Dud Studs: Treating the couple who want to be parents

NZRA 2014

1. Dud Studs:
Treating the couple who want to be parents

Male fertility has plummeted, meaning the sperm  ‘fertile’ levels now acceptable are actually infertile in real life.  Who wonders why, and where this will end? All are working harder than ever to ‘make’ her pregnant. All too often she is told she is too/old/fat/too thin/too neurotic/has low AMH or just needs donor eggs – when all along it is HIM that is holding up their family experiences.

Too much emphasis is being placed on expensive and fetal unfriendly testing, when all is needed is a return to what made too many babies, too close together in their great grandparents’ days.

What to do with him to get the babies flowing? Using a practical hands-on approach, well before needling, and his BBT as a guide, we can successfully change the lifelong health issues that have plagued him, improving his fertility as a consequence.

Based on many decades of fertility/obstetric work, this is a correlation of a multi disciplinary modern context approach.

Take the course that allows you to get stunningly simple and profound changes in all of your patients . . Taking the Cold Out
Also comes with the iodine master presentation – why all that is on this page is happening – and what to do to fix this modern scourge.

Entertaining and informative – get all to watch so they understand they don’t just want ONE sperm . .

We must all look to the food factory – the Middle Heater supports life and enhances the Jing – and we all make the baby possibilities with the ‘left overs’ from running our bodies.

Please look to all that is on the eLotus site for more.
There is male centred work in these two wisdom tube presentations (free)

and ‘Dud Studs’ as the beginning of the ‘fertility’/sustainable humanity presentations that will follow on next year – and are ahead.

Please look to all that is on the eLotus site for more.
At least the ‘Rescue the Root’ and the ‘Micro-bleeding’ as both of these will alter permanently how you see the possibilities in clinic.
The ‘Taking out the Cold’ online course walks you through a taster of Heather’s decades of Rescuing Yang and creating inner Feng Shui – so the body CAN take over and repair and run itself.
You may wish to know more on pregnancy – ‘high risk’ resolution and normal – return to nature what is nature’s.  Instantly downloadable massive online package
The ‘Transformative Healing’ package is also on this scheme.
Or go for the total internship included being up to and including Living Ligaments I – so you can reposition a womb safely The Gentling Way – utilising the Maya and the Mercier style techniques in the best order via Heather’s Movng Blockages and releasing Reichian armour bands and perverse Qi of other persuasions.

Here is the maternity special package – containing a lot of the early weekend seminars, notes and all the resources in the package mentioned above.

Take a look at Heather’s new site that supports and empowers easy birthing


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