Prostatic or Prostate Drainage

Prostatic or Prostate Drainage

In the West, we often see people who have harboured complaints for longer than is appropriate. I believe that by using some oil and massage techniques, rather than, or in addition to heavy needle stimulation techniques, we may be able to improve our clinical outcomes.

One area that is likely to be enhanced is that of the male sexual/ prostate function.

As the rates of prostatic cancer climb as a man ages, and as it is the third most mortal cancer after skin and colorectal, I believe that using preventative methods rather than hoping that the one in nine statistics do not apply, is warranted.

In my decades of using prostatic and lymphatic drainage techniques, in addition to moxa and needling, I have been able to improve male fertility, sexual enjoyment and provide urinary relief.

In clinic, using our knowledge of meridian flow and specific points, we may diagnose, monitor during a treatment, and actually adjust the prostatic / cardiac and lymphatic blockages that may be in front of us.

Whilst a man may be consulting us for a wide variety of other issues, it takes little time to test him, and correct his body more towards more healthy parameters, if required.

Partners of men can be easily taught this manoeuvre, along with the use of simple moxa techniques, to enliven the area prior to regular at-home prostate drainage and massage.

In the meantime, buying Transformative Healing will walk you through step at a tome this invaluable tool for all men – whether their sperm needs invigorating, their Jade Stem needs a hurry along, or they are suffering circulatory (as in diabetic peripheral neuropathy) lower back/urinary or any pelvic flow problems.

One of the scar articles has a section on the man who features in the footage – he has had a life- unlike those who grace the pages of our texts.

What to do when they are NOT as designed – when the flow of Qi IS disordered?

Find out by using your hands and sensitivity to restore with the moxa and needles what used to be . . . and have far more success with those who you have previously labeled ‘difficult’.

Prostatic or prostate drainage is a massage technique to relieve blockages in the prostatic lymph nodes.

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