Mercury legacy

Magnesium – that spark of life that can’t

This is a multi generational issue that is being totally ignored.
Plus – no one knows what to eat and why they have to anymore ..

One of the drivers of autism

Go on an adventure and trawl through this site. .
So many articles . . . a precis
The process of how mercury and all other ‘nasties’ can is found in the availability of this simple mineral.
Cell adaptivity? Aptoptosis?

Key Point:


Remaining in the “keyed-up” calcium filled condition is unhealthy for the cells. Under ideal circumstances, once the stress has ceased, magnesium, if there is enough of it, helps to push the calcium back outside the cell, allowing the cell to “calm down.” As a result the nerves stop firing, muscles cease contracting and adrenaline is no longer secreted and we relax. Magnesium was correctly called the beautiful medicine by the ancient Chinese for from a molecular biology point of view the metal is priceless. For oncologists it is important to know that magnesium also has a hand in protecting the DNA and is a key ion in cell division.

Likewise pH control is a key to cellular survival and determines much of a cells adaptive capacity relative to stress. Iodine, selenium and even zinc are not far behind magnesium in relationship to increasing cell strength. Eating as low on the food chain as possible is also a key with spirulina or spirulina based products essential for increasing adaptive cellular capacity.

I am not able to be free of this as it is also my family story.
So many have been lead astray with the genetic herring – MTHFR etc  .
When in actual fact it is all about pollution and detox pathways not able to cope with the modern onslaught.
That Bell curve – we are all different so regardless of what happens – some should survive.

Will anyone be able to undo the mercury loading when you add it to all else that is heaped into us?
(And those doing it are being seduced by money making – and the next one (child/person/generation/pays  .

See more here. NO amount of mercury is safe. Wilful blindness and cognitive dissonance abound.

Mercury – even with kids not sleeping – no one seems to be taking that route back down – magnesium not getting a look in.
Stuck Liver Qi and Blood – start with magnesium being blocked.

A case history of sorts

I started seeing this family about 10 years ago . .on and off.
The paternal grandmother, her two adult children their partners, and 2 daughters of one  . .

C  – the daughter of a long line of Welsh coal miners, who arrived to northern Qld to start gold mining.
Lived all her life – as her mum before her – on the site of the coal/goldmines. Much like the West  Coast of the SI of NZ – she said – of every 10 deaths there 9 will be from cancer.
Easy . . the tailings, and the general mess that is made when we take out of the ground what is supposed to stay there.
No protection for all in any department. Her grandfather died of miners’ lung – being ripped to bits inside from gold dust particles inhaled. She is the most anxious/troubled/everything goes wrong sort of person I have known – except my own mother. ‘Nervy’/Edgy/prickly . .and jumps at the slightest sound and is all in a tangle.

She cannot use any topical magnesium:

It all buns her.

She still has mercury in her mouth.  That never goes away even when they take it out – as it is leaching constantly into our brains . .

She came in with a lesion that is not healing on her lip – she lives now mostly in northern Qld where there is a salt industry – from the sea – so all is salt impacted as well as she got radically sunburned – and is worried about cancer.
More to the point – that the Glutathione will not be being made – she ha really been a bitter twisted sort of trying to be happy/ good but so upset – all her life. Her mother was a sarcastic person a lot of the time – and life not happy as a kid.
Magnesium. . .

Her grand daughter’s teeth were so bad (like with the GV women) – no doubt +++ sugar and no ability to undo the magnesium loss. . .that they were all filed with amalgams when she was 3 yo.
Grand daughter went mad with OCD. Had her own psychiatrist and psychologist at 4 and on so much medication.
No one connected the two – perfectly well and happy and adjusted to a raving trouble . . .
Eventually they took her to me – and after trial and error – to the zeoiite drops – and sent them to my very nice dentist – she is so much better – and as puberty arrives I suspect that the price of taking the drops is being weighed up badly – with that amount of bad log from grandma and then the amalgams on top! She is so much better.  .

And her grandmother is not likely to save herself. She has a fissured tongue.

Shades of my stroke patient ..

Time will tell – the fact that 1/3 of all women die of heart attacks – not lost to me – the body can only run on empty for so long.
She gets heart palpitations and pan – when she takes a magnesium tablet – 10 minutes later is gone. She cannot afford to pay a doctor to tell her nothing useful – so she does without. Was put on cholesterol tablets – they tried her on x2 lots. They did not agree with her – almost instantly. I suspect some of us are already too polluted.

Same old story – ‘it can’t be that bad Heather!’
Often is so much worse.

And were we need to start as no one with herb and needles will be able to fix this – so she was told to drink at last 3 litres of good water daily.
Can’t afford to do much – but she can go around her belly and bathe feet in Epsom salts daily. .
And take 3x 3dops of zeoites – is way better than none. . Can’t take Glutathione accelerator as has been allergic to seafood AND mushrooms all her life.

Here is but ONE way this gets in – and stays there to be sent out through the generations (things that are said to ‘run in families’ – are often the toxins!!!

