Shock lodges and released

I have been seeing Lauren (now 13 yo) for most of her life.

Vaccine damage mum has traced back to pre conception – chicken pox vaccines.
Had usual ones. Febrile convulsions – daughter a mess by 18 months.
Had 4 year old injections  – fitted.

A sugar fiend.
Was also in trouble at school – not attentive etc. . and adult B.O.

After banning all sugar and fruit –  (and lamb) she was better- also supplements and Chinese herbs to cool down Blood and Liver heat.  She returned at puberty as her mini absences were getting more frequent – as were her moodiness/pimples, outbursts and talking total gibberish – no damp on tongue though . .Eventually fall down fits – had her on various supplements and the zeolite drops.
After many sessions – spread over a few years now – and needling – mostly taking out cold first ans moving Liver Qi – can’t do what I would usually – building up Yin or working non what should help – usually adds up to more fits.

Last session.
My being bored with pulling out cold – she has always ‘run too hot’ and has had no clothes much on – she now feels the cold.
Has worse facial pimples as period arrives.

I asked mum about accidents – and she has a scar I have never seen onside her eyebrow – when 2 years old – hit head very hard on a piece of  furniture.
Then fell down stairs into head similar age.
Injury Recall – origin . .a but wordy but worth while . .

We did Sheldon Accident Recall.

The shock point – (as a 2 year old – those stitches went in no anaesthetic).

On needling –  she went ghostly pale.
After a while – I bridged scar.
She got up – a different person.

How did I think to do this?
Can’t keep on doing the same old ..
And I thought – Shock – Trauma – Accidents .
There it was – mum forgot about the scar in her eyebrow – where she split head open when she was 2 yo.
Or could be the fall down the stairs and black eyes on account of – that did it!
Sheldon Accident recall – please watch these and then reconsider . .

What else are we also missing?

I was telling mum that her tongue looked far too small for her size.
(Was looking at it to show what i am trying to rectify – the cracks getting ever bigger).
Her tongue got bigger and better colour.

Showing that we now HAVE A TONGUE! (Flower of the heart).
Mum noticed that the chin zits were not covered by tongue before session.
Also is so much larger all over!

Circulation now not curtailed/blocked.

Acquaint yourself with Qi Flow  .

Want to know more?

All found in the Transformative Healing package . .


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