Unblocking the Mai congestion

Unblocking the Mai congestion

What has come out of the cross pollination from my being a member of an acupuncture forum.     Thanks everyone . .

Stagnation in blood vessels (Mai)

Further to the article found here and what triggered this for me – listening to Robert Doane, I started looking initially at the heel pain patients as per Daniel Deng’s course notes.

Finding the minute blood veins on the inside (usually) of the heel – around the Ki 6 (ish) area, I started bleeding. Then not only was the heel better (and ankle mobility) – but all things related to the Qiao vessels!! All had instantly clearer and cleaner looking tongues – and were they not moist initially, they became so.

What tends to happen, is the surrounding veins disappear and it is hard to work out what to prick next. Sometimes getting them then to sit up helps – although I have all lying down when I do this in case of loss of consciousness.

Below are some of the initial many case histories.

(Patients heel problems driven initially – as was working with Daniel Deng’s mirror work)


Angela (58yo)

Suffered for years and unable to walk for exercise because of her heel pain. Somewhat relieved through acup and getting a heel clinic’s orthotics. AS she is also suffering from coming off Tegretol for potential seizures with a pain abnormality I suspect I have just improved her health long term. Results – The veins were bled and she felt so much clearer in the head instantly – and happier – and her feet did not hurt as usual when she got down off the treatment couch.  Have yet to see her again as she comes from a great distance, occasionally.

Renae (43)

Is seeing herself turn into her gran as she can’t move about as well as she should – and starting walking in the morning is torture. Also bad shoulder issues – why she is seeing me. As part of the Qiao flow – here we have – flexibility and rotation issues of the heel and shoulder – pricking the veins – Results – amazing difference in the ankle movement and when she got of the couch – nothing sore.  Her head also cleared.

David (55)

Diabetic and still working in the damage done from falling off ladder 3 metres onto concrete. Bled veins. Results – felt clearer instantly and more movement in the ankles. Just generally happier when off the couch – everything felt perfect.

Nathan (71)

Came in after stents to relieve an aneurism about to burst and on so many medications and feeling SO sick, his son brought him in. What to do first? Very pale tongue. In looking over his body, I spied the veins – asked him if he had heel pain – (yes) so went ahead. Results – His tongue instantly pinked up!! His head cleared, and he felt human again. Eyes cleared. He felt things move about and was more alive.  Only in bleeding the veins!!!!

Pam (63)

Diabetic who refuses to look at food and diet – says the heel hurts a little. More of concern, her brothers now want to contest their dead father’s will, and she is in danger of losing her house, and has the same bad headache for the month since she went to the solicitors. She reckons her BP is OK. She mentioned that the peripheral neuropathy – she has never mentioned – is now creeping up to her knees – in response to my questions about the sciatica she initially sought relief from a few years ago.  Heel pain? No – but almost NO movement when I go to her to move her ankles about. Results instant loss of headache, the amount of flexibility, though still limited, did improve and her eyes instantly were clearer she could see better. I was using her peripheral neuropathy more as a guide than the ankle movement. The feeling gradually returned to the total foot – she had not felt that good for years. Then I started on the other foot – same again. She could not stop telling me what a transformation!! She was ecstatic – and left wondrous.

Roselea (42)

17 weeks pregnant, Krohns disease, very bad sinus with bloody clots coming out, bad pimples still all around the chin line, overweight and not well in general. What with the results I had seen (above) I decided that although the very prominent veins were in the relexology uterus area, she as in a mess. Along with the rest of the session – things were not moving as well as I would have liked – I decided to be cautious with courage. I pricked all I could. Again – I had her moving her ankles about first, so she could feel the difference. Results – immediate clearing of the sinuses – even though she was face down. More spectacular than the ankle mobility was when she sat up her whites of her eyes were the clearest I have ever seen them – and her face was not as puffy so she looked much younger. Felt clearer and happier also.

Tracy (53)

Another painful to get off the couch patient – and has had so many issues, this was a minor one.  Bled the veins – all very minor.  I learnt to get the patients to move their ankles about – it is astonishing how little movement many have – and they are not even complaining of this!!!  She is one of these. Results I asked her the next day – she felt lighter/her legs were not weighing her down, and she had a new clarity – something had lift off her!!

Greg (48)

General body breakdown/exhaustion after decades of heavy living – as he had veins, I bled them. Results – clearer in the head and more movement in his ankles – which surprised him. Shoulders move movement in them.

Jackie (43)

Came in for me to undo her rage as she knew it would get her very ill again (post cancer). As she had the veins I bled them. Results -The head cleared. The rage dissipated – she left floating out and feeling amazing. Her ankle had a lot more movement also.

