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If you sign up and take the eLotus Moving Blockages 1 or 2 (I suggest both as they are a continuation series) you will gain an access code to get this package at half price. I strongly suggest that you do as it will transform what you think to do, and how you see all in clinic.

Transformative Healing Package

Make a real difference in your practice!!

  • Wondered how to change the deep seated and apparently hopeless cases that you seem to have trouble with?
  • Been to loads of seminars/workshops and have so many books you are a mite confused?
  • Want to bring it all together?
  • Looking for answers and no one to turn to?

What you get

The “Transformative Healing” package contains:

  • Transformative Healing ebook
  • Eight Extras workshop soundtrack files (>2.5 hours)
  • Workshop notes (117 pages – pdf)
    includes Dr van Buren’s hormonal treatments using coupled couples

Sample pages:

“Transformative Healing” ebook

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 6.46.19 am



Pages 12-15 from 8_extras_notes



2 – A 2 1/2 hour condensed MP3 version of the past times 2 day workshop.

Originally taught in 1986, this was recorded in 1993 and is as pertinent now as it was then. Includes a self test – to take prior and after to see how your thinking/point selection can change in a short time.

This allows you as possibly a previously TCM trained practitioner, or as a final year student to see how meridian s all fit together and how to use them in this context in your clinic instantly – for amazing results.

Learn how to use unblocking what is stopping their healing and decongest your ideas on what a treatment ‘looks like’ all in one hit!

(The 8 Extras as the reservoirs and regulators of the 12 main meridians).

3 – A photographic record of my Moving Blockages style in eBook format. as a practical application of the method. What is achievable by a senior acupuncturist who has always thrived on resolving difficult cases  – especially involving pain and structural problems – a unique way to think – unblock what is stopping their body heal itself. .

A 37 page treatment photographic essay of one man’s session with me around his outrageous back pain and pelvic pain (several trees having fallen on him [true story] over his life). Starts answering the question – just what to do with hard cases . . .

What just one treatment COULD look like – combining all that you see – no ‘diagnosis’ – just stunning application of what is needed to move pain and disability away . . by letting his energy flow again . .with the inclusion of extensive scar work, back cupping, lymphatic prostatic drainage and general back balancing at the end. All using your new found understanding of using 8 Extras, and meridian therapy.

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