NZRA 2015 – microbleeding

Bleeding micro veins

MICRO bleeding differs markedly from what is written in Chinese works on releasing Stuck Blood.
Here we are looking for the most minute and most superficial leakage out of the circulation in to visibility – usually very fine, and ideally the more purple the better.

We may have noticed that the older we get, the more colour we have towards the floor. Take a look yourself – notice what was not there when younger – Stuck Blood? Definitely will also have Stuck Qi.
Question to ask – why stick in pins all around the body when what is essentially pooling is staring back at us?

Why even go through the ‘diagnosis’ process until we get rid of causing the troubles – Stuck Qi and Stuck Blood?

We could ask the body for what help it needs. Common sense?Undo what is holding the body hostage?
Congestion – loss of freely flowing Qi, Blood, Body Fluids, Lymph.

The organ pathology model becomes less important. Instead we can go back to our medicine’s traditions – see and feel what is flowing and what is congested. Where to start? Visually – down by the feet – the separation of yin from yang. Liberate flow and all is well in the Qiao vessels again.

We can transform someone’s life and get profound lasting results. The Wow! Factor is right there for them – instant back/ shoulder/pain relief – so simply – just release the dammed up flow – by bleeding stuck micro veins.

It also answers the question – ‘Does acupuncture work?’
Also – ‘HOW does acupuncture work?’
And are there meridians – as something surely is making the huge shifts.
This is MICRO bleeding. Not vast amounts lost.
Not heavy handed.
And only the very most superficial we are not leaches!

WARNING – This only works spectacularly when it is the MOST superficial – the interface Qi/Blood

This beats ‘slow needling’ when we can unblock all – just like that.

It can be too easy to listen to a story, hearing what is ‘wrong’. So much confusion and ‘diagnosis’ is essentially a mental process – not necessarily answering what has happened in life to this person.  In front of you are the signs of life residue, (especially in the energy realms). We could just also stand back and observe. With the aid of meridian grid massive shifts are possible. Their body is then able to heal itself, as it is supposed to.

Advanced Channel Applications . .
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This body of work  – a hands-on appreciation of channel applications undoes the perverse Qi stuck in the body and its patterns (often as Reichian armour bands/rings). It has been developed over the past 40 years in tandem to my apparently being an acupuncturist.  Now a holistic body/soul mechanic.. .

It is very easy to have an appallingly challenged person arrive in clinic and leave with a sparkle in their eyes (that was not therefore) a smile in their heart and a spring in their step.

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