Contamination And Your Health

While some people show very little outward reaction to mercury, even minimal contamination can affect your health.
Some experience only a slight change in their immune system. This might result in three colds per winter instead of two, or an elevation of 2000-3000 in their white blood cell count. The more highly reactive patient, however, could become totally incapacitated with neurologic, cardiac, gastrointestinal or immune complications resulting from the effects of mercury in the body. This information can be gleaned by the above attachments.

The point is that mercury should not be placed in the mouth – and we pay for this!! Forever . .

MERCURY POISONING – also causes madness . .

Here is the list again . ..

There is no safe dose . .
We are all different

Symptoms of Chronic Mercury Toxicity

Inability to concentrate, insomnia, dizziness, migraine and other headaches, forgetfulness, emotional instability, irritability, unprovoked anger, fearfulness, anxiety, nervousness, panic attacks, exaggerated response to stimuli, electrical sensitivity, insomnia, tremors/trembling of hands, feet, lips, eyelids, or tongue, ataxia (clumsiness), vision problems, hearing problems and deafness, shakiness or tremors, trembling, shivering, numbness, facial paralysis, loss of self confidence, shyness, withdrawal, timidity, easily embarrassed, electrical sensitivity, drowsiness, indecision, depression, mood swings, a feeling of being disconnected, suicidal tendencies, damages blood-brain barrier. Mercury is considered a factor in causing Multiple Sclerosis, ALS (a.k.a. Lou Gehrig’s disease, motor neuron disease), Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and autism. Mercury blocks glutamate re-uptake, makes excito-toxins such as MSG and aspartame (a.k.a. Nutrasweet) even more dangerous. Mercury is more neuro-toxic than lead, cadmium and even arsenic and acts in synergy with such other toxins.

Bleeding gums, metallic taste, foul breathe, burning sensation in the mouth, excessive salivation, ulcers in the mouth, leukoplakia (white patches), oral lichen planus, Bell’s palsy, gingivitis, burning sensation in the mouth or throat, periodontal infection, oral galvanism (electrical currents and voltages inside the mouth).

Dizziness, ringing in the ears.

Glaucoma, restricted or dim vision.

Constipation, diarrhea, cramps, leaky gut, yeast disorders, food sensitivities, indigestion, mal-absorption, colitis (inflamed, bleeding colon), Crohn’s disease.

Mercury overexcites the humoral immune system (the Bcells) even while it suppresses cellular immunity (involving T-cells). Mercury overly activates the microglia (immune cells) in the brain, causing more free radical damage and release of two damaging excito-toxins, glutamate and quinolinic acid. Weakens cellular immunity increasing vulnerability to colds, flu, Lyme’s disease and other infections. Bacterial, viral, fungal and mycobacterial infections, aggressive and invasive yeast colonies and biofilms as well as bacterial infections are more difficult to overcome due to the suppressive effects of mercury and the other toxic metals – tin, copper, silver, zinc, nickel, chromium, palladium and cadmium – that are used in dentistry. Periodontal infection is linked to the presence of amalgam by many studies. Allergies, eczema. Illness such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease, hypothyroidism, Grave’s disease, and other auto-immune disorders. Mercury Poisoning depletes glutathione, the main antioxidant and detoxifier throughout the body, thus making it harder to detoxify anything else, and making the person more vulnerable and “chemically sensitive”.

Causing red blood cells to clump or stick together, causes abnormality in white blood cell counts (too high or too low), sluggish lymph flaw making lymph vessels clog. Irregular heartbeat, heart palpitations, rapid heartbeat, feeble or irregular pulse; high or irregular blood pressure; pain or pressure in the chest, cholesterol damage and triglycerides. Idiopathic myocarditis. Mercury will act synergistically with other heavy metals such as cadmium (used in dentures and root canals), lead, iron, copper, etc.

Mercury from amalgams easily concentrates in the hypothalamus and the pituitary, resulting in mood disorders and depression and disruptions of the entire endocrine system; adrenal function adversely affect, depletion of vitamin C in the adrenals; and the ovaries, resulting in stress responses and infertility problems; low thyroid function (hypothyroidism) – cold hands and feet, subnormal body temperature, weight gain, obesity, sluggish metabolism, slower intellect, depression, loss of libido.

Hyperthyroidism and Grave’s disease are also possible. Fluoride also harms thyroid function and other endocrine function.

Disorders caused by mercury include lack of sperm mobility, toxic sperm, endometriosis (an auto-immune disorder), PMS, infertility, miscarriages, cleft palate and other birth defects, loss of libido (sex drive), poor sexual performance.

Another list – see more here .


Here is a summary of the signs and symptoms which may suggest materials intolerance.
None of this is mentioned but is an obvious change – and unless ‘research; is done – this will stay as it is – as dentists MUST not mention this or get chucked out of their association – yet all of us know that we need help, not medical/dental territorialness.

Following the summary, each of the areas are individually examined.

