on this life experience. Or/AND you could go straight to a very different package for pregnancy – and get all the different (plus WDCD and two MP4’s ) all charts to begin the hand work – and put them out into a booklet for ready access and send off to patients – as you now have what works at your finger tips.


NOTE 2019  eLotus has a stable of my work – if you are ‘after’ CPD points.

Easy when we undo the life results that they have had that is blocking their life force!!!
Rescuing the Root and Dud Studs are the very beginning of this download.

Start with Moving Blockages – and do 1 and 2 of this and Easy Babies in order as these were filmed concurrently – year by year through 3 and 4 and into 5 and 6 of Easy Babies.


Go to where the results are – Nature . . .

Jing Markers tell you


You may be so inspired . . . You wish to take up the internshp offer.



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