Sept 29th – David and Heather after clinic

Mainly men and scars this day

Q and A


Hand /general circulation problems.

Micro bleeding
Plantar fascilitis – and pulling out the navel cold

Sp 3 – why – give the Shen somewhere to reside.

The fright/massive Shock with the afterburners.

Using tools to help ourselves.  .when we get ‘got’ in sessions.

Tongue and pulse changes noted in patients . .

Sometimes no palpation is showing what is really happening – ‘men are tricky’.

Necks and why I treat them as I do.


  • Vaccination and iatrogenesis.
  • Why I do not take pulses – but do what allows the person to ‘own’ their body and ts warnings.
  • Shock and having people with needles in fainting.

How I addressed one man’s neck.
Heart massage lots of upper Hwatu release, then he moved his neck – was lot better – as was his hand- tricks – the lymph following . . I added in GV 14 – and some twiddling GB 21 (maybe TH 15) and Gb 34, 39  .

  • Lateral flank gouging
  • Korean hand points
  • Bob Duane’s up inner arm points for the opposite neck
  • St 34/GB point
  • R Liver 8
  • Si 3 (Dr Shen’s influence)
  • TH 5
  • Hand /foot – Mirror X
  • Dupuytren’s contracture

Guesses on causes . apparently educated from the medical profession. YET

  • Gender. Men are more likely to develop the condition than women.
  • Ancestry. People of northern European (English, Irish, Scottish, French, and Dutch) and Scandinavian (Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish) ancestry are more likely to develop the condition.
  • Heredity. Dupuytren’s often runs in families.
  • Alcohol use. Drinking alcohol may be associated with Dupuytren’s.
  • Certain medical conditions. People with diabetes and seizure disorders are more likely to have Dupuytren’s.
  • Age. The incidence of the condition increases with age.

HOWEVER I use iodine solution and that sorts it out.
Aso needling may – and getting the Blood energy produced and flowing well.

More Q and A . . why men block things

Use of nutrients . . their bioavailability
And the mercury in flu injections





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