Tongue changes – hence body shifting using simple touch therapy moves

Easy Late Pregnancy

How easy is this – we all have HANDS and can all touch each other – pregnant or no.

You will see with Zoe and the vast shifts she exhibited on her tongue – and felt immediately for her.
As with all life, is as simple as great circulation – of abundant appropriate nutrients.

Here we are working in moving the lymph allowing the ligaments to then release.

This work is part of the Living Ligaments series that is itself part of The Gentlng Way I have been developing . .

We did an impromptu lesson on pelvic opening for birth preparation.
Helpfully with another body to show the trainee and the pregnant woman – just what can be done.
Always good to have another body to play with – as density issues in fascia are very obvious then.

Often a pregnant women is so tense to begin with that it is hard to learn and to feel how to do this
As we work on her she will loosen – but as a beginner is best to have options – and the teaching is easier with a few as more potential problems pop up to remind you to talk of those issues.

All this work in my 2005 classic  ‘What Dads Can Do’. Available for instant download.
It comes with two MP4 files – Massage and Birthing – What Dads Can Do . .

This site has more info on birth preparation and finger work generally.

The easybreasts site is for ingredients to run a woman’s body well – in all stages of life – and as a breast site – is for those who will also be using them as intended – to feed their young – lots of not seen elsewhere footage 0esp how to easily feed infants – is found on it.

We were working in a 34 week pregnant women who wishes to feel more at home in her growing body.

And with the intention of a mammalian maternal journey.

Baby arriving through the pelvis and out into her arms.


Tongue diagnosis has been used in all cultures.
Most acupuncturists are not taught to see (or to expect) such instant shifts.

I am using what is fast and effective in all cases – we all have hands . . see more here . .

The Foundational Moves course is a huge bonus to assist with what is so possible – and for all – not only women and pregnant : anyone’s aches and pains will be moved along. Do take shots of the tongue – as that will show the changes too!
These tongue shifts mean more to acupuncturist than they may to the average (uninitiated) person.
HOWEVER – for an instant shift in the tongue – we are doing serious changing of what is possible – and this what is being felt in a body. She left a lot looser and happier.


These pictures do not show as well as our naked eyes the loss of the purple cast (stagnation) to her tongue after the last on her back moves – when we moved the belly lymph and helped the leg circulation to return to more optimal flows.

Then we have – pictures of a improvement of life
Before our eyes . . 

To the left – before we started.
The one below – after the Stuck Liver Qi Release.

These do not do the changes justice – it was profound – the tongue body reddened up in front of us.


The coating ‘moss’/fur tells us of the lymph – the state of the digestion. (‘Sp Qi’).


The crack tells us that she has Blood deficiency that needs building.

We did very simple moves – from the ‘What Dads Can Do’ work.


Yesterday’s session finished with belly work – and in Zoe’s case – showed her (a chiropractor/Arvigo worker) that we DO NOT need to do ‘corrections’ – or manipulate. What is need is the ligaments released. The usual ovarian Suspensory Ligament imbalance was corrected simply with the sacral work that is to free the lower heater and the flow of Qi up the Du Mai – and also unlock life forces.

This is all in this manual – ‘What Dads Can Do’.
See what the midwives and health workers did in a one day training here

See more here . .

Resources galore!!!
The Transformative Healing package awaits you
What is in it?
A world of change – and passion . .and life!
How to shift from one way – organ pathology – to what is needed in our context in this time – with all of our body – not only our clever theories – by heartful hands!


Go hands!

Learn more here . .

Also here . . .




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