Precious Babies

Precious Babies

Sometimes ‘proof of the pudding’ does not suit us.

What do I mean?

Maybe we need to take a farmer’s look at what is happening in our clinics – not gratefully think – more patients = more income. Our medicine can so readily improve the outcome of the as yet unconceived babies – why do we want to emulate mainstream medicine – why do we not treat baby as though it were us being made?

Having worked with women attempting maternity for over 35 years, I have witnessed the shocking depletion in Jing and the well meaning though ill conceived attempts of colleagues to force – much like the fee for service mainstream doctors – ‘help’ make babies out of not good enough raw ingredients. It often ends in tears decades later.

In retrospect, I can see how each case of a damaged child may well have been avoided through better maternal nutrition and self care. Of course leaving nature to sort out the survival of the fittest – is not seen as being sensible.

Best make the most perfect baby NOW rather than try to catch up later.

An example – Simone is a case of both parents smoking hugely – and mum being too depleted after first baby (17 months between them) – when pregnant with the second, who was born dying of leukemia. Find out how she was rescued.Simone – Infantile leukaemia

Here is another – Cooper – Tetralogy of Fallot (I know this is not usual questioning of the mainstream medicos – but some one should ask this question) why does Tetrology of Fallot happen? Magnesium and Vit D and E (and possibly A – where ARE the green veggies and fat in the modern diet?)  deficiency spring to mind  .and maternal nutrition seems to be what ever the taste buds dictate now. Cooper is the third of closely born children . . . and was expected to die at birth, and his mum was told he was ‘incompatible with life’, thus to abort him when discovered to be so disadvantaged at 20 weeks. . .

Could she have been in a better state of health prior to his pregnancy and would this have changed the course of his gestation? Of course – as supplementation in the late pregnancy definitely altered the severity of his structural problems.

Could Archie have been in a better state for life? His mum was stressed and upset and iodine, ZInc, Selenium and massively Magnesium depleted in his pregnancy. She had health problems afterwards – and her son developed a ‘leg problem’ – but it was really his brain not developed properly. There is SO much information on maternal magnesium depletion and subsequent CP . .

What about Mary? Her mum was stick thin in pregnancy, and so depleted of even food when she was pregnant with her third baby. Immediately after birth that malnourished baby caught Parvo virus. With a better nourished mum this would have been vastly less likely. Mum was vitamin D,3 Iodine, Zinc, Selenium and massively C and B and Magnesium deficient – leading to baby not being strong enough to cope. Baby now very brain damaged.


Kathryn in Intensive Care in 1986

Mum (me ) vastly Zinc, Iodine, Magnesium and C depleted – and look what happened . .

Is it appropriate to force nature? If a couple is not readily conceiving – why force potentially dud babies onto the world? Why not look to improving the quality of both parents – to – be?

Maybe even ask – is it even sensible to try to save pregnancies where dad’s sperm is so terrible?

To answer these – please start with the natural fertility guide – a health care solution package – navigating you throughout the web and my sites for more.


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