Moving Blockages

Blockages to normal flow can be at the root of most dis-ease of the body.

Things you may not have discovered – all my work is full of my over 35 years of clinical learnings – based on being present with my hands and heart and through being taught by clinicians, not academics. Often really simple touching techniques that make all the difference after your great point selection.

These techniques woven into a treatment (photographic essay as part of the Transformative Healing package ) – that looks nothing like you usually see in a text is to be found here – along with many extras to completely make your own sessions vastly more moving for all.

And here

How we can liberate most of what is creating the Stuck Liver Qi – in one easy step – so the treatment you wanted to do is so much more likely to work.

Perhaps start here ?

Moving Blockages 1 – Removing the Cold

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