Scars – Practical Moving Blockages

Scars – Practical Moving Blockages

To allow the meridians to flow

This patient had not mentioned the fact that his hand was not able to open fully, or that it got dreadfully cold all through winter (and living where he did, always outside in labouring jobs, this would be a trial), I chose to work on it whilst doing the major issue – his very damaged back.(more accidents).

I placed a lot of needles in – usually I bleed the finger tips first and follow this up with the webs, but as he already had so many in – and this was an afterthought, I treated the scar as is. The needles are just under the surface, 34 gauge, and purposely small as they don’t hang down as much.



I checked to see if he had feeling across his back – he did not – therefore what use was it to just put needles in – however PC the placement is – as in his case- where is the circulation?

I was not surprised that his sensation had slipped back and hence have shown here what WOULD HAVE HAPPENED in other treatments – before this treatment.

I repeated this scar needling AFTER his regular treatment and then moxa over the area.

If this had been the first time I saw him, I would have done the scar first (as shown below – photo out of order) – but as this was NOT the first time, I had seen him, I elected to give the treatment following page – and then the scars – the scar treatment has been shown out of order in this treatment for you to get to see what HAS ALREADY been done – plus all the MP and GV 1 clearances . ..



He has chronic back pain – (couldn’t work for large tracts of time), initially I pressed and then needled the most painful bilateral Bl 62 locations, and also inserted Gv 1 – to unblock the Du Mai.

He had experienced such relief before that whatever I did regardless of how painful was irrelevant – as six local doctors had just told him to take more Voltarin, and stop being so precious!!! – get a job and get over it.

The ACC system in NZ that is supposed to cover this sort of incident had written him off – all doctors saying that his continuing back problems had nothing to do with the tree incidents (three altogether had fallen on him).


What you see on the following page – although you can’t see GV 1 or Bl 62, 40 in place.





This preceded the scar treatment – you can’t see the GV 1 or Bl 62, 40.








All this moxa was to get some qi moving before I did the scars again.







It has to be very painful to be effective.





I usually insert about three then get them to move their neck – and become so astonished at the difference (thus I can continue although it is very painful).









AND THEN . . . .

A few years after all of this, a tree fell across his groin. Missed the vitals and fell short of eviscerating him by the pelvic crest. It took half an hour before his mates in the forest (tree feller) came looking for him. Helicoptered out after rough and ready stretcher bearing.

The physios would not assist the massive hematomas that were around the lower groin and I felt that this blockage – although apparently healed – was contributing to his hip/deep pelvic pain.

He felt as though he wanted someone to put him on a torture rack and stretch him out. To start the initial treatment – (I had seen him several months prior and we had done this scar/moxa/general back loosening.


Why all the moxa?  To move and to loosen/relax the traumatized area.  Plus – it works – and far better than needles by themselves.  The ‘pretend’ charcoalized moxa’ is not in the same league . . .

Why the Bl 40? – to allow a venting system for the extra heat I am putting in, if it Is not needed.  I also use Bl 11 and 17 when using all this moxa.

Once I did not and one woman got a severe dose of herpes in an area (above Bl 35) that had never been a zone before, so I decided ‘do no harm’ could be more thoughtfully applied . . . a consequence of the overflow of all that heat into needles on the Bl channel had had to come out somewhere – also woman especially are probe to heat in the Bladder through emotional suppression, and all have a component of Stuck Liver Qi, so my insurance policy for all is to buffer them from all the moxa that I use.

Once I had finished with the first treatment – I asked him to move his pelvis and the look of wonder!!!- no pain – and then with a mischievous grin he says ‘Belinda WILL be pleased”.

After all needles were removed, I got him to stretch and move his pelvis about, then did the pelvic drainage/prostatic massage.  This is available on


His CV 2 was highly painful, and could not be pressed. Pc 1 was also very painful. Once I started the massage I found a considerable mass in his left groin.  It was more an energy rather than a physical presence.  This was resistant to touch and thus I went more shallowly over it.

I put in left Sp 4 and GB 41 – even though I just wanted to be non needling for the sequence, as the mass was just too tender to be worked on without. He was amazed that after the needles (immediately) I could then go back to work.

In the course of doing the massage I heard about another related incident.  He was playing rugby when 17 years old and copped the full brunt of a head in the groin – nearly taking off his swinging appendages.  After three days of walking funny, his workmates took him to emergency at the hospital where the doctor ripped his testicles back to where they were supposed to be.  He said that he didn’t know he could squeal!!!