  1. Changes in sleep habits or cycles
  2. Changes in appetite and ability to digest or otherwise handle foods
  3. Changes in mood, irritability, tolerance of noise or distractions
  4. Loss of energy and ability to cope with physical stress
  5. Substantial changes in bowel and bladder function and void frequency
  6. Increase in infections, especially 4 to 8 weeks post placement
  7. Substantial loss of lucidity, rational thought, mental agility, problem solving capability and memory
  8. Unexplained rashes, skin irritations, swelling, fluid retention or severe itching
  9. Changes in skin pallor and texture
  10. Cold extremities where they were “normal” prior to placement
  11. Increases in sweat generation, especially when there is no temperature extreme to elicit the increase
  12. Increased foot or body odor, with feet often taking on a dingy yellow or orange colour
  13. Otherwise unexplained increase in jumpiness, jitteriness or tenseness
  14. Increased in bruxism and TMJ pains
  15. Increased numbness, tingling or twitching in the extremities or about the head and face
  16. Decreased breath and stamina, inability to exercise as before placement
  17. Increased chest pains, tachycardia and angina
  18. Substantial changes in ovulation, frequency and intensity of menstrual flow and sexual interest
  19. Odd tastes in the mouth not previously present
  20. Marked increases in headaches, neuralgia, migraines and pounding in the head
  21. Substantial adverse changes in blood pressure and pulse rate
  22. Substantial increases in spectrum and intensity of allergic actions and mucus generation.

What Happens To Mercury In Your Fillings After It Is Released From The Amalgam?

Many things.

It can go into the nasal sinus and subsequently into the brain, or it might be absorbed into the blood through the lungs or within the mouth. In addition, mercury could be further modified and bound into complex molecules for absorption within the stomach and gastrointestinal tract.
Once absorbed into the body, the mercury tends to concentrate and bind to certain selective ‘target tissues’. This contributes to the development of a variety of disease manifestations. One of the most tragic problems from this concentration process comes when the mercury which is bound to red blood cells exchanges and crosses the placental barrier, where it concentrates as much as 30% higher in foetal blood than in mother’s blood.

Mercury leaks from the amalgam fillings in two forms:

1 – Mercury vapour escapes from dental amalgam over a lifetime of the filling. The escape is most pronounced when eating and when drinking hot liquids, and continues for 90 minutes after these activities cease. The release of vapour is especially active in people who are mouth breathers at night, and who clench and grind their teeth at night. The fact that the muscles of mastication are all sore indicates the she may be affected. In these people, the normal protective action of saliva is lost as it dies, allowing mercury vapour to escape at a faster rate. The grinding action causes the muscles of mastication to become sore and intensifies this escape. Thus, mouth breathing carries the full vapour load directly into the lungs. Within the lung, mercury vapour easily crosses the membranes into the bloodstream, and is subsequently transported to every part of the body supplied by blood. This includes those mercury-sensitive synovial areas of joints. Upon entering the synovial tissues, or the brain, it is quickly oxidized. Oxidized mercury has a strong affinity for sulfhydryl proteins, which are highly concentrated in the brain, synovial tissues, the immune system, and in the endocrine glands (thyroid and adrenal glands included).

2 – In addition to the vapours, elemental mercury also leaks from dental amalgam and enters the surrounding soft tissues. The escape is made possible by oral galvanism. Oral galvanic activity requires the following: dissimilar metals (such as in amalgam); an electrolyte solution (such as is normally present in saliva and dentin fluid); an acidic pH (saliva with a pH below pH 7.0). When these requirements are met, you have everything that is needed to form a battery. The resultant galvanic activity causes corrosion and thereby facilitates the exit of mercury from the amalgamation to surrounding soft tissues. Oral galvanic activity enhances the uptake of the mercury into the blood capillaries where it can then be carried throughout the body.

What Disease Do Those Who React Develop?

Briefly, there are five divisions of diseases.

  1. Neurological including emotional responses such as depression, anxiety and irritability as well as neural effects such as facial twitches, muscle spasms, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.
  2. Cardiovascular– unexplained rapid heart rate and / or unidentified chest pains.
  3. Collagen diseases– such as arthritis, scleroderma and lupus.
  4. Immunologiclowering the body’s defense system capacity and the viability of white blood cells.
  5. Allergies and fatiguemercury can alter chemistries so that some people become sensitive to foods and chemicals.

Taking the stuff out of the mouth is only the beginning . . it has outgassed continually – see more on my site here

Hence I try to get people to get rid of all fillings and often (as for me when pregnant with Kathryn) besides what was already in me as being the eldest and from all my injections, playing with Hg in high school chemistry  there was also that – for her when 5 months along inside me.
After that my health fell over, her body was attacked and all useful minerals were depleted.

Easy to see why/how. . .
The rest followed. .
And when she was being vaccinated – all hell kept breaking loose.
No idea why I seem to be a voice in the wilderness over this.
Then we have GV – and they have such bad teeth and they are totally filled with amalgam – often from 3 years old.
If they are then also grinding – what a catastrophe – bad enough the out gassing when out in the air – see more here.

More found on this site .

Constant poisoning – for all of life.
Helps the non absorption of magnesium – and all else falls over.
Magnesium needed for Glutathione manufacture, so we CAN get rid of it. Mercury also means – the zinc and the selenium – more trouble – are not seen and used regardless of how much is ingested.

Key point – no one is upset about this – all we see I feel is the breakdown of body due to modern life.


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