Back pain in pregnancy

2012 WFAS International Congress and Workshop on Acupuncture

16th – 18th November 2012 in Bandung, Indonesia.

      The information here and what I presented sometimes may rattle your beliefs as ‘everyone’ knows .. . and the problem is often that the Emperor has no clothes on.

We are looking in the wrong place and asking the wrong questions to get the right result. This is more and more prevalent the more acupuncture training is becoming immersed in RCT and evidence based medicine – forgetting that we are unique,  and that traditional medicines work WITH not against by forcing the body.

We could ask ourselves, ‘is taking the lead of the orthodox medicine which if it were so useful, would have no need to investigate alternatives’ useful? Possibly we need the fresh air of the more traditional and practical/common sense approaches.

Back pain in pregnancy

1) – The use of indirect moxa on the sacrum alleviating pregnancy back pain, leading into an easier natural birthing outcome.


Lower back pain in pregnancy is often the cause of considerable life disruption in pregnancy. Back pain in pregnancy affects at least half of all pregnant women. The back pain experienced in pregnancy or before, may continue after birth and lead to a lifetime of deteriorating comfort. Orthodox medicine may marginalise back pain in pregnancy, because whilst it is often debilitating, it is not life threatening.

Rather than seeing the presence of pain as only a local structural phenomenon, back pain can be viewed in Chinese medicine as one of many warning signs of serious maternal depletion.

Back pain viewed through the Chinese medicine model is the most common symptom of Kidney complex deficiency. In Chinese medicine, maternal Kidney Qi is seen as supporting her developing‘s life force.

The direct impact of improving maternal Kidney Qi is baby’s enhanced growth and constitution. The easy steps for anyone to enhance the mother’s Kidney Qi, thus improving the outcome of her pregnancy by remedying the deficiency warning signal of lower backache are given.

Using indirect moxa on mum’s sacrum is an easy, safe and effective way to improve her pregnancy and the baby’s positioning; thus ensuring a better birth outcome. Taking more note of maternal intake of water and common nutrients may also be invaluable.

The intended recipient of this information is the prospective dad – with this nightly ‘hands on’ intervention he can make the difference by allowing his baby’s mother peaceful sleeping, creating a great foundation for the comfortable growth and birth of their family. 

Why did I do this?

This work was begun decades ago in my attending the birth of patients who were too scared, (in the ‘olden days’ climate of actual birthing that had to happen, unlike today when the C section is given out as though it is safe) . . .

Now we have a lack of midwifery led care – where the fear base of medicalised birthing and the loss of childbirth education, and the prevalence of princesses who want to be ‘intact’, losing their initiation all mean  the primal instinctual birthing that is their, and their baby’s birthright is gone. ..

Perhaps we need as culture to step back and restore normal.
Normal nutrients and their bio availability, normal flows of these nutrients and the QI and Blood is moving again and of course – natural birthing as the reasons for the pain are removed (lack of nutrients and lack of circulation).

Mothers and babies and the next generation deserve the best.

Want to learn more?

See Rescue the Root and then wait til the December webinar ‘Jing Optimation’ and ‘Supporting and Ensuring Wellness in Pregnancy‘ ahead of the 2017 offerings, as we will then go into depth – ‘Making Better Babies’ (Easy Babies 3) and ‘Mammalian Maternity’. (Easy Babies 4)
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Please look to all that is on the eLotus site for more.
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The ‘Transformative Healing’ package is also on this scheme.

More importantly you will become aware of how easy it is to totally transform through using meridian based essentially  ‘dumbed down’ basics that  have found always works and is instantly transferable – my results are likely to also be yours. Just follow the basics I set out.

What Else?

There is a naturally resolving back pain in pregnancy package that is well worth your also buying – although set for patients you may be astounded at how simply a few tweaks in a life can be – the entire package covers all needed for an excellent shot at healthy maternity.

Also look to what is all over the finger-tip rescue site.
Simple natural, safe an effective solutions that always work
Maybe also invest in the time to at least watch the reasons the Welcome Baby kit may be important in your and your patients’ lives.

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