Resolving high risk pregnancy escalation

Being courageous with caution, we can return to the mammalian blueprint as we grow and nurture the future

Women are increasingly classified as ‘high risk’ in pregnancy.

Apparent advanced maternal age is not the only ‘cause’.

Her having less than perfect health coming into pregnancy is something that  all animal breeders, all cultures, and common sense would see as imperative – well before conception is attempted. We need to start as though we mean to win. To ‘win’ well as the new person being made can only be made once. No second goes at this.

Aging – interesting concept that misses the need for all to see that they are totally responsible for what happens in life. We could investigate how it is that we have accepted that we all are in the same category as each year ticks over. Our own efforts to enhance wellness, and our inner strengths or weaknesses do not play into what we choose to do/eat and assist ourselves in changing habits and undo what set deviations from normal.

We have extra difficulties – the ‘wear and tear’ on a body may have been added to with stress that many have from their own infancy. Or from one major life event. Women of all ages  may have gastric banding and gastric sleeving. Emotional residue of a life lived with inappropriate nutrition, inadequate sun exposure and insufficient regenerative rest as co factors all add in.

When pregnancy occurs with the body is in less than optimal shape, we can expect trouble, Maybe she is already dealing with chronic life issues. If so, it can be expected that the added load will create unusual and ever more likely dangerous conditions as the past lifestyle is adhered to, worry and testing is added in. No one seems to be aware that the growing baby is having a difficult time as the maternal body warnings are being ignored. Even normalised.

Digestive disorders as hyperemesis and even severe nausea are now expected. These may be medicated against. All are told to wait it out. BUT the baby is being denied a perfect start. Mum herself is being compromised. She could be remaking herself as she makes baby  that is the template. If rarely happens at the the new mu to be rests as she has a normal life to fit in – the baby growing seems to take second place to still being busy – often up till birth.
When the body can’t, and is not listened to – the ‘usual ‘ pregnancy woes begin.

Now considered (as they are so usual) to be expected, the bunch of troubles are leaving mums and babies with very bad beginnings.

There are many routes to maternal misery

From the digestive disquiet, into violet vomiting throughout the pregnancy
From not being able to settle to sleep to terrible nightmares and anxiety attacks,

From vague aches and pains to inability to walk with such pelvic instability.
These are all ignored in orthodox medicine – and watchful waiting – til things get so bad is the route most now see standard obstetric ‘care’ taking.

Most see the increasing use of testing and scanning as the only way to monitor pregnancy.
Ever more worry placed on the prospective parents’ shoulders.
Increasing inability to function as the gut responds by not producing the best Blood and Qi and actual blood to run a well body. apparent placental insufficiency and clotting factors, multiple pregnancies from assisted reproductive technologies, added to prior health problems including Stuck Blood manifestations, all leave a trail of fetal testing and scanning, medical watchful waiting and parental worry.

Past the usual expected pregnancy nausea lasting the first trimester – some women may be confronted with a  grueling inability to nourish themselves, their pregnancy and their baby.

Can we do better?

Using acupuncture theory, we see that supporting the Middle Heater prior to pregnancy will make all the difference. Beyond this sensible preparation, leading into prevention of such problems, we can also see that we can avert such potential crises as fetal foundational failure, should a woman arrive initially with her own past debilitating problems.

I have discovered that home based, non-needling techniques can be employed in pregnancy with safety and great efficacy to rescue an otherwise doubtful full term pregnancy and healthy baby.

We can add in

  • Bleeding superficial veins,
  • cupping residual cold from the belly (remove what is stopping normal Yang Qi expression),
  • Gua Sha techniques,
  • Moxa sacral fanning
  • sacral cupping, and deep pelvic needling

in addition to enlisting dad’s help at home using moxa to support maternal Yang Qi, we can radically improve the Stuck Qi and Blood that may have preceded pregnancy that is now creating massive pregnancy dramas.