Visit to the World Traditional Medicine Expo 2013

As part of the ICTAM conference, we all went to the World Traditional Medicine Expo.

A few days before we did, I was asked if I wanted to take part in a cosmetic acupuncture demonstration.  Not having any idea what I was in for, but thinking  ‘I could sleep’, I agreed. (Sleeping was at a premium, what with my arriving a few hours before I had to present in the very early morning of the first day, and with one key per room and three other people in and out all evening).

Thinking no more about it, I wandered off the bus and on with the tour of the Expo – firstly to the astonishing entry movie which was like being inside an Avatar/computer game – explaining how acupuncture and energy worked within a body . . . we took a little walk through some pavilions, up stairs and then a very apologetic student found me and whisked me away for a tranquil, though hasty walk up through the exhibits to the healing sanctuary.

There was talk of my being too late for cosmetic acupuncture, but I didn’t mind – the place itself and all the attendants were so lovely!

Some forms needed filling – I got as far as saying I had had four children, then I was popped in a room to disrobe – and told to sit on a commode like chair – and a gown of sorts was wrapped about me.

The timer was on, and I was left in peace – except for the odd whooshing sounds next door – I did wonder what amazing things were happening there. . .

Queen Heather – click to see more – I am sitting in a throne naked, but for this covering – and infra red, steam and herbs are wafting into my pink bits.  .

queen_heather My views .  . . if I opened the screens

view1 view2

Looking towards the spot I was next squished and pummeled whilst seated in a ‘chair’


Not imagining I was to get needling done, I was impressed when I was sat down on a chair that then totally reorganised me – the other end of the building you can see – a red tiny square – past the attendant who is standing.

Next to me a gentle brook, and a small forest – and I could look out over the hills – all beautiful and such a joy after being inside buses and inside the rooms listening to invigorating stories and lectures.

Such a sense of peace.


After the noisy rejuvenation of my thighs and my sitting equipment, it was off to somewhere else – except it was still being used – so I was sat on a thing looking much like a vaulting horse.

I held on whilst it gave me a vigorous ride.  . . : until the next room was available – and there was the answer – the source of the hilarity and the water noises – I had heard this wave /sea like machine and various women’s exclamations whilst on my ‘throne’ earlier – and Marta’s peals of laughter – and now it was my turn!!

The red vinyl coated bed was warm to lie on – the water massagers went up and down my body and I was pummelled all the while – with a dry hot water massage!!!

Now onto where I thought we were a finished – but no – now I did get needles. .

After the sleep I had hoped I would have, I was reunited with all – and hope to see a photo of us all as we were all looking glowing and I know I was feeling loved from the inside; in such beautiful tranquil surroundings.

h_needlesThe practitioner was so careful and I hardly felt the needles going in – he spent some time evaluating what to do and then very respectfully tried to tell me that my face was lopsided – not new news – I look at it all the time and was impressed that was what he wanted to focus upon – 27 on one side and 8 on the other: I counted them coming out.

h_needles2 h_needles3h_needles2


We all assembled, having cups of tea and looking gorgeously refreshed – ready for our meal – and again – I really did not care if we saw no food – I was full up from the inside out!

Location of the clinic for needling and drinking tea . .


This was so precious.

I had the best afternoon I could ever imagine having.
It was a gift to have all pamper me


The steps leading into the health retreat above

Below – drinking tea awaiting all to finish their sessionstea-table-Healing-Town--Chiahui-Lu

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