A lot of men have just carry on living when ‘stuff’ happens to them.  The consequence may be qi and old blood blockages that do need mobilising – often decades later.  Who knows what this is doing as a preventative measure?  Restoring normal is a good mantra here.

After the prostatic drainage there was no sensitivity on Pc 1.  The Cv 2 point was less reactive.  Once he got of the couch, he could not believe that he felt so good.  There is more work to do here.

Next treatment –I have probably deal with the circulation up the GV again, and moxa and so on.  Clearing the Chong (Sp 4) and Dai (GB 41) with the same protocol I use for women – Sp 8/Ki 8 if tender – I roam around to find these.  Sometimes also Liver 4 and in his case – Liver 5.  St 30 according to Dr van Buren to clear out the Chong Mai and also Sp 10.

Moxa needles Cv 4 and 6.  I often also use a Cv point above and below the scar if one is there. In his case, no flesh was broken – it was all internal.



Before leaving, I got him to sit on the edge of the couch and inserted whatever Korean hand acupuncture spots needed attention.  These run along the Colon 4 bone – the top end – the cervical spine, the further down you go, the closer to the pelvis.  Most, as with the ear, are distressed at the neck end. In his case, he was very tender all through the length of the bone.

As I do this work on ALL patients (structure of the back determines function) I was not surprised.  I was surprised at the local doctors and ACC saying that he was in effect malingering – as few have had such blockages for me to deal with.

As I had him still there still, I inserted the web points in his hand then.

He was very limber and only felt a little twinge in his hip on leaving.  There was no sensation of needing to be stretched out.  He was in awe of the results – as it had been all that times since the accidents in pain.

I hadn’t finished.  All patients also get massage/gouging whilst the hand points and GB 43 and Liver 8. (If tender – lubricates the neck – try it – press the point after they have moved their neck about and discovered range of movement/stiffness – then press the sorest location (not what a book would say) Liver 8 and get them to move about again whilst you are still pressing .. . and possibly if is needed as it is still very sore – put the same side Si 3 in.

I also check St 34 and GB 36 and if they are tender (moving around to see the most likely) I also insert these.  Why?  Because often people point to the place in the muscles in the neck that these meridians traverse and the accumulation points remove stuck whatever in the meridian and organ – and i figure they could do with feeling more comfy – is a great adjunct to practice building if nothing else.

Deep pressure to release is next along with some massage and point percussion technique – quick and light to break up residual tension.






GB 21 is obvious – Si 9/10/11 are less so – and usually the pain here is absolutely lessened by going DOWN to the other gall bladder repository – the buttocks.  Attack and sore points all round GB 30 and also the entire sitting area – including gouging around and into the buttocks from the sacral edge laterally.






PELVIC OPENING (see separate article on this for more detail)

This is a lot less painful if moxa is applied up the Gv line to the waist level a few minutes.  Then can fan it out across the sacrum – and then it is a lot more bearable.  Most women have huge amounts of pain stored n the cellulite and fluid and fat here. Very few men have any tenderness at all.  If they do, this is the crux of treatment – get souse to attack this area when at home.  After doing some work on the bum – go back and see what is left in the upper body – press the previous tender spots – they will be vastly less sore.

This then leads into the discussion on self help.  Also that their partners would probably benefit as the period/sexual and all back/shoulder/neck tension/headaches are corrected through this work

Also leads nicely into loving – so can consider it to be foreplay.



Patient was just leaving when he thought to tell me that he had been listening to what I had told his wife.  When I first saw him I had remarked that having a job (hauling frozen carcasses) in the freezing works was not such a good choice, as the cold in the freezers would be undoing all the moxa and freeing up the circulation I had been doing with him.  I was also mindful that he had to support his family, but it was a problem as ACC was not helping him and he has only ever been a labourer.

He had also listened about her needing to keep something on her feet.

He had always walked about in bare feet.  Given he lives in the chilly parts of the West Coast of the South Island, where frosts and snow are prevalent in winter, and he always worked in frosts or around cold water and wind – this was working against all treatment.

He decided to always wear shoes AND SOCKS and then one day he decided to test this out and went back to bare feet.

His back was SO MUCH WORSE the next day.

Sometimes we can forget in amongst all our good work that they can wreck it in an instant through life experiences.

Unless we educate as well as play our magic, it may be all in vain.

An entire treatment with this man is to be found in the eBook ‘Transformative Healing‘.

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