Saving late miscarriages

Saving late miscarriages/preventing super premature babies + body pains (esp back and PGP – pelvic girdle pain) as a warning


Maternal Kidney Qi supplies the developing baby with its life force. About 10% of babies are born before their due date – more likely if a multiple pregnancy, with the added drain on mum’s reserves.

A common pregnancy health problem is body pain. Researchers have found that back pain in pregnancy affects at least half of all pregnant women.The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women’s Health state in their online publication that lumbar pelvic pain is common in pregnancy with a prevalence ranging from 50-70%, with 14-22% of all pregnant women having serious PGP (pelvic girdle pain), 5 – 8% having severe pain and disability’.

As we know – in Asian medicine, back pain is seen as a symptom of Kidney complex deficiency (thus inherent constitutional weakness). Often a premature labour has as its prewarnings some Kidney Qi deficiency symptoms. Protecting and nourishing new life can only be as good as mum’s Qi, Blood and Jing.

Enhancing mum’s Kidney Qi, through supporting normal Yang Qi function powering her digestive process would easily alter both mum and baby’s future lives. Using principles of Yang Sheng we can safely, highly effectively and instantly retrieve almost all high-risk pregnancies.

It would follow that improving maternal Kidney Qi would grant better baby outcomes – enhanced growth and constitution through its own enriched beginning.

With premature babies absorbing ever more of the health dollar; possibly living out their lives in a compromised body, we as a profession could possibly be affirming wellness, instead of ‘helping’ nature in medically forced conceptions.

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