Ron (62)

as I have been seeing him for a few years – initially it would have been an instant and much faster return to wellness – but now – there are no veins to bleed!! Too deep – With all his complaints (under servicing an older body/lifetime of smoking and drinking – and BP and heart issues) there is nothing to work on with him.

Nick (41)

Had polio as a small child, and has a wasted leg, which is much shorter, resulting in major walking and life issues. His weakened ankle has NO veins. Nothing. The other does – and was bled at the end of his session. (I thought as he came in so ill and tired, attacking him at the beginning was a bad idea). Results -his legs were easier to juggle his body on and he felt vastly easier in the head and shoulders.

Rosalina (42)

The very bad flu with chills, and sore throat I had seen her the day before with was nearly better – but as I was on a roll – she was seen to have veins and these were bled at the beginning also. Results – Clearer head.

Theresa (67)

Came in with her daughter with a very bad back that had been made worse by the bleeding and cupping by another acupuncturist a few days before. After stabilizing the back, and building her up at the very end of the treatment (she was so depleted initially) I bled the veins. Results – she had then more ankle movement and her tongue was more moist and normal looking.

Karen (52)

Some heel soreness that along with all other complaints was marginal now – so I bled the veins. Results – She felt remarkably clearer and happier on leaving. Tongue more moist and less congestion seen there.

Yvonne (58)

Overweight, backache, hips feel as though they are seized up and when rotating ankles, they are also tight. Very small scar visible at R Ki3 area – was a tropical ulcer that covered all the ankle and surrounds. When having a massage or any bodywork – it feels wrong.

Bled tiny little superficial veins on both sides of ankle; some difference in ankle – then got her to tighten up the Kegel’s exercises, and repeat – no difference than when we started.
Looked at other shin – where a large superficial broken veins area was. Started with ankle area – and with just one bled – she felt the ankle become as good as the other one.

Results – More interesting – was – she could not believe the changes in her back – it was all totally fixed!!! Would not have believed it – and this is after having treatments for years . . . After bleeding the smaller veins in the outer leg – got her to again tighten the vaginal muscles – all were vastly stronger. Then when sitting with GB 34, sorest of the GB 36, St 34 points in – and the sorest Korean hand acupuncture spinal points – needled around the tropical ulcer scar. After using exactly the opposite area on opposite wrist area – and then encircled the scar plus another one I found up the leg – she was amazed that all her back and muscle aches were all now gone.

Allison (36)

Youngest baby 3 months old. Breastfeeding and has severe upper and shoulder back stiffness and is in constant pain. Leaving her husband for an extended trip across the world by herself with the three children in two weeks.

I checked the sensation along the older C section scar – it was more sensitive than the rest of her belly. After bleeding the minute veins found (hardly any) I got her to move her shoulders and upper back

Results – ‘Holy Cow!!! What have you done?’ All tenseness and upper back pain gone …The overly sensitive C section scar also now felt as the rest of her body. Back all fixed. She was well past impressed – although she was no doubt expecting me to pull out cold and moxa – but we had limited time as baby was about to be fed.

Whilst she was sitting up feeding him, I attended to the Stuck Liver Qi and angst that had gotten her into this shape.



I suspect we are all so tied up in the use of ‘points’, that looking at what obstructs the meridian really may get missed. I feel that all forms of ‘diagnosis’ really can wait til the very obvious is cleared. For those using a palpatory style from Japan  – please remember also that we do have non blind eyes. We can see very clearly – often color changes and of course the scars and tongue shifts – and can work with the very obvious as the physical, then the emotional and energy are far more likely to move, as just with a dammed up river – removing the logs downstream will assist with the apparent mess upstream.

Moving Blockages

I have been advocating the use of common sense to relieve what is blocking flow BEFORE ‘diagnosis’ for decades now . . please refer to this part of my site

Initially I was content with scars and what amazing things happen when these – and the related stuck Xi Cleft and MP and CP of the 8 extras, are cleared. (The 3 hour audio of  a past weekend post grad seminar and the extensive notes to be found along with the ‘Transformative Healing’ photographic essay to be found here.

Massage – to undo the clogged up lymphatic and other congestion

Gua Sha – as a quick way to undo what has been stuck for ages.

Cupping navel to clear out all the cold that has been lurking, followed by the moxa and ginger. (See elsewhere in this site .. .

Now – bleeding veins and relieving the Yang and Yin Qiao – so I can see a very definite and quicker way of ensuring no stroke and other neurological incidents whilst undoing the congestion of the Mai – by calling it Stuck Blood – we have a big clue – move it!!!!

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