Resolving high risk pregnancy escalation

Nourishing Mothers

Being courageous with caution,
resolving high risk pregnancy escalation


Women are increasingly being classified as ‘high risk’ in pregnancy.

2019 Update 

What is ‘HIGH RISK’ is actually us not following nature – and instead medically watching the whole train wreck unfold. We could stop this – but we would need to think laterally – here is one such attempt of mine to help you do so.  Step out of what is written and taught and go into LIFE.

“Advanced maternal age” is  a beat up – look at the Jing.
Women of all ages have gastric banding and sleeving; and the emotional residue of a life lived with inappropriate nutrition, inadequate sun exposure and insufficient regenerative rest are co factors to the horror now witnessed as all see to think that they have a right to bear others – no thought for the Jing mess the child made has to endure throughout their life. .

In addition to apparent placental insufficiency and clotting factors, multiple pregnancies from assisted reproductive technologies, added to prior health problems including Stuck Blood manifestations, all leave a trail of fetal testing and scanning, medical watchful waiting and parental worry.

Past the usual expected pregnancy nausea lasting the first trimester – some women may be confronted with a grueling inability to nourish themselves, their pregnancy and their baby.

Supporting the middle heater prior to pregnancy will make all the difference. Beyond prevention, we can avert potential crises of fetal foundation failure, should a woman arrive initially with debilitating problems.

Various non-needling techniques can be employed in pregnancy with safety and great efficacy to rescue an otherwise doubtful full term pregnancy and healthy baby.

Bleeding superficial veins, cupping residual cold from the belly (remove what is stopping normal Yang Qi expression), Gua Sha techniques, sacral cupping, and deep pelvic needling plus enlisting dad’s help at home using moxa to support maternal Yang Qi, we can radically improve the Stuck Qi and Blood that may have preceded pregnancy that is now creating massive pregnancy dramas.

Extensive case histories with photographic slides of veins bled and tongues are in this presentation.

What was written of me then – NOTE – I am not an acu – IST any longer in Australia – as I have left that behind (to enter my crone hood) to work as a holistic mutli modality transformative energy and body mechanic. A Life Advocate.  Written in 2014

“Heather has been active in clinically pertinent acupuncture education for over 35 years. She began her healing practice in Brisbane 38 years ago, after graduating in 1979 from ACA (Syd) in Brisbane.

Heather works at the interface of causative factors in her quest for excellence both for her family and her patients, mixing biochemistry (nutrition and naturopathy) with energy techniques. As a Transformative Energy Body Worker, Arvigo® /Maya Self Care teacher,
Certificated and Pregnancy Arvigo® worker and a Self Care Arvigo® teacher, and a Mercier trained therapist, in addition to being a naturopath and vibrationary worker, she aims to meet the challenges of the modern world.
Sharing her clinical research in her continued quest for excellence is her heartfelt passion.”

Nourishing Mothers Part 1 –

This is more of the Hyperemsis –  What Are We Making That Baby With?

Nourishing Mothers Part 2

The veins – oh the veins!!!

Needles will nt cut it 0 w need ingreduenst adn flow s- ntrienst and circualtion – adn with eth womb in all sirts of weird start out positions – no chance!!

Note – I now work in my own style undoing WHAT is holding the body hostage – see more here.

Please look to all that is on the eLotus site for more.
At least the ‘Rescue the Root’ and the ‘Micro-bleeding’ as both of these will alter permanently how you see the possibilities in clinic.
The ‘Taking out the Cold’ online course walks you through a taster of Heather’s decades of Rescuing Yang and creating inner Feng Shui – so the body CAN take over and repair and run itself.
You may wish to know more on pregnancy – ‘high risk’ resolution and normal – return to nature what is natuure’s.  Instantly downloadable massive online package
The ‘Transformative Healing’ package is also on this scheme.
Or go for the total internship included being up to and including Living Ligaments I – so you can reposition a womb safely The Gentling Way – utilising the Maya and the Mercier style techniques in the best order via Heather’s Movng Blockages and releasing Reichian armour bands and perverse Qi of other persuasions.

Here is the maternity special package – containing a lot of the early weekend seminars, notes and all the resources in the package mentioned above.

Take a look at Heather’s new site that supports and empowers easy birthing

More importantly you will become aware of how easy it is to totally transform through using meridian based basics that  have found always works and is instantly transferable – my results are likely to also be yours. Just follow what  I set out.
Over 40 years of research and development on real people living real lives NOW.

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