Linking BBT with sperm quality

working with couples, using male BBT charting as an indication of fertility success


We may be missing half the problem in quality baby making, by ignoring what our own medicine can offer. Now, where a great baby is not assured, a seemingly silent half of the baby’s inheritance – the male contribution – is often ignored. Much focus and effort is placed upon her age and gynecological problems, rather than in the reasons for the recent drop in what is deemed to be fertile sperm.

The least possible fertile level was dropped in the early 1980’s from 80 % looking normal, to 30 % in the late ‘90’s to 15% in the early 2000’s to anything over 3% (97% with significant visual abnormalities, let alone the DNA secrets) two years ago. His sperm may be in no shape to make the next generation.

Basal Body Temperature charting was used in the world of female fertility, for western medical specialists to propose when ovulation may be occurring, before the heavy reliance on scans and blood tests. Today, we as acupuncturists commonly use BBT as a measure of metabolism management and tracking the menstrual cycle, identifying irregularities that may be contributing to her infertility.

We can predict the state of the HIS Jing, hence fertility, by the simple BBT test. A low reading (under 36.6 C) can be seen to be an instant ‘fail’ for useful sperm. Attention to improving his Three Heater function (metabolism) leads on to less stress responses, hence better gut performance, enhanced sexual function and overall better general health. Quality of his Jing is then automatically improved.

Combining the western physiological model (metabolism and the role of the adrenals /thyroid) with the Three Heater one from Chinese medicine allows us to go further than just predicting pregnancy likelihood and Jing quality into how to sustain wellness within the general patient population

In the meantime . .

If you are interested in learning more on what to do to change the infertile men’s lives around so that they can be dads . .and take the heat off their women, please consider the tale below.

Waiting at the airport to see me back to Singapore, I got into a conversation with a young doctor who is also using acupuncture in his rooms. He asked me about the case of a woman – he stressed her age at being 35 – which is no problem . . IF THE MALE IS Fertile.

I say this as in my clinic, I have a folder of semen analysis – and none are up to the number deemed LEAST possible allowed two years ago. That is NONE at 15% looking normal – not good = not fertile, just decided by a worsening of the semen tested as being normal.

The reduction down to over 3% normal being called ‘fertile’ (Hence all these women with totally unnecessary surgery and broken hearts and bodies) is due to WHO deciding that as this low number (97% being abnormal visually) could potentially still make a baby – or at least +ve pregnancy test – with ICSI that it would be the new standards.

We go back to the young earnest doctor. He tells me she has had surgery ‘down there’. I suggest at least he corrects the imbalance through working on the scar – and he looked perplexed. Eastern medicine confuses him . . What has happened to acupuncture training I have no idea – the meridians can only work if they are clear – and surgery and a lot of modern life stagnates the flow. There is a section on this site showing scar work, and the ebook Transformative Healing will give an insight to what is possible.

He wondered if she could get pregnant still (at her age). I wonder why we go this so very wrong – what about her HIM? He is ‘only’ 30. He does have gout though – and I have no idea what else – but an inflammatory /auto immune problem as he is also a GP possibly means he is medicating, not correcting why the symptom is there. ANY medication to suppress inflammation will ensure a lessening of the quality of the sperm made.

His sperm test? “good”. . . ?? more than 3% is ‘good’ so that does not thrill me. The natural approach would be the one most likely to NOT produce a compromised child. Who would be so silly as to have a dud stud in with a herd of cows? Why is everyone so hung up on her – as the lack of good let alone great sperm in the samples of all the women who have come to me for help over the decades points out the reality.

Where in my folder are the wonderful sperm results from the partners whose wives are ‘TOO old’, ‘TOO fat’, have PCOS, have endometriosis, and/or have a low AMH? No such thing is the answer. One can help the other across the parent line. The fertile men are dads – regardless of her issues as above. He needs to plant the seed – her garden is only one aspect of their ‘infertility’ and the easiest one to fix as she is willing – and where is he? Believing thanks to modern medicine, not animal husbandry, that he only has a bit part in proceedings.

She needs a fertile man – she can not do the job all by herself.

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