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– medically sanctioned cold invasion

The role of traditional wisdoms in modern medical dogma. Many sports and structural injuries are iced as a matter of apparent necessity. The application of ice continues often for months, sometimes every night, overnight. The ice damaged body part may end up in supportive slings and equipment as the area is eventually apparently permanently disabled.

In TCM we are taught that obstruction causes pain. Pain is due to lack of flow. Invasion of cold as a healing intervention runs against all traditional and natural wisdoms. Cold may numb an area but it also hurts as it blocks the circulation preventing blood flooding the damaged area with new resources for healing, and surging forth to whisk away debris. Almost all have lodged cold within – simple palpation, history taking and observation will show that cold is in there and by its very essence is wasting yang.

Removing the stored cold will allow the normal Yang and Qi back into circulation allowing the present manifestations – (seen through normal ‘diagnosis’) to instantly shift. Removing healing blocks gives deeper, more permanent results. As part of any healing interface, education as to what not to do is crucial, as all aspects of urban and medical myths are now suggesting that cold heals, when in fact it does the opposite.

All ‘old wives’ would have set such nonsense straight. Ask anyone over 80 – what their oldies told them will shine through. Case histories in diverse areas will demonstrate what we can do to reverse this new attack on the body’s healing abilities/Yang Qi.


We must all look to the food factory – the Middle Heater supports life and enhances the Jing – and we all make the baby possibilities with the ‘left overs’ from running our bodies.

At least the ‘Rescue the Root’ and the ‘Microbleeding’ as both of these will alter permanently how you see the possibilities in clinic.
The ‘Taking out the Cold’ online presentation is available for AACMA CPE points.
The ATMS process is underway.
The ‘Transformative Healing’ package is also on this scheme.
More importantly you will become aware of how easy it is to totally transform through using meridian based essentially  ‘dumbed down’ basics that  have found always works and is instantly transferable – my results are likely to also be yours. Just follow the basics I set out.

Declutter, reset and restore


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